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Author’s Note for "Is Miss Isabella At Home?"

A couple of disclaimers: Firstly, standard disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters etc. (I’m not sure if this is even required since I think the work’s now Public Domain, but it should probably be said regardless).

Secondly, I am basing this fic on both the book and the 2009 BBC TV movie adaptation starring Tom Hardy as Heathcliff. The plot here starts, and diverges significantly from the canon events, around the point where Heathcliff and Isabella get married. If you want to picture the scenes as I see them, the 2009 movie setting is the one I envision when writing.

Thirdly, the fic will involve some somewhat mature content (primarily sexual), mostly focusing on the Heathcliff / Isabella Linton pairing (as you might expect from a lemon fic). Individual chapters will be labelled appropriately to aid reader discretion.

Fourthly, I’m aware that there has been an erotic retelling of Wuthering Heights published called, “Wuthering Nights” – I have not read it, nor am I aware of its plotline. Therefore, any resemblance between this fic and the erotic novel, “Wuthering Nights” is entirely coincidental.

Fifthly, and perhaps most importantly, a number of characters within both "Is Miss Isabella At Home?" and "Redemption" express extremely racist viewpoints towards Heathcliff, and more generally towards 'gypsies' (i.e. the Roma, Sinti, Kale, Irish Traveller/Parvi, and Gitano peoples). I should make clear that views expressed by any characters do not represent the views of the author, and are, in fact, intended to highlight the problem of racism towards Heathcliff, and the role it played in his emerging cruelty (bear in mind that when Heathcliff was a child, he endured numerous beatings and tirades of abuse from almost everyone around him, and never so much as struck back - his most 'villainous' act {as it has been described by some commentators}, before he left Wuthering Heights on his extended absence, was to threaten to tell Mr. Earnshaw of what had been done to him, and to show him the countless bruises inflicted on him!).

It is my view that Heathcliff's eventual cruelty is created solely by the horrendous treatment of him by almost everyone he meets, which leaves him bitter (and who can blame him!?). I would like to point out to readers that racism towards the Roma/'gypsy' population continues to this day, and is often ignored or even supported by government authorities. This is not the place for campaigning for race rights, but I would ask all readers who think ill of Heathcliff, or generally of 'gypsies'/'travellers'/Roma, to ask themselves this: how would you react if everyone, from government to your own family, treated you as less than a dog, to be whipped and abused for the slightest perceived offence (or even none at all), and you were powerless to retaliate for fear of being legally executed? THAT IS HOW HEATHCLIFF FEELS. Please bear that in mind.

Any and all comments/reviews, positive and negative, are always welcome - I read all reviews and messages and I have a personal policy of reviewing the work of those who review mine. I will also reply to all messages that require/merit a reply.


Crush All Illusions.

P.S. I would like to thank Agagite Whispers for being my 'beta' - a lot of horrible mistakes and bad writing have been avoided thanks to Agagite's keen eye.

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