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Personal Info:

Hello! My name is Jocelene, but my stage name is Candi. Honestly, I do not know why I have a stage name. *Epic Fail*

I'm going to be a freshman this year! Yeah, I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Plus, I'm on the tennis team too so updating fanfictions may be a bit hard. Whenever I update really late or don't update, please don't yell at me. Tennis is an all season sport, and that means traveling a lot for tournaments and games. I hope you guys understand this!

Anyway, here are a couple of things that you don't need to know. I'm nickname the alien because I'm just cool like that. Haha... I'm just weird, even when I was a baby. My addiction is sweets. Not drugs, SWEETS! I tend to over exaggerate when I'm nervous because I can't think straight. I hardly get mad unless you set me off the edge. Also, I don't like it when someone is being rude about someone's attempt to do something. They have much potential as you do, and it really bugs me that anyone tries to bring someone down from doing what they love.

Boring stuff. Yeah, I know. My hobbies include singing, rapping (not meant to take seriously), dancing like a goofball, drawing, and ugh...hanging out with friends count too?

Very patient. I'm really patient and have a high tolerance to obnoxious people. But there are people in this world that are beyond that level and can bring the devil out of me. NEVER HAD I SHOWN THAT SIDE EXCEPT TO MY LITTLE BROTHER. I'm cruel...aren't I? D:

I like to ramble sometimes when I'm in the mood. Do not expect me NOT to ramble during a/n. However, I'm stopping that little by little cause I like to interact with my readers, even if I do come off crazy XD [I'm an alien after all!!]

This new may get me some haters or not, but I kind of...stopped liking vocaloid and anime all together. Actual no, I still like it (vocaloid) but I don't like it as much as before where I would listen to them sing. The only bond I have with vocaloid is that I like to write fanfictions out of them...Other than that, no :( But you never know, maybe my friends will revert me back into a vocaloid lover one day. Kpop is taking over my heart right now.

Every day, I get inspired or get new ideas to write for a fanfiction. It can be random, whether I'm walking down the streets and see a bakery shop or jumping off a trampoline. Yeah, it's weird, but it benefits me a lot!

Whenever readers review my stories, I tend to PM them because I'm thankful for those who take the time to tell me their thoughts on the story! So don't be surprised if I respond to you xD Sometimes I don't because I don't catch them, so if I miss x.x; Well...You know why.

Fanfiction Progress:

[Vocaloid] Bride of the Water God (LenxMiku)- Chapter 15 [10%] *A/N: The file I have been working on didn't work. So I had to start all over... T-T*

[Vocaloid] Snicker My Face (LenxMiku)- Chapter six [25%]

[Vocaloid] Dream High (LenxMiku)- FANFICTION IS DROP

[Vocaloid] My Milky Way (LenxMiku)- FANFICTION IS DROP; MAY START OVER ON IT

[Kenshin] All fanfictions- ALL DROP

Upcoming projects and info:

[Vocaloid] Just One More Game (LenxMiku)

•Genre- Action, Suspense, Drama, Romance, Angst, Horror [There's blood; nothing to serious, Bodyguard, Spies, Agent

•Hatsune Miku: She is 21 years old, young and wild right? No, she isn't. This girl isn't your typical girl you see everyday. Instead of going to clubs, partying and drinking like a 'normal' 21 year old, she spends her time practicing her shooting and doing missions that risk her life everyday. On top of that, she is very distant and cold to outsiders due to her past. Her older brother, Mikuo, and herself joined the agent. He was 15 and she was 10 during that time; however she did not start right away until she turned 14. Whenever she is around her best friend Meiko and Rinto, she relaxes and never shows her cold side unless they cross the boundary line. One day she meets Len and things take a twist, with her disliking him immediately and wanting to ignore his existence. Who said that was possible? No one could avoid the player rich boy...or is he more than that? More...dangerous and threatening to her and the agency?

•Kagamine Len: He is around 26 years old and is well-known famous like because he's a millionaire. He owns a casino, which is very popular. Usual traits that you will find in a rich man, he is a womanizer but is mature and serious. He can be a jerk and cold when he wants but it's only to protect himself. There is much more to Len, but he wants to keep his profile low. It's very noticeable that he puts a wall around everyone, making it impossible for anyone to get really close for him except for the people he had known since he was little. His relationship with his family is very complicated, especially with his brothers and sisters. One of them, Rin, who is around 6 years old, is very precious to him. Unlike the other siblings, he is the one that plays with Rin and sticks by her side until a tragedy came, ruining everything and himself. When he met Miku, he immediately knew there was something suspicious about her and then found out who she is. Trying to see if he was right though, he tries to use his charm on her, only to be rejected. He hoped he never sees her again because Miku might be involved with the tragedy. That hope will never come true because we all know they will be seeing each other more than want, right?

