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(Aug 5, 2007)
Do not fear! I will try to update Dangerously Sixteen. I've taken too long of a hiatus on my stories and I am deeply sorry. I will be attending university as a freshman this fall and I'm anxious but excited all jumbled up together! Anyway, you are free to contact me through email or by AIM. Also, please click on the blingo link below:) FYI, from the looks of the chapters for Dangerously Sixteen, it will most likely go over 50 chapters... :D

(Jan 31,2007)
Hey :) I'm going to TRY to update Dangerously Sixteen and the other fanfiction. I got my first semester finals over with, but I still want to concentrate in school.

I'm pretty much a laid back person, but I can be very cranky when I'm stressed. (my friends know what I'm talking about) I love writing, especially since I'm a lover of soap operas, I love concocting original dramatic ideas. Of course, all of my ideas in my stories are merely for entertainment and to increase awareness of the issues that teenagers encounter. I confess--I am a lover of reviews. They are what keep my stories going because I appreciate constructive crticism and also encouragement. In order to improve my writing skills, I believe that an honest feedback is what does the trick.

Do not be discouraged if my stories are not updated in your expected "update calendar." I am a human being and have occasional writer's block, and also am a Senior! in high school. Fanfiction is merely an outlet for myself to write whatever I have on my mind and wish to communicate with other readers through my stories. Of course, you probably have read, (I highly recommend) my current fiction "Dangerously Sixteen." This is one of my favorites to write because the characters are all interconnected with each other in an emotional state. Sometimes I think of it as my own little soap opera that I write in my spare time.

Feel free to send me messages through the "reply" and "send message" link above my profile of your feedbacks. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings if you send me a harsh criticism. It's of one's reflection and of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions, yes? Whether it's an encouragement or a "flame," it will not have any effect on the possibilities if my stories will be updated or not.

PS. I accept anonymous readers; they deserve the privilege to voice their opinions as well.

:D Eva


AIM: cherri x berrie
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(Updated 1/31/2007)
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