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Hello, welcome to our profile!
Yes, I said our profile. Kirbsters is an account of not one author, but two. Keep reading, and you'll learn more about us!

P.s: Not all stories by Kirbsters are written by both of us. We will tell you in the beginning of each story who is writing, to keep things from getting confusing. So let's start with... author number one!

Hey people! This is Hannah; I do most of the story editing and grammar corrections in our stories (although I've probably missed some stuff... I apologize for that). Currently, my cousin and I are working on 'Accidental Friendship.'

Although I may not appear to be a 'genius' out of the two of us (especially in our story 'Accidental Friendship, where I often am the last to understand something or figure out the situation), I actually get great grades and science is definitely my strong suit and favorite subject; my dream job is to become a marine biologist. I am 15 years old, in highschool, and I am very athletic. I play softball, tennis, run Cross Country, swim on a regular basis, and I am also an avid western-style horseback rider (currently, I am learning to barrel-race and how to rein. Reining, for those of you who don't know, is a western riding competition for horses where the rider guides the horse through a precise pattern of circles, spins, and stops).

I love photography (I have 3 cameras). Writing, drawing (or just expressing myself through my work) and reading are other activities I enjoy. I am also very technology savvy; I know how to hack computers, wire radios and headphones... and basically, I'm just a computer-geek. I am obsessed with Star Wars and Penguins of Madagascar (Kowalski is my favorite. :D). Other movies and shows I enjoy are NCIS, Bones, MythBusters, Fraiser, Date Night, and many others that I cannot seem to recall at the moment...

Personality-wise, I am not very outgoing, unless I am comfortable with the people I am around. Once you get to know me, I am actually very loud and random. Where Aidan know Spanish, I can barely keep up with her when she speaks the language. Actually, I can barely keep up with her when she speaks English...

Now, here's author number two!

Hey all, it's Aidan ;)

I am a 14 (and a half) girl in high school. I love soccer and softball and am an avid hiker. I can speak spanish, as well as english (no duh!) And I'm also the smart one out of this duo, though Hannah is pretty smart in her own subjects. I am a photographer, writer and love to read. I can be loquacious and can talk faster than a jackrabbit on expresso. Hannah can vouch for that. I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars, Avengers, Penguins of Madagascar (Less so though), Pirates of the Caribbean (LOVE Jack Sparrow) and Hetalia :) Whoever says Johnny Depp isn't hot is dead to me . I claim Norway and Switzerland. *huggles*

Personality-wise I am very articulate and can be tsundre (kudos if u know what that is) but if I have sugar I can be super hyper. Many of my friends know me as an optimistic pessimist, but I am very easily amused and love to laugh. I love the outdoors and though I don't do as much sports as Hannah I love doing the ones I do play in. And watch out. As you know from my stories I am very easily angered. My temper is not fun to see. But there are warning signs for those who don't wish to be caught in one. First: If you see my nostrils flaring, run for the hills! Two: If I start muttering under my breath, you are doomed and might want to shut up. Three: If I begin to talk slowly, you just took a right-hand turn into death! :D

I love Mythbusters, Bones, NCIS, Fraiser, Victorious, and many other shows. I am a straight A() student that has many strong points, history and geography being the most clear. I can name almost all the european countries with out any map, which I do often to make my friends shut up. I love finding things that I know and other people don't. I enjoying confusing people with words, and that includes Hannah. Though we have our differences, strengths and weaknesses, we are like sisters and are great friends.

I am usually the idea person in our story "Accidental Friendship" , though Hannah sometimes has a brainblast. I am currently writing a StarWars story about Shaak Ti based on one of Hannah and I's roleplays. Also in the makings is a fanfiction of the new movie Avengers (Which is freaking kick-@ss)

While Hannah's dream job is something to do with marine biology, mine is a Forensic Anthropologist. Either that or being a journalist, FBI agent or... many other things.

Please watch us for more updates :D

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Wrong Turn reviews
Sequel to Accidental Friendship. Kowalski reports that Aidan has total amnesia. The only thing she seems to know is how to be a penguin. Meanwhile, Hannah is slowly slipping away from reality. Will Kowalski be able to save her? *Pre-reading necessary.
Penguins of Madagascar - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,055 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 1/26/2012 - Published: 1/22/2012 - Kowalski, Skipper
Accidental Friendship reviews
When I fall into the penguin habitat after a total failed attempt to retrieve my notebook, me and my cousin, Aidan, will never have normal lives again. Rated T for mild language and possible violence in later chapters.
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