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Author has written 14 stories for Batman Beyond, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, G. I. Joe, Sorcerer's Apprentice, 2010, and Avengers.

Hello everyone! I'm Last-Babylonian and I want to thank everyone for reading my stories. I decided to start a fanfiction account because, well, I love fanfics! If anyone has any suggestions for stories that I can write that are in the few areas that I write then please feel free to inform me of them. A few things that are interesting about me is that I'm wiccan, I'm addicted to pineapple and sugar snap peas (at least they're not drugs lol), and I love to watch NCIS and Star Trek. I have a bratty cat named Lil' Miss that likes to attack dogs and has succeeded multiple times. Some of my likes are tea, books, writing, role playing, singing, and reading books while in my pajamas. Some of my dislikes are preps, annoying people that think they're better then everyone, drama, stupid people, most jocks (I have a few jock friends), horror movies, and wannabe know-it-alls.

Fanfics that I shall be writing for are as followed (if anyone has suggestions for me to include then I might look into it, no promises though)


1.) Batman Beyond

2.) G.I.Joe (any version)

3.) X-Men Evolution


1.) G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra

2.) X-Men

3.) Sorcerer's Apprentice

4.) Avengers


1.) Yu Yu Hakusho

TV Shows

1.) Big Bang Theory

2.) Stargate Atlantis

3.) Criminal Minds

4.) CSI: New York

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any rights to the various characters of the TV shows/Movies/Anime/Manga etc. that I have listed. I only own the characters that I have created and listed below. I am making no profit from these stories.

Now it's time to introduce you to a few of my OCs!


1.) (My brother's character) Cyan Burnett (Highlander): Commando officer. He's 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 135 lbs and is 26-years-old. He has short brown spikey hair, and has blue eyes. He's typical attire consists of; black cargo pants, combat boots, olive green muscle shirt with a tan short-sleeve over shirt with a celtic knot on the back (triquetra). He's typically seen with his claymore. He is Lady Jaye's younger brother and she takes pride in her job of making fun of him, but he normally has a few comebacks of his own. His personality is dependent on the situation. While on his mission it's seriousness all the way, off times, that's a whole nother story. Some of the things he likes are; sparring with Snake Eyes (that's always fun), kicking butt, and playing video games with Ripcord. Some of his dislikes are; Cobra lackeys, bad food, and family reunions.

Batman Beyond

1.) Isis Kyle (Catwoman): Granddaughter of Selina Kyle, she sets out to re-create Catwoman as a vigilante rather then a criminal. She is 5 feet 6 inches weighs around 110 lbs and is 16-years-old.She has waist length blonde hair and amber eyes. She has been partially spliced in that she has the senses of a cat, which gives her an advantage over others. Her outfit consists of; a racer back orange shirt, black skirt, and orange knee-high boots. Her Catwoman outfit is a black,long sleeve leathered belly shirt (which shows off her belly button piercing), flare-leg black leather pants, and black leather boots, and her mask is a simple eye mask. Her weapon of choice is similar to her Grandmother's, but with a twist; a electrified whip and steel retractable claws. She's a bit of a "space cadet" in that she is always off in "la la land" during class, but when she's in the middle of a fight she's always focused. Her likes are; anything dealing with the Egyptian Goddess Bast, messing with Batman's emotions (though she truly does like him), cat naps. Her dislikes are, Dana Tan (she has a picture of her with darts in it), Nash Nelson, and small spaces.

2.) (My brother's character) Lance Talbain (Shadow): A family trained ninja, he moves to Gotham in hope of helping Batman clean it up. He's 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 125 lbs. He has a shoulder length blonde hair which is pulled back into a ponytail, and piercing black eyes. His everyday attire is a black short sleeve shirt with a grey vest, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. His ninja attire is, a face mask (think of Kakashi from Naruto), a black body suit with hidden pockets on the legs, grey sash at the waist, and has an arsenal containing throwing stars and tonfas (blade that runs the length of the arm and is controlled by wrist movements). Out of uniform, Lance is a bit prankster, especially towards the jocks. In uniform he has the concentration of a true ninja master. His likes are; pizza, Maxine Gibson, and training. His dislikes are; jocks, Dana Tan, and Mad Stan (won't he ever quit!)

