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Author has written 10 stories for Star Fox, My Little Pony, Ultraman, Gamera, and Robotech/Macross.

Favorite Super Hero: Ultraman (SHUWATCH!)

Favorite Genre: Scifi, Horror, and Comedy

Favorite author: Stephen King and Dean Koontz

Favorite actors: Susumu Karobe, and Keegan Michael Keys

Favorite hobbies: Video games, bad scifi movies, and writing

Favorite food: Oriental

Favorite place to grow up: Japan (spent six years of my childhood there.)

Occupation: Soldier of the United States Army

Place I'd rather be right now: anyplace but IRAQ!!! I freakin' hate it here, after serving only six months worth of my deployment. (I have a twelve month tour, so I'm halfway done, but STILL!!)

Note. I have just finished writing the final chapter in part one of the Ultra Chronicles. It took a while, since there was a change of command going on, and my new boss is a bit of a tight-ass, so I won't be allowed to bring my laptop in to work anymore. However, this will not stop me from completing the Chronicles. Enjoy, 'Star Fox, the Ultra Chronicles: Awakening', and look forward to 'Star Fox, the Ultra Chronicles: Duties'!!

Update!! I'm almost done with my tour!! Only two more months to go, before I leave this God-forsaken country!! God, I'd just wish that time would move faster! Duties is more than halfway done, and for those who have been reading, thank you. It isn't often that a soldier has time to find something he likes to do, while on tour. I'm not doing this for the attention, or the limitless readers who always criticize and put people down, I'm doing this, because I want to. Other soldiers are reading my stuff, and they like it. Of course, reviews from other people would be awesome, but right now, I'm doing this for the passion.

Okay, a LOT of things have happened since I updated this thing. Over a FREAKING year has passed, so here's the short version 'ahem'. I got back from Iraq, spent time with family on Christmas, got shifted to a new company, went to Gunnery to shoot my tank, hated Gunnery with a passion, came back, and spent the Fourth of July with my friends. That's the short version of what happened within the year. Now, I need to update the Kaiju/Seijin profile, so that should be fun.

Wow, how long has it been this time? Well, I'm officially out of the Army, honorably discharged mind you, started a sequel to the Ultra chronicles while working on cross-overs with both Tigapower and Supermarioforever2, and am now just counting down the days till I get in college. I've updated the Kaiju/Seijin to include the monsters from the sequel, 'Ultraman, Advent of Darkness'.

Ultra Chronicles Kaiju/Seijin Update.

Dark Breed: A dark entity from an unknown place, this malevolent force takes the form of a demon from Terran religion. It has the ability to possess other entities, and put thier souls into a prison- type plane of existence, based off of the world that the possessed lives in. It has an energy based attack, but the full extent of its power, is of yet unknown. Destroyed by Spacium Kousen

Deukellion: A complete model of the spyborg that the Star Fox team defeated during the Lylat Wars, the Deukellion has the same type of weapon systems, as its incomplete counterpart, with the exception of the abdominal missile, which has enough force to take out a fully armed and armored war cruiser. However, it does suffer a draw-back; when it went up against Ultraman Jim, its hand-to-hand capabilities were seriously lacking, barely able to land a blow, unless assissted. Destroyed by Spacium Kousen.

Bemstar (cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): The fearsome energy absorbing space hawk, known all over the galaxy as a terrible brute, Bemstar travels through space, absorbing matter and energy in all thier foms. Its pentagon shaped abdomen, serves as an energy-collecter, absorbing almost any type of energy, from plasma to Spacium. However, it cannot take large objects, as Star Fox and Ultraman Jim found out. Cunning, relentless, and ruthless, Bemstar is a foe to be reckoned with. Killed by Spacium Kousen/Nova Bomb combo.

Doragon: A genetically engineered nightmare, Doragon was created to be a mindless murderer, of which it excelled; taking pleasure in inflicting pain, suffering, and anguish, the giant arthropod shows no mercy to its victims, as it more than likely does not even know the meaning of the term. Even able to put Jim on the ropes, its scythes can go through steel like butter, and its optic blasts are capable of destroying just about anything. Tied to Jim's mysterious past, it seems to remember having fought the alien warrior, before. Killed by Spacium Kousen

Keronia(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.) Seijin: A race of plant-men originating on Earth, originally thought to have been wiped out by Ultraman Hayata. Using thier advanced technology to step out into outer space, the malevolent race must have drifted from planet to planet, draining the inhabitants dry of blood, to keep themselves alive, and have now stumbled across the Lylat System, or did they?

