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Author has written 52 stories for Slayers, Card Captor Sakura, Suite Life series, A.N.T. Farm, Austin & Ally, Coraline, Gravity Falls, Child's Play, Monster High, Death Note, Anime X-overs, Vocaloid, Saw, Pokémon, Steven Universe, Jessie, Orphan, Monster High, and Hunger Games.

hey! TheKawaiifan here! So yeah, this is where you can view my work. my stories are most active in the Anime/Manga, Disney Channel and Horror Movie sections. That and considering im only in my early teens, id say my writings pretty advanced. But im not much of a bragger to be honest. So instead, you guys can just read my stuff and share your opinions via reviews. thankies ;D

W-11-7-12 12:45 am

whew! Ive sure been busy lately. and yay for my very first update on my profile! i honestly didnt know this was even an option on fanfiction; so when i found out via checking out my friends profile, i had to do the same. Yay me!

my current stories are going great! I uploaded 'How To Save Wendy's Life' just last month and im just getting review after review. Those just make my day. Though i have gotten like one or two hate reviews, i dont really blame the haters. Though its a well written story, ill admit to demonizing a character just a bit too much plus i killed a well liked character just for the sake of the story. Plus Dipper and Wendy didnt become a couple like in most Gravity Falls fanfics. But hey, sorry if i dont 100% support the couple. but im not really gonna argue it out with these people. Not really worth my time to be honest. Plus its just plain immature. I dont need to be right about anything.

now that the 26 page thing i called a one-shot is out of the way (aka: How To Save Wendy's Life), i can go back to those stories that are still in progress. Im trying to finish the next chapter of Jessie and Bailey, though lack of ideas is making that slightly hard. Its the same situation with Esther Goes Through The Door and Asperger Ally. A hell lot of new ideas wont leave me alone, thus its hard to think about my older stories that i really, wanna get back too. I gotta decrease my media intake or those stories may never get finished. I already cancelled one story before and i dont wanna do that with these ones. But i really do wanna work on the new stories. Talk about a dillema.

speaking of the new stories, ill just give you a lil info to look forward to. Thanks to me reading the Death Note manga and a slight horror movie addiction, an endless list of ideas have come to me. In a Child's Play-Orphan one-shot, Chucky donates himself to Esther's orphanage, and so the disguised killers meet. in another one-shot, i decided to write a scene from Seed of Chucky in our favorite killer doll's point of view. The line "nobody leaves me" can trigger quite a bit of ideas. In a Death Note-Orphan crossover, Light Yagami aka Kira is trying to kill Esther with the Death Note. that wont be easy. Im considering a simalar plot using Child's Play instead of Orphan, but i think Chucky would be easier to kill than Esther via Death Note; making it a very crappy story. however, that decision is not yet final. Ive also been considering a crossover between many anime shows and the hunger games, but i think that can wait for now.

as you can see i have alot of projects just for fanfiction alone so stay tuned! *yawn, im going to bed now

M-11-12-12 12:54 am

ive got a new one-shot up and a new chapter! yay me. The one-shot would be that Esther meets Chucky thing. Its called Playtimes Over. And the best thing is that I've already got a review asking for more. Its a one-shot, but gothgirl97 is asking me to continue the story and have Chucky and Esther's paths meet again and become partners in crime. This idea i am considering, but i only viewed the message like 15 minutes ago, so no final decisions yet.

as for the new chapter, its for Esther goes through the door. I had been working on it for awhile and stopped with no idea what to write. Took a break with some other stories. And just a few days ago i read it again only to discover that it was already finished! Haha! How stupid of me. oh! And Esther's speech is now typed with a Russian accent. I had been rping a character based on her using that russian accent thing and its kinda rubbed onto my fanfics. Cant read it? Saying it out load usually helps with me, and its fun speaking in accents. Lol

anyways, ill be slightly inactive on fan-fiction for awhile. Mom is cleaning the house like shes crazy and dragged me down with her. And since shes bought everything sold in the 1980's up until now, its a lot of work. Oh god, why me? Thanks to the endless work plus school, i wont have much time to work on fanfic. boo hoo :'(

W-11-14-12 5:30 pm

two new stories up yay me! We have that Orphan-Death Note crossover i mentioned, and a Monster High Truth or Dare. The Orphan-Death Note crossover is now called Esther's name. I honestly dont like the title, but its the best i could come up with at the moment. as for the truth or dare, We got every and i mean EVERY character in the monster high franchise playing a game of Truth or Scare. the best part is that YOU the reader gets to send in the truths and dares. i of course will send in some myself when i actually come up with some. but yeah, read and send in some dares and questions.

