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Author has written 11 stories for Lilo & Stitch, Monster High, Coraline, and inFAMOUS.

Ok, first i'm gonna tell you about my character Zephyros Dark Angel. Everything about me is at the bottom of this. Everything about me is right under my character's bios. I am also willing to accept ideas, and improvments on my stories to make it better and to make any up coming stories good.

Zeph's dad is my avatar right here.

I am very creative but sometimes i can't always think of the best ideas and need help on ideas and improvments.

This a link to a Spartan Hoplite Infantry Sword

The News/Message Board:

I wil be making some new stories with new catogories from shows i used to watch. First off i might make a Residents Evil crossover with Lilo and Stitch, and then, do a Sawga story for some fun of my own. Then do another Story with the pairing Lilo x Angel it might be a one-shot or a full story of mine. Since i also like House of Mouse, i will do a story with that one, too.

New Stories:Balto and The pirates of the Carribean crossover

And just please take the time to read my bio.

This is kind of what i want Nani to look like when she's in my Lilo and Stitch stories

Full Name:Zephyrus Z. Dark Angel(Have two middle names and Z. stands for zora)

Hair:Shining silver hair(Now onyx black diamond hair)

Hair style:Peek-A-boo-bangs(or as some people call it, emo-bangs. Hair covering right eye) sometimes in a spikey ponytail with hair sticking out from the front.sometimes his hair is down.

eyes:Black(Although gives off a silver, dark graish apperance

Skin:Light brown(Mixed)

Day of birth:Mon jan 1st year 0001(Zephin was born in another Dimension before space and time)


Earth age:13

Species:The six Angel of Darkness Immortal(although he can still die cause the stronger he is,harder it takes to kill a immortal)

Main Element Power:Darkness


God of:The darkside of all the greek gods jobs.

Monster form:Onyx black diamond fur black beautiful wings(baby wolf)

Description:in his baby wolf form Zephin is spoiled,braty,and trouble making.When Zephin is in his baby wolf form some of his streinght level goes down and his voice changes,he is very fierce aggressive by his own choice.He is also a little shy,a little frighten he can be nicer when he wanna be.

Animal Spirit:Black wolf

Animal form Size:same size as a pre-teen wolf

Famliy:(White)Mother-Novana,(mix)Father-Orenos,Twin Brother-Teddy,(White mixed)-Sister-Elina,Uncle(Mixed)Karnash

Skills:out of this world strong and powerful,best at missions,high skill level as a asssian trained under his father and uncle a awsome singing voice great motor cycle driver and is very skilled in boxing,kung fu,kick boxing,judo,karate fighter.

Darkside of Elements:Water,Fire,Lighting,Ice,Wood,Metal,Wind,Earth,Posion,Plasma,Cystal Ice,Nature,Illusion,Blood,Acid,Smoke,Steam,Air

Clothes:Black jeans with purple markings,jean jacket with purple Dark symbol

Facial:sometimes black lipstick with black eyeshadow(Zeph don't always wear make up)

Girlfriend:Panya(Used too be a lioness cub but can now turn back and forth to a human)

Family:Angel Family

Talents:very talented at all things

Decsption/History:Zephin Dark Angel was the first born of his little brother and sister him,his family and his entire planet was born before space and time.On his planet the only planet that came first,zephin was taught to fight and to kill if needed to at a very,very,very young age(like about when when he was 4!)through out his childhood zephin have been getting whatever he wants when ever he wants and have been trained to be strong and powerful.That saying Zeph is spoiled,braty,mean,impolite,rude,aggressive,hot headed,a smart mouth and has a long criminal history(he has every different sin in him suchas:pride,wrath,gluttony,envy,lust,greed,sloth,vainity,vain,deceit and arrogance whitch where the sin of pandora's box he was born with to go with his dark element).at the begeining of year 0001 zeph and his brother and sister have been traveling the world and learning all it's sercets.Before zeph's family could allow the world too be created they had too lay down permanent rules of reality,after everyone made their rules zeph was the last one to put down his rule which was:No demons,no ghost,and no devil.

These rules were here to stay forever and never to be changed even if you go back in time to change them you won't be able to.(Anyway)once zeph made it too the 21st century zeph went to his first earth school in third grade in school he got bulled and teased because of who he was zeph skin was awmazing tough and pretty strong,one time 100 venomish insects and snakes where all over his body but when they bite hime their teeth and fangs con't break or peirce his skin and thanks to his powerful skin he never got hurt badly this is what he was teased and made fun of for,although some thought this was cool for those who made fun of zeph,zephin usally beat the kids up badly and sent them to the hospital or worst kill them that's how zeph got expelled from most of his schools and sent to jail but since zeph is rich and have a lot of great lawers he get out of jail in 30,33,or just seven days.

Zeph was also strong enough too over power a crowd of adults,and wild animals.also thanks to his talent he got better repect as the days went by and zeph was really nowhere near a badlooking guy girls of the ages 4-13 thinks zeph is really,really,really handsome. Some adults brag about how he's so cute and looks like a little Michael Jackson, from the way his hair, eyelashes and faciel apperance looked many adults,kids and teenagers thought this was rather cute.since Zephin was pretty rich like richer thant Michael Jackson, Bill Gates and Oprah and all the famus people combined some got the idea of getting money out of him and his family,so since Zeph sometimes or always be around pretty girls his age or little younger girls(all the girl mosty wanted to be all around him cause of his looks)so one day someone framed him to get money out of him by saying he abused younger girls and invited them to a love session against there will.Some say they got money out of him sometimes but sometimes they din't if they ever did Zeph will just find and beat them down get his money back and get away with it.They was living in the cartoonnetwork universe he grow tired and had enough of all the heros and some people there,to see what other worlds,universe,multiverse,realms and dimensions co-exist after he left he've been traveling and crossing over to differents world,universe,multiverse and (ect).

