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We are the voices. If you care to learn who we are, look below where our bios reside. otherwise, don't.

Nobody loves us!! why does nobody review our fics? Are we that unloved? *sniff*

Zephyr: Zephyr is the main voice. she tends to run things and be some what in control. she is 18, boasts a pale complexion, dark violet eyes, andshort cropped black hair. Her boyfrind is George Weasley who also resides in this head. She was a Gryffindor at Hogwarts, and top in potions, despites Snape's... strong dislike of her. Her demon from consists of an immense height change, large black smokey wings, and red glowing eyes.
Contact Zephyr:

Brimstone: You could say that Brimstone is our violence. Her demon form has huge flaming red wings, and she often scorches the carpet when she goes demon. Normally, she has slightly tan skin, straight red hair, roughly shoulder length. Sheis 17, since breaking up with Fred, she had been hanging out with Jake a lot. We often accuse them of Romance. ¬_¬ *gets hit by flying vase* Ow.
Contact Brimstone:

Sulfer: Sulfer is Brimstone's Twin brother. Despite all their fighting and insistances that they hate eachother, we know that they love one another somewhere down in their blackened little souls. *dodges flying flower vase* anyway, Sulfer is 17 (Brimstone: Thank you captain obvious)You're Welcome! He has slicked back dark blond hair (Brismtone: Red wasn't good enough for him.) and tan skin from being out in the sun surfing. He seems to like Keiko, a voice you will meet later on in this series of practically pointless bios.

Fred: That would be Fred Weasley. Yes. He's 18, and seems to act like a cat at times. He enjoys sleeping on the couch, or under the control panel. He "dates" Chloe, and currently resides with her. Kind of. He has no home.

George: Fred's twin brother, George Weasley. (Chloe: You have two sets of twins in your head!) Don't mind her. she's a voice from my friend's head. what she's doing over here. i dont know. Anyway, George is Zephyr's boyfriend, when she gets mad or annoyed with him, she traps him in the wall next to the exit door. One time, he was trapped there for a week. (George: Yes, it's true.)

Copper: Copper... hmm... well, Copper is a 5 year old pothead. I know, it's odd. there is often odd colored smoke floating around the head because of her odd supply that she smokes. Copper has bushy copper-red hair, and a few missing teeth because of her many pranks and odd exploits with her best friend Monton, a voice from the same head as Chloe. Recently though, by powers unknown, Copper and Monton were both turned into Chibis. They were know both three-foot tall psycopathic beings that ran around wreaking havoc. then by some other divine power, they were turned back from Chibi's, but do not settle on a certain age. Thier ages are constantly changing, and they still run around wreaking havoc.

Keiko: Keiko is Copper's older sister. She boasts straight copper red hair. it's cropped short in the back, but she has chest langth bangs. She likes Sulfer somewhere in her twisted mind. (Brimstone: I dont know how she does it.) Sometimes we think she is part undead because she is remarkably hard to kill (Keiko: dont ask) but since she's biologically related to Copper, and that would make Copper part undead and we dont want to think about that.

Little Hobbit Zephyr: A little Hobbit from Bag-End, she is Frodo Baggins' younger sister (adopted, read fic.) She is Pippin's "girlfriend", although, recently he has been pestering her about marriage (a natural fear of all Zephyrs) and she is hiding from him. Her favortie food is apples, but being a hobbit, she loves all foods.

Pippin: Full name Perigrin Took. A hobbit from Tolkein's world of Middle Earth. LH Zephyr's *ahem* Boyfriend. enjoys mischief-making and eating like any sane hobbit.

Frodo: He's Frodo Baggins. LHZ's brother. We seem to have the unitelligent side of Frodo. He lives in the refridgerator. Nobody can go in there anymore. LHZ recently went questing and found Frodo's smart side (yes, there is such a thing) but instead of bringing him back, she locked him in bag end for safe keeping, claiming she did not trust us...

Kalouse: A fairly new voice. She has straight brown hair and is very artistic, her clothes are often brightly colored, sometimes from paint splotches. She is a Chloe (which you will get after reading my fics and meeting the voices from another head. I believe that their pen name is The Little Voices) She Hangs out with Bill Weasley, but they're hardly ever here. They make odd entrances after long periods of absence, and their hair is always different colors. I believe the last time they were here, they came through the ceiling, Bill's hair was green, and Kalouse's was Pink, and then they left throught the enterance door.

Orion: Nobody seems to like Orion. Not even Sulfer. Although, Zephyr does talk to him ocasionally, he is rather annoying. He enjoys hanging out with Nephiroth, and extremely annoying voice from Chloe's head. He is also dating Laury, another voice from Chloe's head.

Bill Weasley: He hangs out with Kalouse and is hardly ever here. If you read Kalouse's little bio, I think you know all you'll ever need to know about Bill.

That's All of Us!!
You can Contact all of us at once, or the ones who dont have an Email yet, at


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