F-11-16-12 11:54 am

new chapter for Esther's name yay! who would've thought id be able to finish that so quickly? the last chapter was just uploaded on wednesday. well, so far the chapters are kinda short, so i guess i shouldnt be surprised. the only surprise is that i found the time for it. i got cleaning obsessed mom and school to juggle. only time for fanfics now is lunch and bus ride. aparently thats all i need though. lets just see how things turn out.

we watched Coraline in animation class yesterday, which was a relief for me since ive been desperate to see it again ever since i started writing Esther goes through the door. i dont have the dvd at home and its basically impossible to find it online. and if netflix needs some cool movies to show, i have a recomendation. plus i dont know where i could buy a stop motion film made in 2009 in this world. if you know where i can buy the Coraline dvd, let me know please.

so yeah, i saw Coraline again, giving me ultra motivation to work on the new chapter of Esther goes through the door. yay me. so expect an update with that story soon. i cant wait till i finish this chapter so i can finally write a character death, which ive been planning for a while. that is why i am unsure wheather or not i should bump up the ratings of that story. i guess it will depend on the severity of Esther's murders. We'll see. anyways, time to enjoy the rest of lunchtime

TH-11-29-12 9:59 am

really excited for christmas! already did a bunch of shopping not to mention ordered some ultra haut shoes online. so while im waiting for my new shoes and enjoying the fact that mom insisted on double the christmas trees *face palm, I started working on something that I came up with like, right before Halloween. Heres the story:

im sitting on my bed casting a glance at my awesome Zombie Princess costume hanging nearby. the Gravity Falls Summerween episode had recently came out, and a thought occured to me: what are they gonna do for christmas? i mean, they seriously cant just make an episode about celebrating Christmas in the summer. there is NO way anyone is gonna get away with celebrating everything in the summer. I figured that simply having Dipper And Mabel visit for christmas break in the present time is a little bit too common, so i thought of Dipper in the shack, still in the summer, and he thinks about a previous christmas from when he and Mabel were younger.

so there you go, i am working on a Gravity Falls christmas story about 5 year old Dipper and Mabel visiting Gravity Falls for the very first time. i dont wanna give anything away, but i do plan to include a mean blonde and rich girl, some special present from Gramma, not to mention an 8 year old Wendy on ice skates. enough spoilers, gotta get to class.

TH-12-6-12 8:55 am

well, i got a new chapter of Asperger Ally up. loving the response. i finally got some motivation to actually finish that story; i thought id have to cancell it like i did with Revenge. also, i got a few projects in the making. along with that Gravity Falls christmas thing, I watched The Good Son and im now working on yet another Orphan crossover. man, im obsessed with that movie. anyways, the plot is that Esther was Henry's first crush when he was 9 years old and shes also the thing that changed him forever. however, i do have some bad news. a few days ago i did a lil something that was beyond stupid. my punishment? mom took away my iPad so im unable to work on a few stories for awhile. thats pretty much it. see ya fanfiction ;-)

S-12-16-12 1:48 pm

well, in the past week since mom took my iPad away i had gotten several chapters up on Asperger Ally. My reasons: its too personal of a project to do on my iPad. my classmates and teachers might see me working on it. I don't really want that. anyways, i got my iPad back last night and since Christmas is rapidly approaching, im working on Christmas in Gravity Falls. I got 3 chapters up so far. I hope I finish it by Christmas time. The last thing i want is to be working on it in 2013. boo hoo. so yeah, im currently taking a short break from Asperger Ally so I can catch up on my other fanfics. I hope you guys can enjoy the 6 chapters i currently have of that Austin and Ally fic. Well anyways, Mom is waiting to use the computer so I gotta run. Enjoy my stuff ;D

W-1-9-13 11:11 am

first of all id like to say Happy 2013! woohoo! the best part? we get to laugh in the Mayan's face! anyways, i thankfully compleated Christmas In Gravity Falls on Christmas Eve thank god, so i got to peacefully enjoy the holidays. plus i love the reviews. my thoughts on that story: CUUUUUTE!

anyways, now that thats done with id like to inform you guys about some upcoming inactiveness. Thanks to some upcoming opportunities for my music career, my crazy ass mom stubbornly is making me focus on music only when at home. dont ask me what goes on in her head. so my fanfiction is gonna have to take place at school and on the bus. im gonna try my best to juggle everything, but be expecting some inactiveness for awhile.

if you look back to my previous updates on this profile/blog, i believe i mentioned an anime hunger games on W-11-7-12. well i finally got a chapter up! the first chapter is simply of the reapings for districts 1-3. the animes include Ouran HighSchool, Jubei-Chan the Ninja Girl, and Evangelion. more chapters should make it up there, and more shows should get involved. the best part is that you the reader/gamemaker/sponsor has some say as too what happens. such as helping me randomly choose the arena, whether or not this character should live, etc.

