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Name: Jonathan Tyler 'Ty' Bruna

Location: Pennsylvania, in a small town named Bloomsburg ^_^

Age: 13!

Bio: Well, I like random stuff. I have straight blonde hair and blue eyes, and it cheers me up while creeps me out when people say i would've survived the Holocaust.. I have THE. WEIRDEST. friends. But i love them to death! I play violin, and in my strings class is where i find my weird friends, cause every little one of those buggers are psycho! My main hobbies are either writing, watching anime, playing with any of my animals, or drawing! I hope some day in life I either become a chef, an artist, or a writer! So, yeah.. i get picked on a bunch.. im on the short side, and sometimes people depict me as emo (which im not), gothic (eh..), and crazy (that i agree on!). I love my life, and i hope you love yours to!!!



Without Katie: Sadie Clarkson moved away from her best friend in the world, and now is trying to make it in a new school. It's hard not remembering how to make friends for a while, and it's harder keeping them when she finds out all of them have a secret they've been keeping away from her!


Sins of Many: A serial killer ravages through the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island crew. There's some kind of gimick that they follow, leading to the deaths of contestants. They are stuck on the island with the killer; no one can leave. Will everyone die before the serial killer gets karma?

Big Brother: Island: Big Brother takes a turn for their latest seasons: 18 teens in a log house on a remote island located somewhere in Canada. What will happen? Will the 18 contenders be able to handle separation? Or will they give in? Read and find out.

Favorite TD Characters From Worst To Best! :

40: Chris- He's evil in many ways. He's also a sissy. Sure, sometimes his sadistic ways are funny, but most of the time they just get annoying. AND DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO DAKOTA?!?

39: Chef- Same as Chris. The only reason he's further up is because he's a little baby, which is really funny to see!

38: Alejandro- Evil. He got some of my favorite characters out in World Tour, which really made me mad. I think the only excuse he has for being 38 and not last is the fact that he is a comic relief sometimes.

37: Cameron- He's worse than Duncan. He's a big coattailer. No spoilers, but he didn't deserve what he got. (Not in the good way)

36: DJ- I just really don't like the fact that he's a wussy, and that's exactly what got him out all three times. From screaming, to quitting, to relying, he didn't play a good game.

35: Katie- She didn't do much, and she really acted out on emotions rather than sense. I have no idea why people favor her over Sadie. Sadie made it to 15th, while Katie made it 19th. It just shows how much people discriminate against people who might not look as good. That was probably the point in Katie and Sadie's characters.

34: Blaineley- She's not really a good villain. To be honest, even if she did make it from her elimination, she would've been voted off the next day.

33: Duncan- Do I really need to start? He's a bully, he cheated (both ways), and he won. He treated Courtney like dirt, from cheating on her to causing all of her eliminations. It was pretty pathetic. He was mildly interesting though.

32: Scott- He's the worst villain ever. He tries to act smart, when really he's just white trash. The only way he caused so many eliminations was because he was so lucky. Also, eliminating your team? That's really stupid.

31: Staci- I don't hate her, just annoyed by her. If she didn't talk so much about her 'family' then she probably would've lasted some time. She seemed pretty smart. And she was probably really nice too. It was really pathetic how she was the only one to touch the toxic marshmallow.

30: Zoey- Let me tell you this STRAIGHT out. Zoey has no personality, other than being nice. All that she talked about the WHOLE time was Mike. She even- wait, never mind. No spoilers. Anyways, she's really bland.

29: Ezekiel- Whoever said that he never got any development was totally wrong. Do you see who PERSISTENT this guy is?? He even as far to turn into a gollum and risk his own health just for that money. He also doesn't know when to shut up.

28: Justin- Big ol' wussy. He's ALMOST as bad as a villain as Scott. Almost. He did do a good job of getting Trent and Gwen broken up and eliminated, but he didn't really do anything other than that. He thought he was so good that he tried manipulating Courtney, which didn't work out. He's really self- centered.

27: B- Sure, he was smart. But that can only take you so long in a competition, which is what we saw here. If you don't have any will to stay, then you shouldn't be there. B didn't have any will to want to stay when Scott messed up his plan. He didn't do anything to try to stay.

26: Bridgette- I know, I know. Bridgette's nice and all, but I think the only drama's she's been in is the Alejandro thing and the love letter thing. Both only lasted an episode. She was kind of boring, other than that.

25: Geoff- He was a really cool guy, except for his stupidity and his fad for wanting fame. He's really nice to Bridgette, and Bridgette's really nice to him. They make a really good couple, just that they were a boring one.

