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Basic About you:

Name: Mara

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Brunette

Age: 18

Birthday: 3/6

Lefty/righty/ambidextrous: Righty

Piercings: Two in my ears

Tatoos: Want one!

Zodiac Sign: Pisces babe(:

Ring Size: Have no freaking clue

Grade:Freshman in college

More about you:

Are you named after anyone? Tamera Mowry and a nurse at the hospital where I was born.

Do you live in the moment? I try to but it never happens. I think too much over the future.

Do you consider yourself tolerent to others? Yeah.

Do you have any secrets? Wouldn't you like to know..(;

Do you hate yourself?Nah, I think I'm a pretty cool person.

Do you like your handwriting? Not really.

Do you have any bad habits? Biting my nails and my temper.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I would hope so.

Any regrets? Yep.

Do you think life has been good so far? I actually do.

Are you confident? I try to be.

How long does it take you to shower? 5 minutes to an hour.

What color is your room? Pink and Black

Do you...?

Smoke? Nope, asthmatic!

Do drugs? Nope.

Drink? Mmhmm

Go to church? Nope, I don't think you need church to have a relationship with God.

Sleep with stuffed animals? No.

Take walks in the rain? Yep!

Talk to people even if you hate them? I can, but I will almost always bring up why I don't like them.

Drive? I'm the world's worst driver.

Believe in premarital sex? Yeah. Gotta test the car before you buy it.

Want to get married? Definitely!

Want to go to college? I'm there!

Want to have children? Definitely!!

Sing in the shower? Always! Glee songs will bring out my inner Beyoncé!

Get along with you parents? Mostly

Get along with your sibling/s? It's complicated.

Color/highlight your hair? Yep.

Like coffee? Oh My God, how is this a real question?

Wear makeup everytime you go out? Yes, but not the same amount every time.

Love roller coasters? I'm warming up to the idea.

Like to cook? I like to bake more.

Have you ever...?

Hurt yourself? This is a hard question because I'm a major klutz.

Been out of the country? Yep.

Been in love? Thought I was.

Done drugs? Nope.

Gone skinny dipping? Whatever happens in Florida, stays in Florida. (PS I live in Florida ;)

Had surgery? Yeah.

Played strip poker? Nope.

Been on stage? Yeah.

Pulled an all nighter? Yeah.

Gone one day without food? When I've had the flu and it always sucks.

Slept all day? Almost.

Kissed a stranger? Nope.

Had a dream that came true? Yeah.

Broken the law? I've borrowed homework from my friends... when is my sentencing?

Stolen anything? I think everyone has taken candy from the candy store.

Been on radio/tv? Nope.

Been in a mosh-pit? Yep.

Bungee jumped? Hell no.

Had a dream that kept coming back? Yeah.

Gone out of state? Yeah!

Live in other states? Yep.

Eaten an entire box of oreos? Really who hasn't done it at least once!?

Had a movie marathon? All the time.

Spun until you were immensely dizzy? Yeah.

Been on a plane? Yeah.

Ran into a wall? Like I said, major klutz.

Been rejected by a crush? Yeah

Cried in public? Yeah.

Cried over a movie? Hell yeah.

Pranked called someone? Old memories with my brother(:

Gotten a cavity? Yeah.

Shopped at Abercrombie and Fitch? Like once or twice.

Broken a bone? Yeah.

Fallen from a tree? How many times do I have to repeat the major klutz part?

Passed out? Yeah.

Been to a theme park? Yes!

Eaten sushi? Yeah, and I love it.

This or That

Pepsi or Coke:Coke.

McDonalds or Burger King: How about Taco Bell?

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate!

Black or White: This is hard considering I'm both(:

Burgers or Hot dogs: Burger

Boxers or breifs:Boxers

Book or magazine:Book

TV or radio: Laptop

is the glass half empty or half full: I want to say half full, but I'm unfortunately a pessimist.

sun or moon: Moon

hot or cold:Hot

romantic comedy or thriller: Romantic Comedy

waffles or pancakes: Pancakes..specifically Red Velvet Pancakes from iHop. They are a slice of Heaven.

Florida or california: Florida!

Black and white or color photos: Black and White.

The city, the beach, OR the country: Beach, although I have a slight obsession with the Amish Country.

Tennis shoes or sandals: Sandals

Sweet or sour:Sour. Sour Patch Kids are also a gift from Heaven.

Private or publie school:Public

Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee

English or history: I actually really enjoy both, but writing is my passion.

Science or math:Science.

Do you believe ...?

in miracles?Yeah, it's the reason I'm alive.

in magic? Have you not seen Harry Potter?

in God? Yeah.

in Satan?Yeah.

in luck? Not really.

in love at first sight? I think you can like someone, but I feel like love is too strong a word.

in Santa? Who doesn't?

in the Easter Bunny? Again, who doesn't?

in witches? Hermione is my BFF.

in wishing on shooting stars? I've done it.

that cussing is a necessity in life? Sometimes you just gotta say whatever the hell you want to say.

yourself? Yeah.

Love and all that

Do you consider love a mistake? Nope, and anyone that does is wrong.

Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them? Yeah.

What is worst about the opposite sex? Their egos.

Who and when was your first crush? My 1st grade teacher's boyfriend.

First thing you notice about the opposite sex? Physical: Eyes Emotional: Their heart.

Right this moment...

What are you wearing? Tank top and pajama pants

What are you worried about? My brother.

What book are you reading? I'm about to start Gone Girl.

What time is it? 2:26 pm

Are you bored? Yeah.

Are you tired? Not really.

Are you talking to anyone online or on the phone? Not currently.

Are you lonely or content? Content.

Are you listening to music, if so then what? The Glee version of Pokerface. God, it's amazing.

The Last...

Dream you had: No clue.

Nightmare: My brother.

Time you cried: Last night texting one of my friends.

Movie you watched:21 Jump Street

Movie you rented: The Big Wedding

Book you read: A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kody Keplinger

Words you said: I love you to my daddy.

Time you laughed: Last night when I was playing Head's Up with my little sister

Person to call you: My daddy.

CD you played: Wicked soundtrack.

Song you listened to: Pokerface( Glee Version)

annoyance: That this kid is in my house.

Person you IMed: God ,I haven't IMed in so freaking long. I think Kat?

Time you yelled: Two nights ago

Person you yelled at: My mom, but it was more directed towards my brother.

time you were a skirt: I have been wearing my dresses than skirts lately.

time you fought with your parents: Two days ago over my brother's dumbass.

Time you wished on a shooting star: Don't remember.

Thing you ate: Thanksgiving leftovers.

Time you showered: Last night.

Nail polish color worn: A Pinkish-red.

Your favorite:

Type of gum: Big Red.

Season: Summer.

Type of weather: Sunny.

Emotion: Happy.


Perfume: Beyoncé Heat.

Candy: Sour Patch Kids, Heath bar, and Reese's.

Pizza topping: Cheese... I know I'm boring.

Fruit: I can eat a carton of any type of berry.

Veggie: Cucumber, Beet, or Avocado.

Type of cake: Chocolate.

Magazine: Seventeen.

TV Show: Glee is my ultimate and Parenthood is a close second.

Day of the week: Saturday.

Month: March.

Holiday: Christmas.


Sport to watch: Basketball.