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First and foremost, I own nothing of Twilight. That belongs to the wonderful mind of Stephanie Meyers. She is brillant and amazing. No copyright infringment was intended. Broken Promises title, plot and original characterizations are the property of vengeful-lover-girl.

This is my first attempt at writing publicly. I give many thanks to Patti, she has given me the greatest advise.

Also to my second mom, Denise (she is pattis momma) she has completely helped me with my laptop and the programs needed to help me do everything that I have done. Those two are the greatest. Denise is also an author, her work is amazing aswell.

To my wonderful husband, who gives me alot of crap about my sinful writing, but he helps me with brainstorming new ideas. He reads when I finish a chapter and helps me with other things as well.

To my 14 month old son Cameron, thanks for giving mommy some time to work on this, you are my reason for waking up everyday.

To all my friends that have given me the courage to finally put this story in action. I would not be doing this right now if it wasn't for your love and support.

My story "Broken Promises" will be posted as soon as it's being edited.


After Edward leaves Bella, she is changed. Tragic events that follow cause Bella to vanish. Will Bella ever feel her beloved Edwards loving embrace again or will his heart belong to another? Or does she have alterior motives to end Bellas existence once and for all? Vamp, AU, OOC. Rated M.