24: Sierra- She was really funny in World Tour, and it was unfortunate what happened to her. The worst things always happen to the best people. But other than that, she was kind of obsessive, but it was funny. (Most of the time)

23: Lightning- He is kind of funny, from think Jo is a boy to talking in third person, but it was annoying how you expect the Over- Achiever to go far, and it actually happened. But Courtney was a surprise kind of thing. Same with Eva.

22: Trent- He's nice and all, but he got really weird, which is really funny. It kind of was a tearjerker what with the whole TrentxGwenxDuncanxCourtney thing. But sometimes when that's all they have going for them, it's not funny. He was kind of like Zoey, but with the exception of that he actually had development.

21: Owen- Big lovable oaf, except for the fact that he's really disgusting. He's a really funny person, but his character always seems to change. From hinted being gay, to over excited, to making out with Izzy, to trusting Alejandro. Kind of hard to understand and write for.

20: Gwen- Yeah, she's a really cool and nice and sometimes mean character, what with that buttload of development, and it could all be put to good use instead of with the the love triangle she had that was ALWAYS focused more with her. But she was a really good contestant, and I wish she would have won Island.

19: Sadie- She's a really nice person, and I just wish that they would have used her more. She and Katie had a big thing that was going for them; same with Eva. If they actually got a chance and were separated, than you would see what kind of people they really were. She's a lot less annoying than Katie is, and is actually smarter and more rational.

18: Leshawna- Really cool and sassy chick. I was rooting for her all the way in Island and Action, and I wish she would've won, because let's face it, it would've been better to see her win rather than Punk, Goth, Fatso, and Bitch. But unfortunately she was cut short by her peers.

17: Tyler- He's really funny and I was glad that he got to come back for World Tour. He's really accident prone, and he and Lindsay follow the tradition of Jock and Cheerleader (except for the fact that neither of them are good at it).

16: Mike- He was a really funny character. I like how he has not control of himself and how it's kind of a conflict with himself rather than with Zoey or Anne Maria. He never hated either of them and really blamed himself for the whole thing, and is still friends with Anne Maria.

15: Dawn- Really nice girl who sees the good in people's heart rather than just the bad. She tries her best to be more friendly but it never seems to work, to the point where no one gave her a chance and voted her off because it was better sounding than having a hard time choosing someone else.

14: Cody- Geek trying to be cool, not successful at first but did later on. I think it was really funny and deserving to us when the makers practically insulted us with his time in World Tour. First, they made Sierra the 'Obsessive Fan' to show what the fangirls were doing and made it seem as though he would win, because he was standing up to the bad guys and the only hero left in the final three, but he lost. Good game, writers, good game.

13: Harold- Really funny how he and Leshawna parodied Napoleon Dynamite. He was a funny nerd and thought he was so cool, and was always put down by Duncan or others to prove that he wasn't, but he really showed his true colors in World Tour by being so honorable and quitting because of his loss.

12: Jo- She played a good game and was, I thought, one of the most deserving of the million rather than the other five. Really wished she would've won, but unfortunately females can't win Total Drama. Even when they complete the challenge but don't get the money (coughcoughHeathercoughcough). I think she was the most real as a person out of the new contestants because she was insecure about herself but was strong and eventually got over it.

11: Lindsay- Really funny girl throughout all three seasons. She was really disappointing in World Tour, but everyone goes early sometime. She was a really good comic relief. I love her because you would think she's all flirty and stuff, but really she's just really stupid.

10: Eva- I really like her, and I really wish the writers wouldn't have thrown her down a garbage bin. She had as much potential as Duncan has, because she would have been a really good leader and a powerful threat if she hadn't let her anger get the best of her.

9: Brick- Very nice guy who is very noble and loyal as a dog. True, he didn't really play a good game, but he did play a nice one. I was really surprised when he did that for his old team.

8: Heather- What can I say? She was probably the best strategist in the whole game. She lasted long than everyone (Except for the new people and Alejandro, of course) and she probably worked her way into eliminating all of them at least once. Even in Action and she was unsure of herself, she did fairly good. She should've won in World Tour if it wasn't for Chris's stupid rules. But she was a bitch, so that brought her down some.

7: Sam- He's a cool guy, despite liking video games a little too much. But even so, he and Dakota supported the idea that it doesn't matter what you look like, love is love. I think it was really nice of him to still love Dakota even though she became 'Dakotasaur'.