•Expected Chapters: 24-28 chapters at the most.

•Summary: It all started in the casino. Hatsune Miku, a girl around her twenties, is part of an agency and is consider as one of the top. Highly trained in shooting and thinking out of the box, her boss assigns her a mission that partly involves meeting someone in the casino. When she first enter the casino, she immediately came eye-to-eye with the millionaire and playboy, Kagamine Len. Rivalry already form between the two, knowing who the other person was. He made an attempt to flirt with her just to make sure she is what he thought she is, but instead, got punched in the face and had beer spilled all over his pants. Ever since that encountered, they both hope they would never have to face the other but fate doesn't agree with them. Fate wanted them to suffer from the beginning where Miku got her new mission. That mission happens to involve with Len, and both didn't know if they had to be allies or still rivals. Whatever it is, they both knew that something terrible is going to happen and their life will be change- forever.

•Warning: Mature/Serious [Not MA; It's T rated, the storyline is very complicated and has a lot of twists. It's almost like Bride of the Water God [the complicated storyline] but it may be more or may be not more complicated. Lots of cussing, considering um...well I can't spill the beans yet can I? There may be a bit too much touching and flirting as far I can say. [This is all Len's fault; not mine]. It's angst as in there is going to be lots of sad moments/tragic moments and death scenes. The ending I can say by far may or may not be pretty...

•Expected to be release: Around August-October

•Actively working on it: Yes

•Progress: [5%]

[Vocaloid] Enduring the Devil himself (LenxMiku)

•Genre- Romance, Humor, Drama, Cuteness, Heart-warming, Family-like

•Inspired by: The Devil and His Secret by imaskypirate ; I suggest y’all guys to check this story out! It's amazing! Just to let you know, the story will not be exactly the same or follow the same storyline [maybe a little] but don't expect it to be very similar.

•Hatsune Miku: She's very clumsy but on the top of that she is intelligent...when she applies herself. Having a complicated family really puts stress on her but forcing her into something she didn't want blows up everything. Immediately, she grabbed her stuff and moved to Tokyo where she hopes to find a job. Being young, around 20, it is hard to find a job without people taking a look at her when she didn't even graduate from college. People tend to misjudge her age, thinking she is 12, for her height and child-like face. She gets annoyed easily and whenever she is mad, well lets just say she is almost related to the Satan. Truly terrifying and horrible to be around during that state. And surprisingly, she attracts kid like a moth to a fire. Once a kid takes a good look at her, their eyes sparkle and want to reach out for her. (hmmm; I wonder why that is such an important thing.) Len Kagamine is a man that she dislikes, for he is cocky, rude, arrogant, cold, and looks down on everyone. However, she does find him very attractive. Very very attractive. One more thing to add is that she has a huge crush on Shion Kaito who happens to be Len's half brother?

•Kagamine Len: He's considered as one of the sexiest men and one of the most eligible bachelor in the world. His mother is Japanese while his father is British, explaining why he is very fluent in English. Working at his father's company, the Kagamine, he is the company's youngest marketing director. His looks are very deceiving because deep inside he is just pure evil to the core (as quote by Miku herself). Oh, he isn't just evil. He is also cold, arrogant, and doesn't give a crap about anyone except...for a certain someone. (FYI IT ISN'T MIKU...YET)!! Also, he doesn't talk much unless it is to give orders or at a meeting. Before he wasn't like this but ever since he took the job, he changed dramatically. No one understands why; not even his parents... His relationship with his father isn't the best; in fact, it's just downright horrible. Like father like son would be the perfect quote to describe each other- only his father is more menacing. Despite his personality, he is very well-respected and people look up to him except for Miku. That girl wants to take a knife and stab it in his eye-socket; feelings are mutual though. He finds her annoying, stupid, and someone that is extremely hopeless. His nickname for her is an alien and always tries to avoid her but ends up failing. It isn't his luck that he's her boss, but oh well...he can torture her as much as he want before something changes.

