The Island of Doctor Me
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Formally known as the Road Warrior, I used to write Resident Evil fan fiction on here a million years ago, but grew tired of it around the same time that Capcom lost there mind... That's a lie I was still writing that shit years after Capcom had gone insane.

Things I like: Stuff, Pie, breathing, calibrations, that one movie about aliens, amoebas, Mass Effect and that Song of Ice and Fire fan fiction made by the same company, zombie unicorns, being a compulsive liar, combustible lemons, money, Jill sandwiches, the metric system and fire.

Things I don't like: going outside, talking to people outside, Stacy (You know what you did!), being a compulsive liar, Literal Hitler's, swooping, evil clones, that dog that keeps staring at me in the neighbours yard, the numbers 5 through to 452.

I will mainly be writing fan fiction of Mass Effect and that fan fiction of Song and Ice and Fire I mentioned before. I will probably continue until I get bored and light my laptop on fire like I did before, which is the real reason I stopped writing fan fiction, apparently Windows 7 doesn't work too well on a pile of burnt out computer chips.

It took me many years to get another laptop because I had to spend all my money on getting my kangaroo Ralph fixed, when you live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland transport is very useful... it also turns out that Kangaroo's don't like fire.