Yu Yu Hakusho

1.) Trixera (Trixie) Blackrown: The last remaining lightning demon, though she doesn't know that. An organization known as "The Hunters", killed her entire species, but kept her alive to see if they can "re-educate" her into human standards. She is 5 feet 5 inches, 105 lbs, and 16-years-old, with mid-back length black hair and battery blue eyes. She is a trained archer and is able to use a bow that's almost as tall as her. The only constant in her wardrobe is the floor length, hooded vest with "The Hunters" symbol on the back. She is classified as "rogue" when she abandons her team because she couldn't kill a lost demon. She is a curious type of person who is always wanting to learn more. Her likes are thunderstorms, reading, and practicing her archery. Her dislikes are not knowing things, hot temperatures, and people argueing.

X-Men Evolution

1.) Piper Langley (Gremlin): At the age of 5, Piper learned that her body produces a lot of electricity, and while her parents had no problems with it, the rest of her hometown did. So she and her family moved to a small little town where no one knew who they were. When she turned 15, Professor Xavier told her and her family about his school. Agreeing, she packed her bags and moved to Bayville. She has a few problems making friends with the rest of the X-kids, only because of her quick tongue and sarcastic comments. However she makes good friends with the Brother Hood and helps them to remodel their house. Her outfit consists of flare-leg jeans with yellow duct tape on one knee, a yellow tank top with a black hoodie unzipped, and black high-tops. Her X-Men uniform is made of non-conducting material and is black with yellow streaks going along it. At 5 feet 3 inches, she fits her nickname Gremlin perfectly, and weighs 85 lbs, with short spikey black hair with yellow streaks. Her likes are techno music, magnetizing the jocks lockers, and freaking out cheerleaders. Her dislikes are preps, homework, and P.E class.

2.) (My brother's character) Conner McKnight (Hybreed): His powers first activated at the age of 14 when he wanted to fly with the birds. He can transform himself into any werebeast of the animal kingdom. When Pr(My brother's character) Conner McKnight (Hybreed)ofessor Xavier came to him at age 17 with the offer to join his school, he jumped at the chance to meet others like him. He has a thing for strong women which immediately drawn him to X-23 (must be the animal in him.) When he transforms into a beast he has not tried he has to resist the natural instincts of said beast for a moment. His outfit consists of black shorts, a grey tank top with a small X on the shoulder, and black Naruto style sandals (his outfit can stretch and shrink to fit his form.) His height is 6 feet 2 inches making a him a giant in comparison to some of his friends. His likes are meat, X-23, and his friends. His dislikes are jerks, Sentinals, and Jean and Scott's drama (When will it end!)

X-Men the Movies

1.) (This is my sister's OC)Alessandra Thanatos (Artemis to only a few): She has remarkably been alive for 2000 years due to her ability to rapidly heal, even though she despises that ability. She is also able to fly and has super strength. She is 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 125 lbs. She has curly dark brown that is a couple inches below her shoulders and she normally wears it down and has brown eyes. She has been called a cold person, but that’s only by the people who do not know her well enough to think differently. Due to her being alive for so long, her outlook on the world has become somewhat cynical and cold and she almost despises how humanity acts. However, she is heavily devoted to her friends and extremely protective of her children and will even protect them from herself. She has had seven children in her life but now only two are still alive. She’s a casual drinker and smokes during high stress times. One of her ways of calming down is to stand outside during rain storms. She is neither an X-Men nor a Brotherhood member. She is a good friend to Professor Xavier, however she is a closer friend to Magneto.

