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Umm... no comment... I plead the fifth...

If you’re reading this you are obviously a true fan of my review, or are bored beyond belief no not really because I’ve read a few of these... out of curiosity so whatever

My Stories:
Taming the Lioness
Squire Keladry; Mother?

News Flash: blue eyes haunt me, and i miss them... it's very sad

Nicknames: Smart Ass (thanks Mom...) Boo, BJ, Ritchy Ritch, chit, The Hopeless Romantic, cuz I am one, The Sarcasm Queen, The Nonexistent One, Daffodil, Daffy, Dafoodildurk, the list goes on and on... and so does the insanity

Do u like to sing in the shower? Do I like it? Possibly. Do I do it? Often. *nods*

Fav. Color: Emerald Green, green, teal, jungle green, turquoise, anything green! (Wink wink)

What's the best advice given to you?: when you have a hotdog or like a hamburger like take off some of the like bread stuff, cuz like it like goes like straight to your like thighs like you know?(that’s a joke for those of you to dense to figure it out...) –have you been eating less or barfing more?– name that movie!
Sarcasm is a girls best friend)

Reading, writing, spending time with friends, talking (sometimes), guys, (sometimes), night, summer sunsets, the idea of love at first sight, music, fresh green salad, long notes, e-mails, Liking guys i probably shouldn't, meeting new people, good stories, things that make you think, keeping secrets, having people confide in me, praise, swimming, daydreaming, getting reviews

two faced people, liars, posers, twinky’s, cheerleaders, meat, big groups of people, writer’s block, work, cleaning up after people, people that are always moody *cough*cough* my dislikes are shorter than my likes, I must be easy to please

and here iam pouring my soul out to the world. Reivew my story's PLEASE this is one of my obsessions the others being Neal and a guy that actually exists any who.

Lady Daffodil of Queenscove!

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Kel walked swiftly over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of breeches and a shirt. Stripping off the towel, she threw it to Neal. “Not a word out of you, Neal.” She grinned at his shocked look. “It’s not like you haven’t seen it before. Chapt
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Squire Keladry Mother? reviews
CH 28! I updated. YaY! for me! R&R. No good comes from little white lies. Kel has a lot on her plate right now, being a pregant squire for one thing, not telling anyone, and Neal's flirting. Then there's the problem of her knees going weak whenever a cert
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