•Expected chapters: 30 chapters I hope it will go lower]

•Summary: After being mistreated by her family and forced to do something, Miku had enough. Enough was enough and there was no second chances anymore. She packed all her stuff and flee to Tokyo, hoping she could start all over with her life. One problem was that she didn't have a place to live and was jobless. Trying so many attempts to find a job, she came up with none because she is often mistaken for being a teenager and that she never got the chance to finish college due to money problems. One day, when looking for a job still, she bumps into someone who later is known as Shion Kaito and her crush. He helped her by landing her a job in the Kagamine company and getting her an apartment. Ever since that day, he has became her knight in shining armor, the one who rescued her and ended her suffering. On her first day, she went to go make coffee, only to end up spilling it over Len when a man accidentally pushed her. Later on, she found out that he was her boss and that she had to pay for the punishment, which is to make new documents and transfer the files on a thumb drive. Talk about pain. Later that week, Miku ran out of food in her refrigerator and went to make a quick stop at the food market. While looking for food, she runs into a man who she later finds out its Len in disguise. Not to mention the fact that she had find out his secret by mistake. That day must be the worst day ever for her because he never stopped bugging her, even moving next door to her and making her do chores for him. Why can't she have just one day of normal life? She wished she never found out his secret, and she knew the devil plans on making her life torture for finding out.

•Warning: There aren't really any warnings for this fanfiction. It's sweet and cute, that's all I can say. Nope I lied. It's drama and funny at the same time! There may be some filler chapters but that's everyday life...right? Also, unlike The Devil and His Secret, it's not rated M. Just T because I don't do those kinds of stories...

•Expected to be release: August-October

•Actively working on it: Yes

•Progress: [25%]

[Vocaloid] The Black Butterfly (LenxMiku)

•Genre- Suspense, Action, Romance, Drama, Angst, Supernatural [Vampires, Horror

•Inspired by: Dinner with Vampires. Did I mention I'm a vegetarian?

•Hatsune Miku: She's very average 16 year old girl who just happens to have a very influential father and is rich. Never had she bragged about her wealth because she doesn't like it. Unlike her sister, Ring, she doesn't embrace her. Unlike her brother, Mikuo, she doesn't spend all her money on the credit card and then show off the newest gear. She wasn't like them. She was...just average. Not to mention quiet, innocent, fragile, but feisty when mad. When comfortable, she smiles warmly and openly, making sarcastic jokes, poke fun at her friends, and laughs a lot. She doesn't like to show she is weak, but she can't help it. Being the youngest sister, she has always been covered in the arms of her mother. She was always protected by her mother but when she meets Len, there is no one who can protect her from him.

•Kagamine Len: Royal Heir and Vampire. He's very handsome, and his eye colors changed according to how he is feeling sometimes. He's very cocky, snarky, smart, witty, womanizer and a jerk- you know your typical traits of a bad boy. There's much more to him though, and he hardly shows that side, afraid he will suffer again for the third time. Relationship with his family is tense but not with Rin, his little sister, and Rei, his older brother. Being a vampire means having supernatural abilities, such as: teleporting, moving in the speed of light, able to read people's mind, speak into their minds, manipulating them to say/do things they don't want, etc. Normally, he does not care for humans and dislikes him but after meeting Miku, his opinion changes...not. He teases her, threatens and blackmail her when things don't go according to what he wants, but he is vulnerable to her tears. The thought of a human affecting him so much truly frightens him but he does not show it.

•Expected Chapters: 30 chapters

•Summary: Hatsune Miku, a 16 year old, was walking home late one night. While she was walking home, she decided to go to the park, the one where she and her siblings were together like the three musketeers. For her though, it was just bad luck, happening to be there when five, devilish handsome boys, and another group of men that average up to ten. Not knowing what to do, she quickly hid in the forest right next to her and tried stalking her way out. Unfortunately, fate didn't agree with her, ending up more trouble for herself and the five boys. One of them turns out to be Len, the royal heir vampire. What twist and turns will their relationship be as she drowns herself deeper and deeper into the world of vampires after being kidnapped by him?

