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Author has written 6 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Resident Evil, Simpsons, Power Rangers, and Tomb Raider.

Update 3: 2007, formerly Luigi The Echidna.

Update 2: Chapter 4 of Doubts and Messups of a Young Fox is on the way soon, if anyone wants to contact me at IM with questions or just want to talk to me, contact me for MSN at [email protected] or on AIM as LuigiTE2004

Update: Ah ha! Now that now accepts RTF files I will be able to update my fics and add new ones now! Luigi The Echidna is back in business!

Pen name: Luigi The Echidna

Real Name: Tom Nevitt

Age: 15

Occupation: Currently? Fanfic Writer/Gamer

Nationality: I'ma Brit!

What I'd like to do in the future: Originally I had the idea for a writer...but now I wanna be an actor, and if I fail at that I might go into IT Teaching.

Marital Status: Single..

Likes -
Sonic The Hedgehog.
Various types of music (Rock, Metal, Emo, Grunge, Pop if it's good, slow, country/western)
Some subjects in School shot
If I remember any more I'll post em

Dislikes -
People who cheat on their other halves.
People who pick on others just for being them.

Assholes in general
The rest of the subjects in School in particular shot again.
VERY Hard games.

Most techno/dance/rap
If I remember any more I'll post them.

Current Fic status: (rough estimate)
Who Wants to be a Sonicaire? - Was Deleted
Eggman's fall and rise - Needs Remaking

Fido, meet Vice City - Needs Remaking

Resident Evil Reincarnation - Needs Remaking
The End of Racoon City and STARS - Completed
World Beyond Me - A Space Voyage - Nowhere near completion.
The Simpsons The Lost Television - Only just started it moron

Doubts and Messups of a Young Fox - 40 done

I have created fan characters in a number of universes of fanfiction, and here they are:

Sonc The Hedgehog:

Luigi Espadachin -

Age: 15

Race: Echidna

Description: (Light Luigi form, normal in other words)Luigi is a green echidna, looks similar to Knuckles but his dreadlocks are tied together in a ponytail like fashion. He has a slightly rugged muzzle and baby blue eyes. He wears a red and blue leather jacket with a yellow T-Shirt, blue jeans and white trainers. Also has a carved "four swords" emblem with a wooden oak sword sheath. For attire 2, he wears a musketeer style outfit.

(Dark Luigi Form) Same as Attire 1 buthis clothes turn black and his jacket takes the shape of a trenchcoat, his eyes turn dark blue.

Personality: He can be kind of cocky and reckless when in the heat of battle, which has almost got him killed a few times.

Luigi's past: Luigi was raised in a village full of legendary echidnas who had been unheard of for centuries. His father, Kazlophius was a legendary warrior in a long line of warriors in the "Espadachin" family. Before hand, Kazlophius was approched by Robotnik. He then told Kazlophius that he will never launch attacks against him as long as he never launched attacks against himself. Kazlophius agreed, he settled down with a young law enforcement echidna named Percilla. When they hada son, Luigi Kazlophius then saw his successor come out of his mother's womb. Luigi led a happy life in his village thus far, exceeding in all of his school classes and he didimpress alot of the girls. His rival, a disgruntled echidna named Rebellio was jealous of this. When Luigi turned 11, his father then approached him to train to become the next Espadachin warrior. Luigi then refused it. One fateful night, when Kazlophius gave Luigi the Espadachin sword, the Sword of Truth they then broke out in a huge arguement. Luigi ended up storming out but then came the disasterous night, explosions happened. Robotnik had broke his agreement with Kazlophius and ended up attacking Luigi's village. Luigi and many civilians ended up running for their lives but Luigi's mother and father got taken. They told their son to run and he successfully did. Hiding in a brush he notices the chaos going on. He tries to act heroic by drawing his sword, and attempting to fight Robotnik's forces. He fails and Rebellio sees this as a great opportunity to use Luigi as a scapegoat, so he tries to blame Luigi for the disaster. Robotnik happily accepts responsibility for their deaths, Luigi is so angry he is forced to run. He hides out in the forest for a while until he is confronted by a mysterious old man. This man reveals himself as Bouchardi, Bouchardi mentions he was a friend of Luigi's family and knows all of the capabilities. Luigi asks him to train him and after much convincing, Bouchardi agrees. Luigi spends the next two years training to become a fully grown Espadachin warrior, then he goes off to try and get revenge against Robotnik...

(there is more but I can't be bothered putting it here, maybe in another update)

Emily Espadachin

Krelliek Mokta

Grand Theft Auto:

Alex Underbridge

Janet Harriet

Trent Lafferty

Doctor Who:

Catherine Lena

Ralph Beggar


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