6: Anne Maria- Yeah, she's a bitch. What 'cha gonna do about it? I don't like Jersey Shore much, but I frikin' love Anne Maria. She tries to be nice, but when it comes down to the line and the money is involved, she doesn't give a shit. I wish she didn't quit, because if she didn't that would've meant that Mike and Zoey would have even MORE trouble together, and that's what we want. Or at least me.

5: Dakota- She's my favorite new contestant, and she deserves to be. She always wants to be the center of attention, but unfortunately Chris wont give it to her. She's a persistent as Ezekiel and ended up like him too, but she's a real sweetheart. When she turned into Dakotasaur, I was sickened by what the writers turned this show into. Even with Zeke I felt that. I mean, Heather having her head shaved was alright, but when it happened to Sierra, Alejandro, Staci, Ezekiel, and Dakota, it wasn't funny anymore. And harming the contestants like Zeke and Dakota and Scott was really sickening to watch. I don't want to watch the rest of this season because of what happened to her. It just shows what the writers are desperate to do nowadays.

4: Noah- Yeah, he's an asshole. Pretty much 60% of my top ten are bad people. I didn't like him in Island, but when World Tour came along he zoomed up all the way to 4th. His sarcastic attitude and not caring is pretty much why he made it further in World Tour, because it's always funny to watch him suffer. Admit it.

3: Izzy- How does anyone NOT like Izzy? She's completely insane, and that's why she's so popular. Even though her game isn't that good, you have to admit that she does have her moments. It was sad that she was med- evaced in World Tour. She probably would've gone far without returning for once. I hope she gets another chance in the hopefully to be 5th season, where she'll actually go far.

2: Beth- Beth was ratted out of Island because of some stupid fake curse. That's why she went into Action, where she made 2nd place thanks to the whole fucked up fanbase of Total Drama. The writers would've planned for her to win, to show it doesn't matter what you look like, how you act, or if your gender, you can win anything if you set your mind to it, and that's exactly what she did. She doesn't get enough appreciation from ANYONE. The writers trashed her after Action because they saw how unpopular she was. She came in second place and beat all the originals except for Duncan and Sadie, and she didn't get crap from it, which is total bullshit. Ezekiel, Cody, Noah, and Katie didn't do crap until World Tour and look at what they had! I can go all day, but I wont.

1: Courtney- And we end with Courtney. Yes, the CIT from Island, the bitch from Action, and the victim from World Tour. She is 1 because of what she could've accomplished if it weren't for love. She's accomplished so much, and when Duncan and her fell in love, it ruined the whole thing. She probably would've won Island. But what did she get out of it? Rejection. She wanted to return in Action for two purposes: Money and Revenge. Her anger clouded her competitive mind and kept her from winning. In World Tour, that's exactly what happened. She hated Duncan and Gwen because she lost because everything because of them. And she was so broken up that Alejandro took advantage of that and manipulated her until she was even MORE broken. She's strong and independent and could've won if it weren't for love.

My OC's for my TDI stories and whatnot :')

Pheobe- The Super Fun Time Loving Asian: Pheobe is excited to be in the fanfiction. She's excited to be with other characters. Heck, she's excited to eat a bug and then kill some orphans. To put it simply, she's excited about anything. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. She's from Japan, so she likes the stereotypes (cough) that Japanese are hyper and need to put the sugar down. Becuase it's true, in her case, that is.

Ev- The Nervous Wreck of an Artist: Ev is an artist. He's also a nervous wreck, due to seeing tramatic things his short lifetime. You could say he's seen it all, but he'll say 'NO! THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO LOOK AT FOR ME!' because he's simply scared to look at weird things. He's shaky, and scares easily. That's why he's perfect prey for bullies. We don't blame him after what he's been through.

Camille- The Shy Hippy: Yes, she's a hippy. A steretypical one at that. She's vegetarian, loves all animals, and hugs a tree or two on her free time. She would fight for the right of the animals to not be fright of the height of the bulldosers blocking the light, but she's too chicken to do it. She's not too chicken to tell you not to stomp on a flower, but she rather cowar while hugging a tree.

Robin- The Ignorant Goth: No, he's not a girl. He'll punch you if you say or think that, because he can stare into your eyes with his dark black ones and tell that your laughing inside. While your laughing on your insides, he'll be punching the crap out of you. He hates people, and can't stand to stand by them. In his free time, which is always due to the fact he doesn't take orders from anybody, he'll be seen painting his nails black. If you can still see.

