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Good Day/Afternoon/Evening to you all, allow me to introduce myself I am Necrotimer and if that name is too off putting then you can call me Timeless ;)

Birthday: January 21

Gender: Male

Quote: Times Up

Hobbies: Reading, Playing (Cards, Video Games, Pool, Bowling, Ping-pong)

Favorite Music Genres: Classic, Techno, Jazz, J-music

Things I Hate: cigar smoke, egotistical people, animal abuse, bad jokes, those who hurt my friends and/or family, most of all those who use others for personal gain, prefect.

I've gone under different names before now, to name a few they were Desert Mammoth, Dimentio D, HangedManXII, etc. But the name I am using now makes life and reviewing much easier then keeping track of my multiple past identities' comments/reviews.

Something I would like to say not much just a tiny bit of advice to everyone out there, and that is Believe in what you want, just don't try and force others to believe in it. Many times I have seen people trying convince others that what they believe in is the right choice and that everyone else is wrong, people there is no such as the absolute one true answer.

An explanation of my hatred for 'prefect' or in other words people deemed as prefect. Those who brag about being prefect are really fooling themselves with a grand delusion that they have become someone who is better then everyone else in the world and at everything, this is impossible because with one simple quote I can easily sum up what others could explain in multiple paragraphs "there is always someone better" no matter how good you are one day you will meet some who while outclass you. When this happens don't hate them but instead respect them and let them inspire you to better yourself, because remember they beat you because they were faster, stronger, smarter, or some other way better then you why because they tried and failed an uncountable number of times to reach the for lack of a better word level they are at now which means you can also reach they level and maybe someday pass them, but don't forget there could very well be someone waiting for you at that level and also others who are trying to catch up to you from past encounters (this does not apply to just fights or sports but to jobs and life itself).

Everything in this universe has imperfections you, me, the very earth we walk on, I know there are those who shake the heads in rejection of this but its true. The dilemma is that trying to create something prefect is a valid one, but with all the effort one puts into reaching this goal is one will not reach it on the first try or maybe even the hundredth try, there will be something that makes the results ALMOST prefect but not prefect. Now before people begin to label me as being negative you must remember that there is a reason mistakes are just as, if not more important then attaining 'prefect' results. Mistakes show something that can be made better that can be made prefect, beware for when you fix one mistake it could give way to another and another which will need fixing as well. Do not let this discourage you for those who start something and weather all the mistakes, trials, and repeats one day you might very well find that you have done it you have created something prefect, if not there could be someone who will find after you giving up or passed away and their work will be based on what you did, your efforts live on and influence the creations of the next group of people who seek to create something that just might be deemed that elusive level simply know as Prefect.

A great man has past away and this is my good bye to him:

M any try to be remembered.
O nly a few succeed.
N othing hurts more then a life lost.
T o say goodbye is painful.
Y ou will be missed.

O ur lives are short.
U ntil we meet again.
M ay you be happy wherever you are.

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