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hey im black veemon i picked this name because veemon is my favorite character so i thought to put this also i like the pairs from digimon is guilmon and renamon and vee and gato also i love a whole bunch of other animes like bleach but im gonna try to make stories about the pairings and then about other animes also sense it's summer i have time to make chapters also by the way i changed my name and AVA because 1. i love veemon no matter what 2. black veemon is my character i made and i love him XD

black veemon: hahahahahah you such a fanboy

me: oh shut up XD

LIKES: veemon and guilmon two favorite characters and they have sick digivolutins except veedramon that dude looks weird veegato

DISLIKES: i hate people who bash veemon or guilmon i hate the patagato and veegato war (can't we all get along with our own opinions) i hate patagato stories that deal with veemon is heartbroken in the end i also hate haters to characters like when there hating veemon or guilmon

top three couples



oops uhh hey guys whats up i haven't uploaded part 2 to my drive toward darkness crap but don't worry its coming im still thinking there's way too many loopholes ok thanks

oh here are some bad ass lines i love to say

i hope your ready to DIE

NOW THE REAL FIGHT BEGINS (dbz has awesome lines)

get on board or get out of the way (it sounds pretty cool)

OK THATS IT NOW IM MAD (this line happens alot in my life when i get pissed off)

WHAT THE F* (i use this alot)

your getting on my nerves

if i can't last one lousy minute then perhaps i deserve to DIE (vegeta = bad ass mother f*)

welcome to the end of your life and its going to hurt

and this is where you die


not until you lie dead at my feat (i use this line when im insane and say this in a pretty ruthless cold blooded predator)

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true loves first kiss
ok this is a one-shot veegato and i think its really good also this is in digimon adventures 2 like after episode 22 and before episode 23 but in my own image if i could make this i would this if it was really an episode
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bath time for kitties reviews
ok so the title explains it all ONE-SHOT
Digimon - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 662 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 7/25/2011 - V-mon/Veemon, Tailmon/Gatomon - Complete
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