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Well, hello there.
I'm Jamie-Antonija, et j'ai dix et demi ans...fois deux.
(and I'm ten and a half years old...times two.)
I am not actually French, but I am Canadian!

Jamie-Antonija. It's a noun. Look it up. More recently, it has, in its shorter form of 'Jamie', been adapted into a verb, as well. According to Urban Dictionary dot com, 'Jamieing', is to partake in the act of being totally awesome in every conceivable way. No lie.

Now, this is, admittedly, a pretty general, if not slightly biased definition. And so, I shall explain myself further.

I appreciate many things in life; some important, some seemingly insignificant.

First off, I like music. I don't care if it's "good" music or "bad" music.
Most all music has its redeeming qualities.
...unless it doesn't...then I probably don't like it. (My logic kills your logic.)
I happen to be quite fond of musical theatre. Basically, I fucking love musicals.

Movies make up another large part of me. I am full of random and quite frankly useless movie trivia. I am the Scene It? master, and damn proud.
Another thing I'm proud of? My skill when it comes to games of the 'video' variety. I am, to quote a friend of mine, the 'Donkey Kong Mastah', and well as the self-proclaimed champion of Mortal Kombat. It's one of my obsessions...I once, on a coffee Rockstar and pixie stix high, literally ran around my drama class attempting to challenge people to Kombat.

Speaking of my obsessions...there are many. I likely won't list 'em all, but a few need to be mentioned, just because I love 'em so. _

.X Men - Always loved it. The comics, the 90's cartoon, the movies, X Men: Evolution. It's all basically gold. Remy Lebeau was my first fictional character crush as a child. Setting myself up for disappointment at such a young age...pity.

.Batman - Again, something I've loved for as long as I can remember. It started with the movies and cartoons, but I have since come to appreciate Batman comics quite a lot as well. Give me a good anti-hero any day.

.True Romance - This movie doesn't get nearly as much recognition as it deserves. A lot of guys I mention it to figure it's actually a cheesy romance movie, and many of the girls I explain the plot to aren't all that impressed. I am a total sucker for romance, and while it's unconventional, True Romance does a great job of making me go "squee!".

I am generally a strange person, I've been told. I randomly break out into song. A lot (singing is my passion). Most things I say sound like sarcasm (it's just the tone of my voice). I love to write, but have a hard time finishing stories. I read several books at one time. I bite my nails. I have a potty-mouth. I am focused and dedicated, only when I want to be. I don't tolerate idiocy. I sometimes put on random accents for fun. I am an actress, and can cry on command. I am highly emotional, and I am too nice for my own good (if I hurt someone's feelings I feel REALLY bad afterwards).

And that, friends, is your basic Jamie in the proverbial nutshell. You don't get much more like me than I do.

-Jamie-Antonija xoxo

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