Jodie- The Stuck- Up Bitch: Every story has to have one of these, so she's happy to take the spot. And then she'll tell the spot what to do and say sarcastic things about it until it eventually gives up and pulls the trigger. If you meet her, you'll want to put the gun to your forehead too. She hates it when you think you're smart, because she'll prove that she's smarter with her huge vocabulary. It's almost as big as her ego. Almost.

Kenneth- The Wannabe Rapper: Kenneth is right about everything. He thinks he is, because it's been proven (by him) that 100% of the words that come out of his glorious mouth are true. He also proves that rapping is all about talking about girls being sexy and fine, and wanting to 'lick it up'. His idols are Lil Wayne and Kanye West, because one day he's going to be like them. He thinks that at least.

Tawwni- The Slutty Whore: Yeah, she loves sex. She's only about 17, and all the shows she's applied for are scared that they will be sued for her having sex on tape, or giving some guy a blowjob. She does it for a purpose though. To get better at it, but to mainly get what she wants. She's done it with guys from ages 14- 67, because she really wanted that money .for new jewelry. Her parents would be disappointed, but they're too busy in the bedroom.

Dane and Dahlia- The Ying and The Yang: You could call them the twins too, but ying and yang is more suitable. Dane is a prankster, and a flirt- in- training. Dahlia is a calm and collected book worm. They fight most of the time, but they may also hug and thank eachother for something here and there. They don't like to be together a lot, and actually live their social lives alone. Although Dahlia is constantly trying to remind Dane that he's 14 and not 21, so he can't try to get in some girls pants.

Kivan- The Workaholic: There's not much to him. Mondays he works, Tuesdays he works, and all the other days of the week. He works 25/8, which he knows is impossible but is always striving for it to be possible. This habit is working was dropped on his shoulders by his parents, who always say: "Work is g-". Well, they say half of it before getting back to organizing family files.

Penelopa- The Overly- Sweet Sweetheart: Penelopa is chubby, but you just can't resist her when she gives you her cutest face possible and bakes you some cookies. Helping people is her goal in life, and that would mean she loves helping hobos that are richer than her. She loves to eat, which is her downfall. When baking cookies or cake, she would sneak a little and take the rest to the old man next door. She loves to take care of people's stuff for them.

Grover- The Athletic Douchebag: He loves to work out, even if it means tearing your clothes and wrapping them around him to use as sweatbands. He's the best at working out, and has an A in perserverence, but that's only because he loves hearing the shouts of people he pushes to the ground when he runs. Yeah, he's the kind of guy who knows girl belong in the kitchen so they can cook for him and the rest of his imaginary friends. Yes, imaginary.

Marceline- The Glamorous Therapist: Marceline is a regular girl, but she likes to hear other people's problems and wont stop until she finds out and fixes them. It's good that she's trying to help, but it gets annoying when she constantly asks you if you need someone to talk to. Other than that, she likes to go shopping for everything and is always checking the bookstore for therapist novel. If you have'nt noticed already, she wants to be a glamorous therapist when she grows up.

Favian- The Jersian With a Loud Mouth: (Before you read, I made this character before Ann Maria was confirmed). Favian loves Italian food, and hates complainers. That's probably why he has no girlfriend and all the girls at high school ignore him. If he figures anything out about anyone, he immediately gossips like a 13 year old girl. It's something about him that makes him wanna spill the beans n anyone he knows. That's the reason his parents divorced.

Check them out in my Total Drama stories!!! :D

Some of my favorite pairings!!!


Nizzy: Noah and Izzy- I don't know, they just seem like a cute couple..

Gwent: Gwen and Trent- They are one of the best actual pairings in TDI, and I wish they were together

Lyler: Lindsay and Tyler- This couple is so cute, and I love how they're both stupid!!

Aleheather: Alejandro and Heather- Evil connects, and bonds.. even if they don't like it...


Haruto: Hinata and Naruto- There's no explaining. SOooooooooooooooo cute...

Shino: Shikamaru and Ino- These two are always bickering, and they're cute together too! Screw Shikamaru and Temari!

Tenji: Tenten and Neji- It's a feeling in the heart that these two love eachother..

Kogato: Konan and Nagato- I don't care if it's not real, these two need to be together!!!

Random Shows...

Mac and Goo- Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends

Robin and Starfire- Teen Titans

Beast Boy and Terra- Teen Titans


Raimundo and Kimiko- Xioalin Showdown

Finn and Princess Bubblegum- Adventure Time

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