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Hello, Fellow FanFiction Users!!! BlueeMoon Here.!!! xDDD I'm new to this, so yoroshiku onegaishimasu (Please treat me well.) !!!! As usual, I am an Otaku, who LOVES mangas, animes, readingg, ect. And recently, hooked on FanFictons. (: I'm also in a Fairy Tail Rampage, so don't mind mee. I know I'm not that good of a writer, but I try my best. So, please enjoy my stories and stick with me on these long journeys!! HARIGATOU!!! :)

Name: (Onlinee) BlueeMoon (:

(If I was Animated, I'd look like that )

Age: 13 ( ...But, I'm actually an Immortal Vampire who lives in Narnia. Awesome, neh? )

Gender: Girl!! ;} Mwahahaa, Suckahh.

I'm A California Guurl!! [x Booyaah!

BITTERSWEET : Online links



All is My Love -by Miranda Wong (Chapter 4)

Sad Romance -by Thao Nyugen Xanh (Chapter 5)

Rainy Day -by Janel Parrish (Chapter 11)

Rainbow Veins -by Owl City (Chapter 12) Music Video;stop-motion.

Panda Beanie Paw Hat!:,r:0,s:122&tx=38&ty=43

Garden Concepts:,r:6,s:20,r:14,s:215&tx=141&ty=75



Current Stories: (Fairy Tail)

-Bittersweet (Working On) (Important: I'm planning on a full rewrite of the story. The main plot will stay the same, but changes will be made. I can not guarantee anything. I'm sorry if this has been an inconvenience to you...)

Main Characters: Lucy Heartphilia, Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster

Theme: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Tragedy

Lucy and Gray were in love at 9 years old. 7 years later, he doesn't even remember her. Gray's dating Lucy's old best friend, and Lucy's absolutely heartbroken. Then Natsu comes in as Lucy's "boyfriend"?!!?


Lucy and Gray were childhood sweethearts. When Lucy moved to America, and away from Gray, Gray told Lucy that he would wait for her. 7 years later, Lucy goes back to find Gray. She finds him on accident when he is walking down the street holding hands with a girl; Juvia. Lucy's old best friend. Lucy is devastated. She tries to move on, and forget about love. How will it work if she has to have her friend, Natsu pretend to be her boyfriend, and she always sees Gray? What if she falls for Gray again, when it still hurts that Gray can't remember her?

She's determined to not fall for Gray or Natsu. But things don't always go your way...

-Love Square: Fate? (Adapted from Story Idea 1.) -On Hiatus.

Main Characters: Lucy, Natsu, Gray, OC Samazu, Lisanna, Mirajane

Theme: Drama, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Tragedy

Natsu; a dictator's son. Lucy; being hunted down by the dictator.

Gray; is in love with her. Lisanna; determined to get the prince...

And Samazu; Invisible to everyone, and those who know him, hate him.


Natsu, "the prince of Fiore", has his father rule as a dictator. To become more superior, his father killed all mages. All mages that are still alive were hunted and killed. Lucy and Mirajane are one of the only mages left that aren’t Dragneels. Natsu has a secret twin, Samazu, who was shunned by their father. Samazu pretends to be Natsu and goes to a small town. The real Natsu meets Lucy and her close friends, Lisanna and Gray when he goes to find Samazu. A Triangle…or Square…or Pentagon of Love forms, everything secretive and forbidden.

What is the fate of them?

Story Idea [1:

Main Characters: Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Juvia (Fairy Tail)

He was the 'Prince of Fiore'. She was a Robin Hood, who used to be a high-class Heartphilia until she was kicked out. They weren't meant to be...

What happens when the Heartphilias welcome her back, only wanting her because she is the only heir to the family? A twisted storyy of Faiy Tail.


Natsu, "the prince" isn't really royal, but he is treated like it because of his status. Lucy, is a girl who was the heir and daughter of the Heartphilias. Lucy was kicked out of her family, apparently "unworthy" by her Father after her mother died, leaving the father changed and harsh. She becomes a girl version of Robin Hood to the poor, even taking from the 'Royals'. Her identity is unknown as a "Heartphilia" to everyone, as her name is different. The only one that knows of her real identity is her Best friend and cousin, Gray. Then Lucy's father welcomes Lucy back, wanting her to meet suitors for her future husband. Lucy reluctantly agrees, but Gray totally, absolutely, disapproves. As Lucy Heartphilia, she meets Natsu. They become close, much to Gray's dismay. What makes it worse for Gray, is that Natsu's sister, Juvia, follows him around ALL THE TIME. What will Lucy do if her secret gets out to Natsu?