While he was traveling he became famus from everything he was talented with.Like art,sports,music,movie acting fighting and boxing wrestling and (ect) everyone in every different universe and world was amazed because he was the most youngest famus persion who did all of this.His music was a hit and everyone loved his music some say his music is bad but with Zeph's singing voice he can pretty much make anything a hit.As time went by zeph know and saw how bad the magical,mystical,folklore creatures and monsters were getting treated scientist and people experimented,imprisoned,killed and tortured monsters for their skin,body part and amusement when the monsters did nothing to harm the humans. Zephin also notced how they sometimes make the monsters look like demons and bafoons in scary horror movies.when Zeph had enough zeph got the monsters to fight back and take their world many humans where losing badly Zeph was pretty mad at the world at how they treated the monsters.And all the saintnist, goths, athiest that were on the earth Zeph being the 6th Angel of Darkness didn't want to allow them to live many heros tried to stop Zeph from doing this but Zeph was far to strong for any heros.All heros was suprised of how strong Zephin was but although there were some heros that convinced Zeph to try and give earth a chance to make peace with the monsters and all the creatures and show him not all humans want to kill the monsters.Although Zephin is a lot of things he can still be more nicer,better and more friendly when he wanna be.

Dislike:goths,ugly people,people who annoy him

Hates:horror movies,saintnist,athiest,demons,ghost,devils(it's not that zeph scared of them he's just tired of how humans make monsters look in horror movies and don't like horror movies becouse there demonly evil and zeph just hates ghost,demons and devils)

First Apperance:Fusin fall

Crossing over:cartoon x-overs

Zephin God of:Shadows,Darkness,Inferno,Jepoardy,Doom,Parish(only dose this to the people,places and things that deserve it)


Dimension:Glory Relm

Planet Description:Sirerlin was a big giant humongus planet that had to be far,far,far away from all the other planets and unirverse,multiverse since space is endliss it really so far away that even light speed won't be able to get to the planet fast enough.On the plant Siverlin,in the Dimension Glory Relm everyone there were perfect talented beautiful handsome amazing strong and pretty rich also immortal youthful and amazing and free.

Weapons:Every weapon he can use

Magic knowledge:Voodoo, hoodoo, dark magic, elemental magic.

Lilo and Stitch stuff:

(Experiment 711)Eclo:Eclo, is Zephin's alien friend that he created with his dark powers and some of Jumba's stuff in his lab.Eclo,is black with purple scales on his stomach,under his chin and down his chest, purple nails,an arrow shaped tail and also have purple eyes.The back of Eclo, wings are black and the inside of his wings are purple and scaley he also has ears like Stitch and his face looks like Stitch's face also have a dragon like tongue.

Elco's Power's:Sucks blood like a vampire(also make people react like monstes when bitten on the neck) ,shoot dark black smoke from his mouth,make people switch bodys and can fly also is stronger than Stitch.

(Experiment 707)Kabira:Kabira, is Eclo's younger sister that Zeph found her pod digging a hole in prison, and Kabira helped him escape. Kabira look like a green scaled version of Angel, has purple eyes, green snakes for two antennas, with gold ring on the snakes, and has a snake tail.

Kabira's Power's: She can turn you into stone if you look into her eyes, this can be previnted if she wears sunglasses or a special kind of contact lense, Zeph makes for her.

Favorite Movies:

lilo and stitch

leroy and stitch

stitch has a glitch


balto 2

balto 3

lady and the tramp

lady and the tramp 2


Spiderman 2

Spiderman 3




Shrek 2

Shrek 3

Princess and the frog

Clash of the Titans

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Favorite Disney Characters:

Lilo-lilo and stitch

Angel-lilo and stitch

Alue-Balto 2

Mickey-house of mouse

Nani-lilo and stitch

Favorite Non/Disney couples

Lilo x Angel(they make a very good couple)

Ozzy x Nani(they'll be good as a couple)

Balto x Steele(they're pretty cool)

Pocahontas x Chel(there the perfect match)

Jane x Chrysta(It just sounds good to me)

Shanti x Tiger Lily(bot indian all i could think of)

Anastasia x Tuptim(never heard of tuptim but there both cute)

Jasmine x Esmeralda(Both hot and tough)

Marina x Cinderella(Princess/Pirate x Princess)

Ariel x Odette(Both are princesses that been magicly turned into humans)

Cleo x Draculaura(There both cute a ice couple)

Leroy x Stitch(I thought they love each other)

Favorite Video Games;

Spiderman Web of Shadows



God of War series

Ultimate Marvel Alliance series

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

Alomost all Grand Theft Auto

Prototype(Eventhough i've never played it)

Turok Evolution

Type Of Stories: Some times i would write stories on monsters mythical and magical creatures and some times just some stories that can be scientifically out of the normal things.

*These are links to OC characters fron deviantart*

*Gender Benders*

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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