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I'm actually going to set this up properly. Heh. What a challenge.


I'm just a kid who lives in Australia. Yes, that means I add extra u's to words and s's will become z's and z's will become s's ETC. I tend to get confused though because I read waaaaaaaaay to many American-written novels. I like humour/comedy, sci-fi, romance, fantasy and school life. I hate yaoi, ecchi, yuri and hentai. I'm a gemini, the twin horoscope, usually meaning I have two personalities (and I do?hjdjdhjdd Yandere and tsundere =u= Let's nickname Yandere - YanYan and Tsundere - Sunsun 8D). I like to be sarcastic.

I LOVE THE KAGAMINE TWINS. Dude. It just made me love barbie-look-a-likes even more o`vo Most stories will be Vocaloid based and usually RinxLen. Why? Because I can't be stuffed to write about others =C=v /dedicatedrinlenfan

I write just for fun. IDC if I have sad grammar and punctuation. I was never good in that English department. I get A's in spelling, derp. I'm a B student in English overall, to be honest. I have trouble trying to please teachers. I usually end up getting B all over my report cards ;w; Sometimes I get an A or two or a C or two. DEPENDS. I really don't get mathematics. I'm more of a science/art/LOTE/home ec/IT/graphics person. I'm afraid of machines in workshop. AND I HATE EXPOSED MACHINERY. I will never crawl under a car. I might pee myself. /isastrangeperson

P.S. I'm only a freshman in highschool. orz.


LLOOOOOOVVEEEEEEEE I'm going to rewrite Rin's POV later. I read it the other day and was like; i w i wtf... SO, rewriting it, soon. I'll update this once I've actually started writing it. Once I finish rewriting the chapter, I'll think about Len's POV. /butallthisreallydependsonhowbusyIam

Banana Pyjamas, Irony and Video Games - Working on chapter 6 at the moment. I'm trying to make it longer. I'm literally over the moon about how many reviews this has gotten, despite the fail humour/randomness/poor grammar/punctuation throughout the story. You guys have been so supportive. If I get 50 reviews on the story before/when I finish it, I promise I'll write Rin's POV (of course, it'll be a separate story. So keep your eyes peeled once I have announced that I'm writing it/etc. Only 19 more reviews to go *is counting* TwT I'll try to update as much as possible when school starts up again. Expect an update maybe every fortnight, once a week or maybe if I'm going good - twice?


Okay, so here are a few of my stories I am thinking/typing up. If you want, send me a message or whatnot if you want to suggest some ideas? Some stories may not have a title. Yet.

Untitled - A story basically about Rin and Len; two step-siblings and a year of their lives. Crazy friends try pairing them up, obsessive Miku stalking the ice-cream man and Luka likes tuna. What else? Pairings: RinxLen (not incest), MikuxKaito, LukaxGakupo and other Vocaloid pairings(?).

Untitled - (idea was suggested by 1233457) Rin is a pervert and loves Len - a tsundere! Len has feelings for her also... but refuses to show them. Will Len confess to the perverted and silly Rin? TBC... Needs to brainstorm more o_o

Other stories will be put up here as I decide whether they'll interest people or not.

My inspirations and such are the following favourite stories/authors. Please check them out~ otherwise your fridge will be empty.

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Vocaloid - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 7,245 - Reviews: 104 - Favs: 105 - Follows: 114 - Updated: 9/9/2010 - Published: 7/30/2010 - Rin K., Len K.
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Banana Pyjamas, Irony and Video Games reviews
One day, a very, very long time ago, I woke up in my banana pyjamas. Then, all the Llamalians that attend my school - which is everyone excluding me - decided to hate my guts. WOOT WOOT. I am Len Kagamine and I hate Miku Hatsune. LenxRin maybe MikuxKaito
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