T-1-24-13 11:59

yesterday i finished 3 new chapters yay! Only one problem: the computer wuz being really stupid on me so i wuz only able to upload one. Anyways, im excited about my new story, i hope you guys like it too. Its called Rose since i couldnt come up with a better name. A Gravity Falls fic and basically its about Dipper meeting a girl who just moved in town that hes just head over heels for. Mabel is not liking her one bit, plus meanwhile theres a streak of guys of all ages just dissapearing and dying on the news. There will be a cryptogram at the end of each chapter. Anyways, hope u like. I gotta go 2 bed. Flu bug strikes again :(

S-3-17-13 5:43 pm

damn. How long has it been? 2 months? Anyways, just so you guys can get all caught up, I had published several chapters of Rose, and I got some Reverse Pines one-shots up. Currently im working on the anime games, a Gravity Falls-Princess Tutu, considering a GF-Child's Play crossover, not to mention more one-shots. Plus i need to finish a couple old stories. On the bright side, last night i saw The Call. Amazing movie. i already had some fanfic ideas. So, Alisi Thorndyke and I have made plans to make a crossover between The Call and Gravity Falls together; once he or she sees it. That should give us both plenty of time to finish our current projects. I cant wait

T-3-26-13 1:28 pm

hey. Im trying so hard to get re-loyal to this blog. anyways, I got a couple new fics up. A Gravity Falls one-shot based on the Vocaloid video "Len's Embarrassing Moment". I couldn't resist once I imagined Dipper in that situation. also I got a Gravity Falls-Saw crossover called "Test of Survival". Dipper and Wendy have kinda gotten themselves caught into one of Jigsaw's games. I just posted the second chapter. and you readers, you will decide between life and death.

Im still working on my bazillion other fanfics right now; most of them being Gravity Falls related of course. sorry, im just flat out obsessed with that show. its the greatest cartoon ive watched since Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. but yea, theres the crossovers with Princess Tutu, Vocaloid, Child's Play, am i forgetting any? no, i don't think so. still, it's a big project. plus theres my Reverse Pines one-shots. gotta keep those up to date. I'm also hoping to return to my older fics and finish them. lets hope i don't come up with new ideas first.

I honestly have alot to juggle right now, and what you read was just with fanfiction alone! theres also an animated video im making based on my GF-Vocaloid crossover, my philosophy essay, sakura con is this weekend, i got my music career, am i missing anything else? oh yea, a friend of mine came up with the idea of making a live action movie, and i'm the writer. Im coming up with the characters and the plot and all. thankfully im used to this much stress, just not this much acne. eek!

M-5-6-13 9:10 pm

Lessee, yesterday was my 15th birthday. Also today i finished my story Rose. Yeah, pretty excited about that. Thats basically it

SA-1-4-14 6:42 AM

Sup y'all! This is a petition to change the rule that we can't write Q&As and truth or dares. Okay, we want the ability to write Q&As, and truths or dares, and I'll give you some good reasons why. It's fun to see everyone's perspectives of how someone would answer something, and some people can really nail the characters response. Then it's like, "oh yeah, they would totally say that." So, just copy-and-paste this into your profile, and add you're name to the list below. Together, we can change this rule, for freedom of speech, for imagination, FOR SPARTA! Add whatever you like here--> THE ELIMINATORS ARE BEHIND THIS MADNESS!!! JOIN THE PROTECTORS NOW!!! PM ME FOR MORE INFO!! -TheLPSDragon THIS IS MADNESS! CRAY CRAY! I DON'T CARE WHAT THEY SAY! IM CONTINUING MY TRUTH OF DARE QUESTIONS AND ANSWER THINGY! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! If you add your name to the list, please notify me so this is accurate. THANKS! The Word Nerd 424 WE MUST STOP THE ELIMINATORS! THEY'VE EFFECTED TO MANY PEOPLE (not including me) AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT! THEY ACT LIKE THEY'RE THE ADMINS BUT THEY AREN'T! - GravityFallsChick CURSE THEM TO OBLIVION! You tellin' me I have to take down my rants just when they were gettin popular? Aw, Hell Naw! Listen up here *bangs a non-existent gavel, not only is it cool to post a non-story once in awhile to prove that we actually have lives, sorta, but it's also one of the things that brought us closer together in the first place. We've built a community together, not just because we enjoy each other's stories and writing (though that is a big reason), but we got to know each other beyond the restrictions of Private Messaging. The occasional non-stories allowed us to explore our abilities as writers and the best part is that we were able to do it together. The point of this site's existence is too allow people to post their written fan work based on existing media. So why put limits on creativity? That's almost unheard of, and I stand against it. We want to write stories, but we also want to interact with each other through the Q&A's and Truth or Dares. We want to share our opinions. This is not just a writing site no more. It has become social media to us - TheKawaiifan

(P.S dont change anything except for adding your name and comment above, THANKS!)

1. TheBigZ1

2. TheLPSDragon

3. The Word Nerd 424

4. GravityFallsChick

5. Love for everyone

6. TheKawaiifan

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