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Author has written 6 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, Zoids, Winx Club, X-overs, Star Wars, Gundam Seed, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and G. I. Joe.

I am just your average otaku living in a world with little to no other otaku's ther are a few where I live but not enough to make things excellent. As such I find this site excellent, for it allows me to see what others think of the animes I have seen and lets me express my own ideas for episodes and events that the producers in Japan could or anywhwere else could do. If they weren't all lookibng out for numero uno.

My favorite anime so far is I'm not sure somewhere between Deadman wonderland and Gundam Wing I know that a huge gap, but there are too much to choose from.

So right now I have two stories out, but I will have more soon, but until then enjoy.

Meanwhile, however my hobbies are drawing, gaming, web surfing and of course story writing. I also like to rant about the crazinnes of some of the stuff out there, (like ho crazy CN has gotten lately).

Hello all my followers no matter how little you all total, I recently learned something. I can't put out things like requests as a fanfiction een though it is a request to help that story. However i am allowed to do it on my profile so here I go.

To all Kingdom hearts enthusiasts, I am making a kingdom hearts academy fanfiction, and I know you have probably seen something like this before (I have to) so I'm doing something that I haven't seen done before. Im taking the plot of the fanfiction to the new age with a new generation of keybladers. Some of them maybe related to keybladers of the past, but the over all goal is to make it feel both connected and separate from the game.

So here comes my problem, to make this fanfiction work I need help with the characters, I'm only one dude and I'm in college I dont have time to think of a new character and fully develop them. I mean don't get me wrong I've com up with some, but I don't know how long it would take me to make enough characters to make this fanfic a succes. So to solve this problem I am asking you to help me, by submiting any OC's you may have. I'll even take ideas for an OC, and I will make sure to give the credit for the OC or the idea given. Below are the things I will need from you if you submit anything.


Alignment (Good/Evil):

Body description:


Keyblade Name and Description:

Extra Abilities:


Sword,Shield,Staff (which one did they pick and sacrificein the shatter glass world):

Fighting Style:

Other (anything else you can think of to add):

Don't feel obligated to respond to this, and remember there are somethings that I wont be able to put in the story. I also may add or remove a few things from the character if I see some mistakes that I have done in the past. Anyway thats all thanks for reading. Bye!!

Oh and on a side note the reason most of my stuff has yet to be touched is because I've been busy with school, man the classess have been murder, but I'll make it up with really long chapter updates soon and ne stories when there ready. (PS some of the older stories may even have double releases. Wink!Wink!)

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