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I am an avid reader on in the Twilight universe and I have read so many stories that I have loved! I read mostly Bella/Edward stories, and always in canon, or atleast in the same lane of canon, in either stories that reflect missing parts of the books, or AU, human or vampire. I would originally comment as an anonymous poster but I realized many authors have that disabled and it came to the point where there was a few authors who I wanted to reply to- so I got an account just for that!

I thought I would also explain my name: NobodyButHim. I didn't really "like" New Moon originally. For obvious reasons, Edward left. I'm so Team Edward (not that I don't like Jacob, just not as her lover, the other half that makes her whole). Also, even though Jacob was just being there as Bella's friend, and Bella just needed someone, you could clearly see what was slowly occuring- made me want to scream "noooo!". Even after Bella and Edward returned from Volterra, Jacob made things difficult. Needless to say, New Moon was a difficult story for me to read.

HOWEVER, there are two paragraphs in New Moon which absolutely MAKE the book for me and after reading it again (one of the many times :P) it made me realize how important New Moon is to Bella and Edward's development as a couple.

Let me quote:

"I'd never seen anything more beautiful- even as I ran, gasping and screaming, I could appreciate that. And the last seven months meant nothing. And his words in the forest meant nothing. And it did not matter if he did not want me. I would never want anything but him, no matter how long I lived." (Stephanie Meyer)

"It was very strange, for I knew we were both in mortal danger. Still, in that instant, I felt well. Whole. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again. My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his skin. It was like there had enver been any holes in my chest. I was perfect- not healed, but as if there had been no wound in the first place". (Stephanie Meyer)

Without further ado... please continue with the fabulous stories!

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