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Author has written 2 stories for Kuroshitsuji, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

Name: Roxelle

Age: 16

Well I'm a girl living in the middle of nowhere somewhre in the west of the United States. I usually fill my days with studying, reading, writing, drawing, and annoying the heck out of anyone I can come in contact with (usually it's when I'm bored).

My favorite animes and mangas are Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, Junjou Romantica, Kingdom Hearts(don't tell me it's not a manga cause I so found the manga verison at Barnes and Nobles! I still do love the games better though.) Kaichou Wa Maid-sama, and many more that I cant remember the names of.

Random sayings that I can think of:

To understand one person is to stand in their shoes.

A person hase every right to be who they want to be.

Just because they promise it doesn't mean it'll come right away.

If you want something done do it yourself.

Keep walking and don't look back.

Don't let what other people tell you keep you down make it a motivation and a goal to prove them wrong.

-Fill Out #s 1-13 With Organization XIII Member's Names In A Random Order-

1- Siax

2- Marluxia

3- Xigbar

4- Axel

5- Vexen

6- Luxord

7- Demyx

8- Lexaus


10- Zexion

11- Xenmas

12- Roxas

13- Xaldin

1) Is a Seven/Three pairing more on the humourous side or the angsty side?

Demyx and Xigbar. Probably more on the hilarious side with a bit of angst

2) Would Four/Ten be a smutty fic or a fluffy fic?

Axel and Zexion, probably a fluff because of how Zexion is.

3) Do you reckon it's possible for Two and Nine to get together?

Marly and Larx. It’s possible, they’re both masochistic and sadistic people.

4) One and Eleven are going out...what's the Organization's reaction?

Roxas: See Luxord.

Axel: We told you Mansex and Saix were banging each other. Pay up guys.

Luxord: Damn it! –pays a hundred to both-

Xaldin: -grumbles while handing the two one hundred-

Zexion: Tsk we all knew this would happen you just decided to press your luck Luxord.

Demyx: Awe, Zexy! Mansex and Puppy are going out. I can't wait for the wedding!

Everyone: Wedding?

Demyx: Yeah a wedding. I could already see it.

Luxord: Thousand Xemnas is the bride and wears a dress.

Axel and Roxas: Ten thousand Saix is the bride, wears the dress, and does the entire girl thing; make-up, hair done all pretty the whole sha-bang.

Luxord, Xaldin: You're on.

5) Which couple suits better? Eight/Thirteen or Six/Five

Lex/Xal actually I see Lex and Xaldin now that I think about it. Both would look good together but the only thing to me is, who's the seme?

6) Is Twelve the most attractive member of the Organization?

Roxas is smexy but not as smexy as Axel

7) Do you think Three would be happy if Eleven and Eight got together?

If Xenmas and Lexaus were together I think Luxord would just end up betting on how long they'd last with one another.

8) Write a title for a Four/Two story.

Axel on a hundred ways to press Marluxia's buttons

9) Have you ever read a Ten/One pairing?

Zex/Xen No, no, thank god no.

10) Do you think it's possible to make Five/Thirteen canon?


11) In a Six/Nine pairing who would be top and who would be bottom?

Luxord/Larxene of course Luxord would top and Larxene would bottom, unless he had that entire dominatrix fetish.

12) Do you believe that One/Thirteen could happen?

No Xenmas would just drag Siax back to his quarters.

13) What would the summary say for an Eleven/Three story?

The crew of the World that Never Was pirates are sick and tired of their captain Xenmas and decide to plan a mutiny against him, but they need to buy time for them to be able to over throw their captain's rule and it's up to Xigbar to distract him. through the time that the two spend together he falls for his ass of a captain and now must decide should he betray his friends or betray the man he loves.

14) What would happen if Ten/Seven had a baby?

Zexion would make sure that their children are smart as him and Demyx would make sure that they could play at least one instrument and learn how to be fun and joke not like their Daddy Zexi.

15) Write a warning for a Two/One/Eight story.

Sai/Mar/Lex. Run, Xenmas is gonna end up killing someone.

16) Four and Twelve are getting married...what would Five say as a speech?

Vexen: I knew that the two of you would end up getting married one day and now I have excellent specimens. –evil smirk- I hope that the two of you have a very successful marriage. I hope that if you are successful in creating the first of the next generation of the Organization and pass on your genes to your future brats.

Roxas:…Ok thank you Vexen?

Axel: Say Vex did you get what I asked done yet?

Vexen: Of course Axel at least I’m able to monitor what happens to Roxas during the time he carries. I hope that this will be a successful experiment.

Roxas: Axel what’d you promise Vexen!

Axel: Hehehehe. Don’t worry Roxas you’ll love it in the end. -licks lips-

My Latest Works

Who are We: It's been six years since Sebastian and Ciel have been back in England ever since Ciel turned into a demon. After a hunt for one of the rouge demons Ciel and Sebastian return to their temporary home only to find themselves in Phantomhive manor. What shocks them the most is when a young girl runs up to them claiming that they are her parents. In the confusion two more children appear and also say that they are their parents.

In the Pantry: Lovino Vargas and his younger twin Feliciano have to be sent to a house in the English countryside because of the war. At the train they meet their companions that are to be joining them at their temporary homes two brothers named, Gilbert and Ludwig Beilschmidt. At the train station they meet their weird host with bushy eyebrows. The house really doesn't have anything to do in it but read and eat horrible food. After a week of being fed Arthur's food Romano is sick of it and now looks for food around the house that's actually good, or at least tomatoes. Through his search he finds an unused kitchen and a full freshly stocked pantry. As he looks deeper into the pantry he finds a box labeled "Tomatoes" as he opens the box he finds himself in another world.

Stories I'm thinking about writing

Kingdom Hearts

Unnamed Fanfic 1: Axel wakes up from five years of being in coma hardly remembering anything that's happened to him before he went off to war. He finds out a shocking detail about his beloved Roxas. He's been married for quiet sometime now with two children. Has Roxas really moved on while Axel's been in a coma?

Unnamed Fanfic 2: After losing thier parents and having to lie with their uncle. Roxas and Sora are forced to go to Kingdom Academy, a high school for the kids of some of the biggest people in business. As they enter the academy they have the most rotten luck becoming the new punching bag. When all the sudden the most popular guys in school nicknamed Kingdom's Hearts has taken sudden likings for the two.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Who are We reviews
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