Keronia(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.) Kaiju: A larger version of the seijin type, towering at a colossal fourty meters, the vampirric plant can feel no pain, as is evident as it kept on getting back up, no matter how many times Ultraman Jim bashed it around. It has even showed a resistence to Specium energy, just like its predecessor. And like its predecessor, it has the ability to shoot energy beams from its eyes. Killed by Ultra Attack Beam

Angorian: A mindless geneticaly engineered terror, Angorian was sent by an unknown scientist who has taken an interest in the Ultra, to gauge his strength. The test ended in failure, as Angorian was bested by Ultraman. Aside from its strength, and long reach, the fish-like kaiju has the ability to bring up its powerful digestive fluids into a special sac, located just behind the throat. It then contracts the sac suddenly, sending a powerful spray of a highly corrosive solvent, that can eat its way through anything. Even Ultraman felt its power, through his armor like exterior. Killed by own acid, when Ultra Barrier wrapped around its head.

Shaplay(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.) Siejin: An alien race, coming from a world far away, they have invaded the Lylat System. Making thier first stop at Macbeth, they had hoped to mine the planet, of its rich supply of Otonium ore, which gives them thier power of illusions and hypnotism. Thier transformation is comtrolled by a certain metal badge, that when destroyed, automatically makes them revert to thier true form. However, they have a very dangerous weapon, in the form of Giradorus.

Giradorus(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): A bio-weapon created by the Shaplay aliens, Giradorus was brought to Macbeth to aid in mining Otonium, and to be a watch-dog as well. Standing at fourty meters at the shoulder, it has two gigantic limbs that it moves on, using its large, tusked head as its main weapon. However, should the need arise, it can call upon its most startling power: it has the ability to call upon blizzards. With winds strong enough to knock even Ultraman around, it took team Star Fox to knock the blizzard controlling tusks out of commission, allowing Ultraman to put an end to the Shaplay weapon. Killed by Spacium Kousen

Babalu(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.) Siejin: A malevolent alien who came from a dark galaxy in some remote part of space, he lives for nothing more than for the torment of others. After his favorite stomping grounds, Earth, was destroyed, he went throughout the cosmos, searching for a suitable world. He found Corneria, and looks down upon its inhabitants as 'inferior animals', comparing them, even to humans. His ablities include, but not limited to, a forearm blaster, super human strength, and the ability to create near-perfect disguises.

Galdon(cc by Nintendo):A hybrid of both Reptile and insect, Galdon was beaten once before by Fox and Prince Tricky, when they saved Sauria from General Scales and Andross. Possessing an extremely hard exoskeleton, Galdon can take most kinds of punishment, as well as dishing it, in the form of its powerful arms, and destructive energy blasts. However, even its hard shell was no match when Jim converted to his new, more powerful form. Killed by Giga-Spacium Kousen

Dark Faust(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): An Ultra who has fallen to darkness, Faust was previously thought to have been destroyed by another Ultraman. Faust is cunning, sadistic, and has a detestable attitude for what he considers 'lower life forms'. He was brought to the Star Fox reality by the entity known as Gorzul, to take on Jim, aka Ultraman Zenith. His powers include bending light around himself, to blend into the background, dark-energy blasts, and the Dark Cluster, in which Faust gathers his dark-energy into a single ball, launches it straight up, and then it explodes, sending down a storm of dark-energy onto the surrounding area, devestating all it touches.

Kyra: A genetic freak created by the godd Dr. Addleson, the poor brute was once a normal lab assisstant, until twisted into the doctor's first step into perfecting the ultimate lifeform. Possessing incredible strength and stamina, he went toe to toe with Ultraman Zenith. However, even his brute force was no match for the Ultra's superior fighting skill, and was brought down soundly. Killed by Ultra Hurricane combo.

