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hey my dudes, its jessie. i'm not much of a writer-- its just a fun hobby of mine that i've recently picked up again.

i'm rly into horror, comedy and romance, which is an unholy mix of genres that i will gladly drown in 8')

cartoons and anime do wonders for my mental health, ngl. sometimes you just have to embrace that stuff ppl teased you for liking back in high school. it's mainstream now, folks !! Megan THEE Stallion watches BNHA and thats very sexy of her!!!!

CURRENTLY WORKING ON: [temporarily UN-NAMED] CTCD fic, as of 4/17/20

brief and tentative synopsis: supernatural sightings have been slowing down in Nowhere, leaving Courage and his family free to go about their daily lives undisturbed. a gift of magic soil left on their doorstep brings life to the farm, finally garnering success to the elderly farmer's efforts. With Muriel consumed by the change in routine and no other friends in sight, Courage reluctantly turns to Computer for company. Adding in new neighbors, budding friendships and a mysterious email detailing the location of Courage's long-lost parents, this (temporarily UN-NAMED) fic somehow also finds a way to be a love story between a dog and his computer.

and we're all COOL with that. RIGHT?

important notes REGARDING the fic: i have the majority of the outline worked out-- at least for the Big plot points. im honestly just writing as I'm going, but there's a goal in mind and a story to tell, despite how episodic the beginning is going to be. it's also going to be rated T, strictly as a precaution bc of potential language/violence. i HIGHLY doubt i'm going to end up going into gore-y territory, but i also feel like it wouldn't be appropriate to have this fic rated as anything lower than a T regardless

but its definitely NOT M-rated lmfao

the romance between courage and computer will NOT be the sole focus of the story, and its also going to be non-sexual in nature bc , wtf. its a dog and a computer. it's all about the emotion and the YEARNING, babies !! it will be built up-- i have no intention of rushing into it just for the sake of shipping. i feel like that would just be a waste of potential, and for now the MAIN focus is them becoming friends.

that's all of the important stuff, anyway.

cringe culture is dead and as a 24 year old i refuse to be nerf'd for writing Courage fics. i'm immortal and will never die.

(extra note: im so sorry to the readers of my DN fic that I abandoned. i jumped off that fandom train for many reasons but i'm still sorry i left y'all hanging fkdsjlkdjf)

looking for me ??? find me on:

TUMBLR @legsweat (art)

TUMBLR @spongeson (personal/aesthetic)

TWITTER @legsweat (art)

TWITTER @spongesin (personal)

[tumblr links dont work for whatever reason BUT i was able to successfully link my twitters kldjskf]

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