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Hai!!!! XD You can call me Ember, or Emby, depending on how well you know me :3 I am a writer (not a good one, but I'm trying!), an artist and a animator. I love art so much!!!!! 8D

About me!
I am a furry and proud
My animations fail!
My favorite food is lasange and gravy, if gravy counts as a food... Oh, and BROWNIES!!!!!
I draw on a tablet
My favorite colours are blue and orange
Sadly, my favorite colours are also the schools colours
I own a guinea pig! Her name is Treakle I don't really get angry, just when a friend is hurt or upset... then it's personal o.e

I am nearly always happy, crazy and random, except from in the mornings (Especially if someone wakes us up at 8AM *Glares at Sunny*)

Also, I have my own dragons! Most of them are home made, but one a Zookie from LCD. I wuv them all!!!

My top 5 books


2. The Hunger Games

3. The Kane Chronicals

4. Last Dragon Chronicals

5. Artemis Fowl

My top 5 TV shows (Mostly anime )


2. Lucky Star (I swear they stole my life and gave me blue hair o.o)

3. Death Note (Strange that I haven't actually watched it yet? XD IJUSTKNOWI'LLLOVEITOMGPLEASEINEEDTOWATCHIT!!!)

4. Doctor Who! :D

5. Adventure Time XD

P.S Sorry I couldn't seperate the chapters on 12 Dragons Faith, I'm lazy like that XD

Look out for Herobrine... he's watching you!

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