•Warning: Inappropriate subjects mention. It's clearly not meant for a younger audience below 13 to read. This will probably be the story that can actually compete with BOTWG on the storyline. This storyline is just as intense as the BOTWG. I'm not too sure if you guy can tell, but in that fanfiction, we are reaching towards darker as the more chapters are added. Anyway, there might be some horror in here [I'm not too sure, so if you guys can't handle horror, please don't read it. If you guys dare think about vampires as a cheesy thing, don't. This ain't some sparkling vampire shit. It's the real thing, and it's how vampires are. They are freakin murderous!

•Expected to be release: October [Just to get that scary feeling *wink wink]

•Actively working on it: No

•Progress [-%]

[Vocaloid] Rainy Days (LenxMiku)

•Genre-Romance, Drama, Humor, Friendship

•Inspired by: Believe Me, I'm Lying [ may sound exactly like it but trust me when you read it, it's really a heck lot different from the story.] Please check this story out! You can find it on watt-pad; very amazing and cute story!

•Hatsune Miku: 17 years old and already her life has taken a downfall. Whenever it is rainy, something bad seems to happen. Like her mother and father were murder on a day where it was raining. Rainy days are bad luck for her. Having to take care of herself at the age of 15, she tries to find job to survive with her younger brother, which tells that she is a very independent and hardworking girl. Not to mention the fact that she is very intelligent because when she had enough money to purchase an apartment, she meets Akaito, her neighbor who is in college. (Basically she is home-school by him). She is a kind-heart girl and always want to help someone [but knows when to not go overboard]. The only relative she has left is her uncle, who is the principal of a very rich school made for talents...but it is also a school of delinquents. He offers her as job as a teacher, who is more than delighted to accept it however they must keep her age a secret. Especially from Len...but...that won't be so hard, right?

•Kagamine Len: 18 years old and he is living the time of his life. Being part of a gang (not to mention he's the gang leader), he takes control over everything, eh? Wrong, his rivalry is Kagene Rei, the other gang's leader. With tension between them so threatening and dangerous, the people always try to set them far away. But being in the same homeroom really makes it hard. He's cold to everyone and doesn't give a damn about anyone. He has a huge ego and a confident smirk to add it up, making him the perfect bad boy those girls always fawn over. Though, girls never try to go near him because his presences tells them 'go home and die.' When they get a new homeroom teacher, Len doesn't like it at all, and he tries to get her fire but then ends up finding something that sends a huge grin up his face.

•Expected Chapters: 24-30 chapters

•Summary: Miku has been struggling with money to survive when her parents were murder. Refusing to be put in a foster home, she tries her best to find jobs but ends up hopeless. That is until one day, her uncle stops by and offers her a job at his school meant for the rich and talented people. Problem? It's also a school of delinquents. On her first day of work, she happens to run into students that were beating a kid up. Later on, she found out it was from the order of Len, the leader of that gang. She knew from the beginning he was trouble and that she had to stay away from him. It's quite impossible when you happen to be the homeroom teacher and meaning you would be stuck with him the whole time. She has to keep her profile low, really low, but what happens when she runs into him at the supermarket, only for him to find out her secret? BLACKMAIL I TELL YA!!!

Expected to be release: August

•Actively working on it: No, not yet but will do at five minutes

•Progress: [-%]

[Vocaloid] Who send Love Letters these days? (LenxMiku)

•Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama

•Summary: Miku is a girl who is trying to be brave enough to confess her love to Kagene Rei, the Prince and Number one Player of Vocaloid High. She falls in love with him when he saved her and ever since that day, her eyes always linger on him. Her friends suggested she should give a love letter to him. The thought of it made Miku scoffed but she did it anyway. However, she ended up slipping the letter to a different desk. Curse her. She ended up putting in Len's desk, the principal's son and delinquent who is rumor to be part of a gang. If she thought Len was going to let her go, she should think again...

•Expected to be release: August

•Actively working on it: No

•Progress: [-%]




These are way to contacting me...Well Tumblr is more of way for me to contact you guys. You can tell me any suggestions or questions revolving around my fanfictions on there. I go on it everyday so the message will be replied immediately, if not later on that day. Please, if you guys have any suggestions for the fanfiction, please do! Ideas are always welcome and I will always credit you guys for it! As you can tell, my tumblr blog is weird but oh who the heck cares rofl.

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It took one glance for Miku to know who that cold, arrogant guy is the Water God. Tall and muscular physique with gunmetal blue eyes that have many untold stories, it's so hard to turn away from him. And it's even more difficult when the beans spill she is the new bride of the man she despises the most!
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