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HI!!!!!!! Eep. Sorry, too much cream soda. Anyway . . . I love Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, cream soda, ice cream, fanfiction, sugar (I like suagr?), writing, sugar, reading, sugar -- *gets a look from Amethyst LaReine* OK we know I like sugar. AND THAT IS NOT A QUESTION, VICKI!!!!!!!! Where was I? Oh yes, sugar. Sugar, music, sugar, aaaaaaaaaaaaaand . . . irish dance! OMG Deirdra the hornpipe guy!!!! LOL i have a pretty crown . . . but it hurts . . . ow . . . :) well, that's enough about me. Oh yes, I'm a teenage girl who is best friends w/ Amethyst LaReine, another fanfic writer. READ HER FICS!!!! They rock. aaaannnyyywwwaaayyy . . . yes, I know I have problems. OK, that's it, that's the end. all done. I swear (no, not by the stars). It's done. So go away. Go away! GO!!!! *The chandelier falls* Oops . . . I need to stop quoting POTO. Weird things happen when I do. (Yes, I know that's yours, Amethyst. I'm stealing it cuz you took my "Far too many quotes for my taste!"). OK, before we all go stark raving mad ("If you don't stop I'll go MAD!!!"), this is the end of my messed-up bio. and megan sullivan is the best irish dancer ever!!! (xcept sheila, of course)