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Moonlight Iris here,

I live in CA, that's all you'll get from me on that one,

I love manga and I love to write,

I right my own stories but when i found Fanfiction I couldn't help but sign up,

I do love puzzles and riddels even if i spend the rest of my life trying to solve them.

my life is like a puzzle and i'm trying to put it to gather one piece at a time so don't be mad if I don't update regulary I'll try but honestly, my life's a mess at the moment and writing stories is the only thing from keeping me from going insane.

Hey everyone,

I've been busy with school, I had a term paper due on the twenty fourth and I have a test coming up this thrity first.

I'm going as a witch for helloween.

I signed up for spring semester and am going to have three music classes one for singing the other piano and fundumentals.

I do have a question does anyone know when the next chapter of 'Dear my Mister' will becoming out, I just reread it and wished chapter seven was out.

Is anyone doing fanfiction on it I would love to read it.

I guess the last thing I would say is read my stories and get back to me please.

Moonlight Iris here,

it's been while sense I updated my profile. I've been typing and deleting what ever I've been writing because it just doesn't sound good enough for the story 'the only heaven I want to see' school just got out and i'm waiting for summer session to start.

my dad's taking me to the distruction durby that's coming in june i can't wait for that. well I'll keep trying to get the next chapter out but I really wouldn't hold your breath it's going to take some time.


Hey i've been swamped with school and living. I have been writing poems lately, I have two that are getting published (I'm happy). I've been going over and over story ideas writing and crossing things out once i think i'm done i start rethinking and erasing trying to make the story better.


Flu plus School= to much to do T_T


Hi been along time since I've updated anything. that's because I finally finished my AA in English and also with out realizing it got two other AA's while I was earning my English AA and if I had time I could have gotten another but I graduated and am now working towards my BA to be an English teacher. Just started CSU fall 2016 got two A's a B and a C for my classes and have already signed up fro Spring 2017 classes. lots of work ahead right now on break from school. Hope everyone has a great start to the New Year.

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Jun and Rei were in the forest of Forks and came across two humans that were dead a bear killed them and they found a 3 month old girl there unharmed and they kept her.
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