Alpha-twelve: Addleson's latest in his twisted creations, the clone of Ultraman Zenith has but two things on his mind: Chaos, and ultimatte power. He views Zenith/Jim as more of a rival and an obstacle for him to overcome than anything else. He is sadistic, cruel, and will use anything to his advantage. Looking almost exactly like his progenitor, the only physical difference, is that Alpha-twelve's eyes don't glow like Zenith's does. Boasted to be the ultimate form of life, Zenith/Jim, along with the Star Fox team, were able to put the insane clone down. Beaten by Meganium Kousen

Moloch: One of Dr. Addleson's creations, it was created to withstand the cold vacuum of space, and survive in any environment. Composed of smaller organisms, the small Moloch can come together to form a larger entity. Since it is a colony body made up of smaller individuals, almost any attack dealt to it is rendered useless, a fact that Zenith had to learn the hard way. Killed by Ultra Attack Beam/Spacium Kousen combo

Salamandora(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): A Kaiju from the Ultraverse, and a member of the Six-Monster Army used against Zenith, Salamandora is a fearsome addition. The reptilian Kaiju sports a thick hide, as well as nine tails, and the ability to spit projectiles from its mouth. However, even all of this was not enough to save it from Zenith's might. Decapitated by Zenith Chop

Engler: Another of Addleson's twisted experiments, Engler is a large, insect/mammal hybrid with acid for blood and saliva. It has tremendous strength, and even had Zenith on the ropes for a bit, until the arrival of Ultramen Mebius and Hikari. While Mebius and Hikari dealt with the other monsters, Zenith was able to take care of Engler. Killed by Spacium Kousen

Femigon(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): A Kaiju from the Ultraverse, Femigon is a dragon-like monster that spits fire, and can turn itself into a flaming ball for transportation. Part of the Monster Army beset gainst Zenith and the Star Fox team, Femigon was on the verge of defeating Zenith once and for all, until the arrival of Mebius and Hikari. Hikari fought Femigon, using his own martial-arts prowess to out-do Femigon's own ferocity. Killed by Hikari's Knight Shot

Serazus: A plant monster made by Addleson, why he created it is still unknown. Typical of any plant in that it is virtually immobile, and only the vines coming from the main stalk can move and grasp items, while the blossom head at the top is able to spew a paralyzing pollen. Zenith made short work of the plant when it threatened SLippy and Krystal. Killed by Shredding Halos

Lunatyx(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): A denizen of the Ultraverse. Lunatyx was the monster responsible for the destruction of the Luna race. Brught to the Star Fox realityto kill Ultraman Zenith, Lunatyx along with his Kaiju brethren was on the verge of victory, until the Ultras Mebius and Hikari arrived to help Zenith and the Star Fox team. Mebius dealt with Lunatyx, making short work of the rabbit-like monster. Killed by Mebium Shot

Midoch: An avian monster made by Addleson, this one was beset upon the Star Fox team. Able to catch up to the nimble arwings, Falco and Slippy barely survived it, until the arrival of the Ultras Mebius and Hikari. Once more, Midoch pursued the team, until Hikari put an untimely end to it. Killed by Hikari's Knight Shot

Imperaizer(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): A mechanical monster from the Ultraverse, Imperaizer was used as a vanguard for Kaza-Miin's invasion force on Katina. However, Mebius was with Fox and Slippy at the time, and was able to defeat his old opponent for a second time, before obliterating the invasion fleet. Destroyed by Mebium Burst

Roberger III(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): A cyborg monster from the Ultraverse, Roberger III was recruited by Kaza-Miin to conquer the Lylat System. Destroying the Sargasso Colony himself, Roberger was a force to be feared. Only the legendary warrior, Ultraman Hikari, who had teamed up with Peppy and Falco was able to defeat it, before routing the invasion force in the Meteo Asteroid belt. Killed by Hikari's Knight blade

Death Facer(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): Robot procured by Kaza-Miin, the mad warlord used it himself when dealing with Ultraman Zenith when he was on the planet Sauria. Death Facer is armed with a deadly claw on his right hand, and a gattling gun on his left, while the all-powerful Neo-Maxima Cannon is located on the chest, the weapon being powerful enough to wipe out a small planet. However, with the combined efforts of Zenith and Krystal, the machine, and Kaza-Miin, were destroyed. Killed by Meganium Kousen

Plague: Like its name suggests, Plague is little more than a sentient disease capable of taking over any living thing. It infected a colony on a mining planet, turning every man, woman, and child into its slaves. When Zenith faced it, he nearly suffered defeat, but Ultrawoman Lillith was there to save him, with her medical powers. After that, it was sealed inside of a forcefield and flung into Lylat, never to be seen again. Killed by being hurtled into a star

