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Greetings to visitors, you are now entering my profile. If you're here to flame OR to complain about me flaming you; I don't mind. Because you'll only be proving that you have no life, because I critique NOT flame. I would enjoy picking a verbal fight with a brat, it makes me feel... Supperior; why you ask? Because I'm going to prove you're inferior, which gives me a highter rank? Capice ?! Good.

My name is Selenne, keep that in mind. I'm not Melina, nor Emilie neither Joanna. So please don't mix.

About me: I've always walked to the beat of my own drum, cliche, yes, but very true. I don't really care what people are saying about me and what I do and I encourage this social independance through every means possible. I grew up with many interests. I loved all types of music-- county included, shoot me if you must :p I watched all kinds of movies, read any book I could get my hands on... I just loved experiencing as much as I could whenever I could. This didn't exclude my wardrobe. What I wore matched how I was feeling. I could wear bondage pants with a t-shirt one day, a crazy rainbow shirt with a funky skirt the next, and a polo shirt with jeans the day after that. No one called me a poser because I wasn't trying to be anything in particular, I was just being... me.

City: I was born and raised in the beautiful City of Leon, Situated in France. I am originally British, and I did move to Canda at 10; and then to London lately. As for now, I'm back at Paris to complete my studies in the Private boarding school named Chantemerle.

Age: 16. No need to know my birthdate.

Hobbies: I'm greatly interested in writing in drawing; and even listening to Music if you count that a hobby. I love to read but that doesn't mean I'm a Geek; I just have a good spiritual soul. I adore the supernatural and the paranormal, not the horror book about sparkling vampires. What's next ? Rainbow-ish Zombies ?

Favourite Books: Through her eyes, Bad blood, Bloodshot, A touch mortal, The carpathian Series, Anita Blake series, Southern Vampire mysteries, Vampire chronicles, Cirque du freak, The noble dead series, Dracula(Duh!), Blood Ties, Robinson Crusoe, The art of war, The name of the wind, Good to great, A sentimental Education, Beloved, Anna Karenina, The aineid, and finally, The castle. I wasn't fooling around when I said I loved Reading.

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