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Hey I'm ninjapoke, the hopeful author of the not so far away future. My interests include Batman Villains, writing, reading, watching movies, and sleeping :

Check out my deviantART: Wheaties13!!!

I've done a few co-writes and i will probably do more. When they are posted under the other authors name, i will keep them here:

I dont really plan ahead in my writing but i simply write what come's to me. I also tend to get ahead of myself by writing the end first. So let that be your warning. I also have a horrible attention span. I can keep a story going but i will also start like five others by the time I'm done. I will only start those, usually, and will continue the one's with most promise after the main project is complete.

So my current projects consist of: Apprentice, You Don't Own Me, and Arkham Boys. Sorry Raggedy Ann lovers but that story is on ice for a while until i come up with the motivation to completely re start it.

TV? Ummmmm... I honestly read more then i watch tv but Smallville is beast. I went through a mini depression when it ended. Vampire Diaries are alright but the plot is starting it go down hill a little bit, kinda like a the books (please don't kill me for saying that). I watch Young Justice and have seen every episode of the Justice League/Unlimited. I am a total nerd.

Movies? This is a long list so bare with me. Every Die Hard they have ever made. ( I LOVE YOU BRUCE WILLIS! YIPIE KIE YAY MOTHER F*CKER) The Dark Knight, both Transformers, almost any Bruce Willis movie, I will also watch most movies with Robert Downy Jr. or Johnny Depp... wow that just reminded me of how much I love Iron Man and Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Harry Potter (my favorites are 3 and 5) TWILIGHT! (JK I hate the movies but the books were pretty good) I guess i should add some comedies so: Date Night, Grown Ups, the Proposal (love you too Ryan Reynolds!), the Green Hornet, and, as if i have to say it, the Hangover. I also feel compeled to include almost ever Disney Animated classic (little mermaid, lion king, 101 Dalmatians, need i go on?) along with every Pixar movie.

Books? Hmmm, tricky. Hunger Games were amazing along with the Harry Potter books, like i already said, twilight was alright, the Looking Glass Wars are up there. I strongly recommend them. *stares at her book case for answers* ummm the first few Vampire Diaries were good reads but the plot just crashes after that. OH! and the my blood approves series. those were good.

Here is a list of badass things i would love the excuse to say and yes, most of them i made up:

"The world is a stage. Get the hell out of my spotlight."

"Only in my world does Laughter start with an S and dream rhyme with scream."

So apparently the whole laughter with an s in front of it is hard to figure out for some people... it spells slaughter. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

"It is not your friends who define you, but your enemies." and then if nessisary... "So what the hell does that make Batman?"

"Get off my lawn you crazy kids!" Lol, i can not wait until i am a crazy old lady!

I love love to sing! I will belt out the chorus to tons of songs. I'm siging as im wirting this. I'm more into the older stuff from when i was younger... soft rock was the best. Pop is alright depending on who is singing it. I will never forgive Kattie Perry for singing Firework. i cringe everytime it comes on the radio.

Anyway, keep dancing through life everybody! If you know what that's fun i will love you forever!

PS. I do not flame! I dont think bashing somebody is apropreate. If you dont have anything nice to say, yada yada yada. I will use constructive criticism though and ask that you treat me with the same respect. Thanks!

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