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Welcome to the revision of my profile/account!

My hiatus is kind of over now, I suppose! While I wasn't necessarily gone, I was just not writing! I... read a ton from here though. I won't be posting stories/porn constantly, but I certainly will be writing! Every so often, I just get the desire or the idea to write out something... usually write out the idea. So, here and there, you'll see me active outside of just reading others' things!

I also want to apologize to like.. literally ALL OF YOU. Everyone that is a fan or friend of mine or just like my content and is also an author/writer here yourself of porn content (mostly Pokemon), there is always that possibility that I have encountered a story of yours and read it! More than likely enjoyed it! But I leave no reviews literally EVER! For that, I apologize to all of my fellow authors, but I simply just... well don't feel like it! Most of the time it's because I access this site from my 3DS and getting to sign in alone is kinda annoying. And I HATE leaving anonymous reviews because a lot of Anons can be... quite the jerks while plenty can be major sweethearts too, and I just don't like being Anon myself if I can help it! But y'all are all great, keep up yer great work, go at what you love, and don't stop what makes you happy!

That aside, I am active once more, like, sporadically active. Find me posting here and there some sort of porn between Super Mario and Pokemon with the possible occasional this and that else. But... since I'm at this, how about a little "About Me" segment!

Online Name: Mr. Puffy Buns
Species: River Otter
Gender: Male
Orientation: Pansexual (male preference)
Age: 19
Personality: Slutty, submissive, and very horny

I'm a rather chubby, girly, sensitive fellow with a huge passion for sex and a hobby for cock. Simply put: I'm a slut. It's that simple. I LOVE sex, in character and IRL, say what you want but you can't tell me what is what. If we're cool and good buddies, chances are, I may or may not wanna put your dick in my mouth :U

I'm also rather lonely and... empty inside. I talk a lot about guys and do a lot of gay things but.. secretly, I wish I had a lovely female friend to hang out with and possibly do the pleasuring do with. I AM SUCH A LONELY FAG.

My slutty nature aside, my actual hobbies include drawing art (porn), writing stories (porn) and playing video games! I play Nintendo with bits of Steam, simple as that. I also love to stream drawing and playing mah games, so if y'all are interested in anything of mine outside the written works, I'll leave plenty links below and feel free to give me a hello or anything! I can't exactly leave y'all updates here on if I'm streaming or anything, HOWEVER, I can leave those updates on Tumblr and FurAffinity if anyone would be interested! Just check my blog for the post/link or check my FA's recent journals for any stream links or... just anything!


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Tumblr (Main Blog)
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I am a competitive Super Smash Bros. series player. If you'd like to join me for competitive OR friendly battles, feel free to add me and PM me your Nintendo Network ID (for Wii U) and/or Friend Code (for 3DS). We can also play a lot other shet like Mario Kart and stuff.

NNID: Zorua X
NNID (alt.)* CottonOtter
3DS: 3609-1079-1897
3DS XL: 1993-9908-8466

*The alternate NNID is for streaming times ONLY

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