Ultraman Kronos: A sadistic and cruel Warrior of Light, Kronos is an exceptionally powerful fighter with a grudge against Zoffy. Being ther Ultra Council's right hand man and executioner, Kronos takes great pride, and pleasure, in what he does. After being assigned to the Lylat System to begin preparations to bring back the human race, and killing the existing Lylatian one, he revealed Zenith's true purpose to the Star Fox team, shaking thier belief and trust in him. However, even that was not enough to defeat Zenith, who came armed with the Cerinian Brace for a second bout with the mad Ultra. Even though Zenith defeated Kronos, he still had to deal with the Council of Ultra's deadly secret weapon. Killed by Cerinian Brace Blade

Time Killer: A sentient doomsday weapon used by a long-gone race that the Ultras defeated in ages past, the Council of Light brought the Time Killer to the Lylat System to exterminate the Lylatian Race, and bring back the dead human race in the process. However, armed with the Cerinian Brace, Zenith was able to use the brace to destroy the gigantic weapon, once and for all beforebecoming mortally injured. Killed by Zenithium Dynamite Attack

Metron Seijin(cc by Tsuburaya Pro.): An invader from the Ultraverse, Metron Seijin sought to take over the Lylat System while Zenith was recuperating from his fight with the Council of Light. Armed with a deadly flying saucer, and laser-firing arms, Metron seemed unstoppable, even able to bring the legendary Star Fox team to its knees. However, with the timely intervention of a new and improved Ultraman Zenith, Metron was soon dealt with, and his defeat heralded the return of the Twelf Ultra Brother, Ultraman Zenith! Killed by Meganium Kousen

Dark Zenith: After Zenith was defeated by the Dark Breed Claire by having his energy drained, he fell and became the Dark Ultra, Dark Zenith. Having powers similiar to his original form, Dark Zenith is a force to be feared. He was beset upon the his old team, Star Fox, and even took on Mebius, Hikari, and Zoffy. However, when Krystal used her power as 'The One with the Power of the Soul' to break the spell, Zenith returned to normal, and just in time to face Kebo, who joined him in taking down Corneria.

Kebo: Claire's true form as a Dark Breed, Kebo is an abomination from the Dark Realm. Having added the powers of other denzens from the Ultraverse to her own, she became a force to be feared. However, once Zenith returned to the Light from being a Dark Ultra. He, along with Krystal, were able to overcome this foe. Killed by Meganium Kousen

Andross(cc by Nintendo): The one responsible for releasing Gorzul from his prison in Lylat, the mad scientist sought to use Gorzul as a means for taking over the universe. However, over the years his control over the demon has waned, until during the final battle was it lost, and Andross was finally consumed by Gorzul itself.

Gorzul: The absolute ruler of the Dark Realm, and the leader of the Dark Breed, Gorzul has a grudge against the Ultra Race, who imprisoned it for over an age. Released from its prison by a young Zenith, Gorzul made its way to the Lylat System, where it was again trapped, but was freed by Andross. However, on its homeworld in the Dark Realm, it faced off against Zenith in a final confrontation. Even though it was winning, Krystal combined her power with Zenith's allowing the two to finally strike the final blow against Absolute Evil. However, even though Gorzul was defeated, it will return one day to exact revenge. But, Ultraman Zenith and the Star Fox team will be there to meet it head on like before. Defeated by Ultima Light Burst

Advent of Darkness Kaiju/Seijin

Dark Spewer: After more than a year, Kaiju have shown up once more in Lylat. Used as a weapon in the Anglar Blitz, it utilizes its acid-spewing weapon, the solvent able to dissolve most materials. Zenith was quick to dispatch the beast, little realizing that this was the the beginning of a whole new war. Killed by Mega Spacium Kousen

Dark Brute: As a weapon of last resort on Katina, the Anglars sent this abomination against Zenith in the hopes of killing him. While having great physical strength, it had another power in the form of being able to regenerte its limbs. What's more, it recognized Zenith, even called him out by name as it attacked him in a rage. Killed by Mega Spacium Kousen

Dark Kraken: On the planet Aquas, it was sent by the Anglars to destroy the Cornerian base and take the plnaet for the Anglars. However, it had another agenda; Sent by the Anglars' benefactors, the beast proceeded to poison the planet. Fortunately, it was stopped with the combined efforts of both Star Fox and Ultraman Zenith. Killed by Meganium Kousen

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