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Welcome to the mind of Melody Brandybuck! I'll be your tour guide on this trip through the strange, twisted thing that is my brain. Please keep your hands, feet, tails, and other limbs to yourself, and try not to panic.

First I would like to introduce you to my mini-balrog, Meraidoc. Don't worry, if you behave he won't hurt you. Unless you're a Mary-Sue. If you don't know what a mini-balrog is, go check out Camilla Sandman's Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth. If you don't know what a regular balrog is, go check out Lord of the Rings.

Nexr on our tour, I would like to introduce you to a few of my muses. Yes, my muses have names and faces. Yes, I am weird. Here they are:
My poetry muse: A little fairy called Firefly, also known as Brigitta. She likes to appear at random, sit on my shoulder, and whisper in my ear until I pay attention.
My story muse: The incorporeal Shadow. She inserts full-blown images and ideas into my mind, then lets me try to figure out how to make them connect.
My Harry Potter muse: A tricky little sprite I call Helena. (She hasn't told me her real name.) She likes to vanish randomly, or show up and put extrememly weird ideas in my head, usually during biology.
My humor muse: A strange shape-shifter. She has many shapes and names, including Shannon, Mango Butterfly, and Skittle. She likes to pop up wherever she can. I sometimes call her The Annoying One.

Now we come to my obsessions, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. A few of my favorite characters:
HP: All of the Weasleys, Hermione, Sirius, Remus
LotR: Eowyn, Faramir (from the books), Merry (who doesn't have nearly enough fangirls)

This little section you see now is my pet peeves. These are things I tend to go off on rants about, and get way too overworked about.
*Romance involving incest or large age differences
*Movies that ignore the plot of the book they're based on
*Alphabetical order seating charts
*People who forget that Peter Pettigrew was one of the Marauders too
*Being forced to read The Grapes of Wrath

And here we come to the reality section. Home of any updates and whatever important is going on in my life.
2/2/03 I have finished my midterms. There was an epic struggle, and SATs threatened what little remains of my sanity, but in the end I triumphed.
Unfortunately, life has decided to bite me in the butt. In other words, this is the second semester of my junior year and I really need to devote most of my time to school, not fanfiction. You will probably not see much of me for a while. I'm sorry.

I'll conclude my tour with the quotes and mini-rants section. This is where I express my feelings and share amusing or profound quotes. Enjoy.

"Never send a minion to do a god's work." -Glory (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

"'Not if I found it [the Ring] on the highway would I take it' I said. Even if I were such a man as to desire this thing, and even though I knew not clearly what this thing was when I spoke, still I should take those words as a vow, and be held by them.
But I am not such a man. Or I am wise enough to know that there are some perils from which a man must flee. Sit at peace!...For strange though it may seem, it was safe to declare this to me."
-Faramir, from The Two Towers
If you've seen the movie, you know why I put that there. Stupid PJ. I swear he used an evil clone.

"Never let school interfere with your education."
-Mark Twain

I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you scroll down, you can check out my stories. Thank you for joining me today, and I hope to see you in the reviews. Much love, ~Melody

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