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Uh. Hi! I'm Bubu, or JR, if you prefer. (Bubu was a nickname a friend gave me back in 2011, and I don't have the heart to change it. You can find me on other sites under JR-Max or JR Maxwell.)

About Me

I'm a 25 year old college student working toward a degree in wildlife biology and conservation. Life has taken some very stressful, uncertain turns over the past couple of years, and it's made me incredibly nostalgic for the good ole' days of Wizard101 and associated fanfic. Simpler times, y'know? Even if 13 year old me wasn't exactly happy. It's part of why I decided to come back to this account, and not one of the other ones I had. This one, BubuWinter, was the start of my love for fanfiction, and although I tried to run from some imaginary judgement tied to the name (because I thought it was cringe/wanted a fresh start/whatever other reason my unchecked Anxiety Disorder decided I needed a new name for), it still means a lot. The stories on here mean a lot. And I think part of the reason why I'm back is to try and reclaim those important parts of my youth without shame. (Cause boy, 13-17 year old me had a LOT of shame for no real reason. Sometimes, I feel like I'm only now getting over that shame.)

So yeah. I'm back, at least for now. Don't know if I'll post anything or not, but I thought I'd come on and at least update this profile in case anyone ever goes "huh, wonder how that one W101 fanfic author is doing?" (The answer is "stressed but alive").

So, you're back (maybe). What does that mean for the stories here?

They're all discontinued. It should be fairly obvious at this point I think. Even if I wanted to get back to any of them, the writing styles and my understanding of characters and story development has evolved to a point it just wouldn't really work out.

That said, I don't want to straight up abandon them.

Over the decade since I started writing Wizard101 fanfiction it's remained a very consistent desire of mine to forge a story set in the Spiral. Not the strongest desire, no, but...consistent. At least once a year my head is filled with ideas old and new alike despite my lack of activity with both the Game itself and the Fandom. To me, that consistency must mean something, and sometimes I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to just...start writing again. To start anew so that when those urges do inevitably hit me, there's something already there to work on. It could be a long-term passion project, maybe. Something I won't feel an excess of pressure to perform well in, but still offers a nostalgic, creative outlet to relax to.

If I were to do this -- make some Wizard101 fanfiction my passion project -- it probably wouldn't be updated consistently, and it probably won't be anything like the stories I wrote as a tween/teenager. Elements of them might be taken and re-molded into something New, but characters, plots, lore, everything has a very strong chance of being restructured to meet a higher standard.

I'm not deleting any of the stories, God no, but none of them are being continued as they are, either. Some will be retold in a new light and context, others will be scrapped with only bits and pieces making a resurgence.

So uh. Yeah. That's the gist. I'm back-ish. Maybe. For now.

Story News:

Stay tuned.

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