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DECEMBER 25, 2015.
Everything below the line is my "old" profile that I've had since I was in high school and did not want to remove (I like to look back and see what I used to be interested in and how much I have changed). Everything above the line is my "new" profile. I would like to thank everyone on FFNET who has supported my stories, encouraged my writing, and befriended me since 2002. FFNET was/is a huge part of my life. While it was/is a great form of entertainment during times of boredom, it mainly served/serves 2 purposes: an escape from reality every now and then, and a unique journal.

Dirty Little Secret was started in high school. It was when my problems only consisted of trying to pass calculus class and get into university lol. I am sure many can sense the roller coaster of emotions of confusion, self doubt, self surety, and everything in between through my character Evian MaCaffery. These emotions were loosely inspired by my own feelings and the other characters were based off of real life people that I knew. At the start of this story I had not yet been in a relationship and that is why her relationship never truly developed with Kai/took too long to develop because I had no real life experience. The reason this story never truly finished was because over the years my emotions and outlook on things changed faster than the progression of the story and I could no longer relate to Evian. This spawned the creation of Exiled. I don't want to say that Dirty Little Secret is discontinued, but I think it is safe to say an update is unlikely. I have 10 years worth of experience over Evian now lol and it is difficult to incorporate that. I like the idea of this story (and my other stories) being unfinished because I always have something to come back this way.

Exiled was started when I was out of high school, a few years older, and with tons of experience in the fields of boys, relationships, friendships, and 'general drama', if you will lol. Again, Dylan was loosely based off of my experiences, but a little bit of myself was present in every character in the story. They were also inspired by people I knew in real life. The situations were definitely real, some of the dialogues being word for word of what happened in real life. Unlike Dirty Little Secret, I can still relate to this story, but not as much (you would be surpried how different life is in your barely 20s vs early 20s vs mid 20s vs late 20s!). An update is likely, I just don't know when.

3 Wishes was started very recently. This one is unique because Tala's character is heavily based off of me while I created Emma as a 'past' me. You can see that Tala kind of has life a little bit more figured out and is less optimistic and more realistic. Emma is more optimistic and naive. I started this story mostly as a 'fantasy' of what I wish certain parts of my life would have been like by now. This story definitely served as an escape. The pressures of constant dating and not finding 'the one' and still being single amidst people getting into relationships, getting engaged, getting married, and some even starting families had caught up and left me feeling shitty. The funny part is, I found someone in the middle of writing 3 Wishes lol. It still feels odd. Anyways, an update is likely, but like Exiled, I don't know when.

This is getting long, but the purpose of all this was to provide an explanation to anyone who is even reading this (after all, FFNET is not the same as it was when I first started on this in 2002). I am still here, but they are mostly periods of appearing and disappearing because life is catching up to me and my problems are no longer restricted to only passing calculus and getting into university lol. Now there are bills and work and all adult-like things. So, this is not a goodbye or anything, just an FYI (but eventually I will disappear from here too, just being realistic). I have other stories stored on my computer that were never published, but I may publish them just for fun. They are not complete, just interesting ideas. I still check my PM on here, so feel free to send me a message.

xoxo Ms. Controversy


NOTE (Regarding Exiled): The story is loosely based off the MTV show Exiled as well as myself. The story will be Kai/OC and Tala will have a pairing as well (not an OC). The character Dylan Ivanov may and will have similarities to my character Evian MaCaffery from DLS but won't be the same. You'll notice considerable differences.

NOTE (Regarding DLS): I know I should have updated a VERY long time ago but I've been having a ton of ideas for other fics! I keep switching from DLS to other stories. I must have ADD. Anyways, check out the other story and R and R!

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DLS Soundtrack This is only a rough soundtrack (not final, meaning changes will be made). Comment and send in suggestions through reviews. I want 15 songs for this soundtrack.

1. I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado

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3. The City Lights - The Umbrellas

4. Just A Little Girl - Amy Studt

5. God Is A DJ - Pink

6. Heart In A Cage - The Strokes

7. Move Along - All American Rejects

8. Sunday - SIA

9. Me, Myself, And I - Beyonce

10. The Adventure - Angels And Airwaves

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12. Crash and Burn - Savage Garden

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14. All Falls Down - Kanye West

15. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

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