Story Idea [2:

Main Characters: Lucy, Natsu, Lisanna (Fairy Tail)


Fairy Tail World; What if Lucy joined Fairy Tail when she was little? But then one day, a man comes and takes Lucy away. Fairy Tail is devastated, especially Natsu. After a year of looking for her, they give up. Then, Lisanna dies on a mission with Elfman and Mirajane. Why does Natsu keep loosing those who are close to him? His personality changes after loosing Igneel, Lucy and Lisanna. But then Lucy comes back, except that she doesn't remember them and they don't know it's her, since her name, and background is different. Natsu and Lucy start to bond, and Natsu starts going back to himself... Did fate bring them back together?

Story Idea [3:

Main Characters: Lucy, Gray, Natsu (Fairy Tail)


Fairy Tail Academy; Gray and Natsu have a strange friendship. They fight all the time and like to compete against each other. One day, the two have a bet. They both have to see how can get Lucy Heartfilia to fall in love with them first. Lucy is the school's smartest student, and a complete nerd. She used to be a beautiful maiden, but she changed after her mother died. Now, what happens if Gray and Natsu are the ones that start falling for her?

Story Idea [4:

Main Characters: Lucy, Natsu, Gray (Fairy Tail)


Fairy Tail World;Gray and Lucy have been dating for years. One day, Lucy gets in an accident on her way to see Gray. She goes into a coma, and wakes up five years find that Gray moved on, to Juvia. Who will be there for her now?

Story Idea [5:

Main Characters: Lucy, Gray, Natsu, Jellal, Loke, OC... (Undecided.) (Fairy Tail)


Lucy had no friends when she was little. All she had was her mother, but she was taken from her in an accident the two were in when Lucy goes to look for her father. Lucy lost her eyes and was placed in a hospital; blind. There, she met her first friend. This first encounter leads to many,which lead to Lucy's fate with a few certain boys. AU or not? :|

Story Idea [6:

Main Characters: Lucy, Natsu or Gray, Lisanna or Juvia. (Fairy Tail)


Lucy writes a love column in the daily paper and acts as a matchmaker, which is peculiar since she herself doesn't have experience. She meets N/G, getting off on the wrong foot. Eventually, N/G comes to Lucy for help. She looks for a match for them, and that person is... L/J, Lucy's best friend...? But, what happens when Lucy starts developing feelings for N/G???

Plz tell me if they sound good, then I will continue! :) Thank you!!!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama!:

(Usui to Misaki)-"If you were my little sister, I'd so be turned on with you. I'd take pictures while you are asleep every night and put it on a photo album."

(Misaki to Usui)-"Usui, You Perverted Outer Space alien from the Planet Pheromone!"

Volume 2 Chapter 7 Page 23

Misaki : I'll acknowledge if only such a guy like me exist.

Usui : What are you trying to say?

Misaki: I said! if there's a gentleman who's kind and sweet
towards the girls ...

Usui : THEN ... Aren't you reffering to me? *sparkle , sparkle*

Misaki : NO!!!!!

Dengeki Daisy:

(Teru to Kurosaki)- "GO BALD KUROSAKI!!!"

Skip Beat

(Kouko)-"I was about to go away because you were talking about a serious matter, but I'm really curious and I thought it's no good if I'm eavesdropping till the I'm asking you to let me hear you talk openly
so I'll sit here"

(Ren to Kouko)-"But... well, For you to be able to make a doll that looks so much like me...without knowing you were Fantasizing about me. I don't know when or where you saw something... how emarrassing..."

(Ren)-"Just by gazing upon her matter how weary you are, you will feel happy. deep inside your heart you will feel a warmth...this "piece of joy." This is all the happeness you need. Normally, we call this "love" That is what... the CHICKEN said."

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Haha. I don't get it

So what if we act like immature idiots? We're having fun.

Music is my boyfriend

Definition of Your Mom: How to answer a question when your bored

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are like
apples on trees.
The best ones are
at the top of the tree.The
boys dont want to reach
for the good ones because they
are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
Instead, they just get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples at the top think
something is wrong with them, when in
reality, they're amazing. They just
have to wait for the right boy to
come along, the one who's
brave enough to
climb all
the way
to the top
of the tree.

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Lucy accidentally ruined Natsu's special scarf, given by his father Igneel, by spilling strawberry milk on it. Natsu told Lucy that she needs repay him. What does Lucy have to repay Natsu in return? Rated T for mature words but no mature actions.
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