G. I. Joe Rise of Cobra

1.) Hayley Rosenfield (Haywire): WATCH OUT! That is the most common phrase shouted through the Pit when the 23-year-old Haywire comes up with a new weapon. Weapons designer beyond imagination, she has earned her right to be a joe...with her own lab. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and full of nothing but energy. She has mid-torso length, straight blonde hair that has traffic cone orange streaks in it and bright blue eyes. Her typical attire has to have something obnoxiously bright and loud. She's normally wearing dark wash flare jeans with a shirt that has some miscellaneous saying in bright colors with high top converses in any color. Her favorite shirt is a tank top that has caution tape all over it. Her lab door has the sign that says "The likelihood of you being in pain if you enter is higher than normal". Her lab itself has so many things scattered around it that it looks like a disaster area, which it probably is. She is constantly bouncing from one project to another, but when it comes to something for the Alpha Team, she always completes a project. Her likes are explosions, new technology, and insulting Cobra tech. Her dislikes are, a clean lab, Cobra stealing her ideas, and whiny costomers.

Sorcerer's Apprentice

1.) Charley Wittleton: She’s going to college in hopes of becoming a well known artist. At the age of 19 she’s well on her way. She is 5 foot 5 inches and weighs around 115 lbs. with mid-back brown hair and electric blue eyes. She’s an apprentice to a Sorcerer who is neither a Morganian nor a Merlinian, but loves to use magic. Her and Dave hit it off because they both believe that magic isn’t everything, so they are often caught skipping training sessions to live their normal college lives. Charley loves to wear skinny jeans with knee high boots, a solid color tank with a jacket that matches her boots, and feather jewelry. Her likes are art, street performances, and thunderstorms. Her dislikes are homework, dress/skirts, and magic lessons.


1.) Josetta (Josie) Barker: She is the God-Daughter of Bruce Banner. She is 22-years-old with mid-back length, slightly wavy, dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is 5 foot 6 inches and weighs 110 lbs. She is brought under S.H.I.E.L.D protection due to an attack on her from their enemies. She is just your every day, average human with strong artistic talents. She likes the vintage style of clothing and typically makes her own clothes. She's fairly shy and soft-spoken, but will shout if she has to. She takes up the responsibilities of cooking and cleaning for the Avengers, feeling that she needed to do something other then sit around. Although most of the guys complain about the lack of meat in some of her dishes. Her likes are antiques, sketching, and running. Her dislikes are messes, crowds, and thunderstorms.

2.) Audrey Lake: An average civilian trying to make a living with her only son and no husband. She is 24-years-old with mid-back length, straight, brown hair with bangs and green/blue eyes. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 125 lbs. She had her son at 18-years-old and the father was never part of the picture. She works full time at a library and always makes sure that she has time for her son. She is optimistic and always finds something good about anything. She likes the domestic side of life. Things like cooking and cleaning are things she enjoys doing and makes sure that her son learns to do similar things. She dislikes dirty kitchens, incorrectly shelved books, and rude people.

3.) Lucas Lake: He is the 6-year-old son of Audrey Lake and is nothing but pure energy. He loves making up fantasies and playing pretend. He inherited his mother’s love for reading and finds TV to be a waste of time and kills imagination. He loves to draw and is always trying to capture his ideas on paper. He is 3 feet 5 inches and weighs 45 lbs. with his mother’s brown hair and green/blue eyes. He helps his mom in the kitchen and with smaller chores around the house. He is like any other little boy and tries to sneak sweets when his mom isn’t looking. He likes to run around and play outside, comic books, and action figures. He dislikes thunderstorms, homework, and baths.

Criminal Minds

1.) Babs Hopper: Attractive, smart, and could care less about what people say about her and her attire or profession. As the owner of a popular bar in the DC area, she's used to the feds that come in to let off some steam and talk to someone who won't judge them. With long blonde hair, light brown eyes, and standing at 5 feet 7 inches without heels and 135 lbs (Picture a human version of Minerva Mink from Animaniacs), she has no difficulties making you leave her bar without a fight. Being so used to listening to other's problems, she herself has gained quite the talent for profiling and reading other peoples body language. Her likes are cooking, coming up with new cocktails, and making people smile no matter what it takes. Her dislikes are drunk, loud idiots, whiny patrons, and slow nights.

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