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Author has written 6 stories for Ben 10, Dragon Ball Z, Teen Titans, Soul Calibur, Generator Rex, Anime X-overs, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

All you need to know about me:

I love One Piece, its like God's gift to anime freaks.

Yes i do believe in God. If you see anything in my stories that controdicts the Bible, TELL ME! Ill fix it.

Ben 10 is my favorite western cartoon, although ever since the late Dwane Mcduffy passed away, the characters have become one sided and stupid.

I hate when people don't finish good stories, ill try not to do that. If I stop, it'll be at some point where you can have closure.

Even though im 16, my first Dragon Ball Z experience was last summer (sad right?). Now its like breakfast to me, if I don't have it I go on a rampage a beat stray animals and snobby bus drivers...no joke.

I have 3 major fics in mind for this summer...

1)Ben10: Ultimate Heros A Ben10xFusionFallxDC epic story. Featuring Ben, Rex, Terra, Danny Phantom, and just about any character you can think of at some point or another. Don't worry, im only focussing on the first 4 for now. Ben's old team is split up, forced to work in different corners of the country. But the Earth military council couldn't have picked a worse time to seperae our favorite heros. There are evil powers at work, capable summoning creatures from the most sinful of nightmares, and Ben is caught in the middle of it. His newest friend and partner Rex has an idea of whats going on, and this strange girl Terra seems to be hiding something. Danny joins out of loyalty, and suddenly, one of the most powerful teams in the Milkyway is about to take on an asignment none of them could have prepared for. And Gwen? Well, how would you feel if someone just apeared in your circle of friends and had to work with you? thats how the Teen Titans feel. And Kevin's back in New York, with Agent Six and Bobo, who picked up afew grey skined girls to work in their rag tag group. In case you can't tell...no I won't say anymore. Look forward to it. By the way, this is vol.1. :p

2)Dragon Ball 22 Dbz story about android 22, a clone of Vegeta, Goku, and Brolly. During his artifitial growth, an earthquake stops the process prematurely and he is sent to the past in the body of an 11 year old boy with an incomplete memory who greatly resembles Vegito... Don't worry, unlike Universe 16 Vegito and his daughter, I won't over power him. I'm sorry but... making Bra stronger than Goku? Really? I love DBMiltiverse but...no. Trust me this is a very balanced and entertaning story that combines the adventure of Dragon Ball with the Action of Dragon Ball Z. Go gett'm...uh...whats this kids name? ...What?! Who gave him that name?

3) One Piece: Fairy Tails Entranced The Strawhat Pirates are caught in a windless duldrum, when an odd turn of events has the catapulted through space and time into EarthLand where they must free the imprisoned goddess of Magic by breaking the seals on a series of dangerous islands. But ofcourse there is more to freeing the goddess than breaking afew seals. Joined by Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Grey, and Happy, more about each character is revealed than they would care to tell. the dead come back to life, unknown enemies are met, and lost memories flash through the minds of every mage and pirate. Something tells me Luffy won't be laughing this one off any time soon. LuffyxLucy :P.

SO... Summer is now over, and I havn't finished a thing, I havn't even started a couple of these, and my Ben 10 story gets no recognishon, so Im gonna rewrite it. Don't cry, you don't care that much.

I'm heading for my Junior Year now people. thats the No Nonsence year, get ready for college and life and crap. So I won't be on as much. But never fear...

I have a story plan so epic, so awsome, so fan-fiction-freaking- tastic that you'll never guess what it is...and I won't tell you! HA!

So all my fans, and readers, I love you all and I'll make sure to keep tabs onyour stories too. This isn't the end you know. It's a whole. New. Begining!


By the way, I've got some new story ideas now, and instead of saying I'll work on them I'll let you decide. I'll put up a poll soon but for now here's what you can expect. (These are working titels people. So i have something to call it before it's finished.)

A Fairy-Boy's Tail: A young 14 year old Link is sent away from Hyrule to face a powerful enemy in another Dimesion. Typical summary. But think about it, Link in Earthland? Sounds like fun! His Hylian magic will be sure to turn afew heads, but he's got a long way to go if he wants to beat the mage of all mages. Vaati! So after meeting Wendy Marvel, he joins Fairy Tail. He'll face many trials from godslayer mages to evil counterparts. And aperantly he has father issues. Erza makes a bad sparring partner too. This isn't a Link from any particular game, just one I made up to coinside with the story. And because i like the spell DIN'S FIRE!!!!

Broken Edge;Azure Nightmare: Takes place in the Percy Jackson Universe. One month after the Titan war. Rachel Elizabeth Dare has a series of nightmaric visions about a murderous monster that devours souls. After a mental breakdown and atempted suicide, the only person who can save her is Percy. But while he's focused on Rachel, Nico gets a visit from Bianca...who tries to Kill Him! And Lady Artemis goes soul hunting after killing...a lizard man!? Leading up to her dual with her half sister Thalia. All of these surprisingly angsty events tie back to one thing. SOUL EDGE! A consious sword with the power to posses anyone who touches it. The big three kids leave their world in a desprate attempt to save thier loved ones, and find soul calibur. The only weapon that can destroy soul edge. But they will find out soon. The two soul swords arn't as different as thay once thought.

Gomu Gomu no Jutsu: I give you a retelling of the chunin exams with the Strawhats as young genin from the Tidal Wave village. Of course they've all been de-aged to be around 12-13. And being who they are, a young and still socially insecure Naruto can't help but like them. This is a famliy story people. Do you know what the Strawhats are capable of. Naruto will see some crazy things man, giant robots, battle ships, shape shifters, sniper kings, stretchy people, he might even get a girl friend (cough-maybe-cough). Young Naruto also learns that destiny and fate arn't nonsence, but a part his dreams. That's what sertain son of Dragon will teach him soon enough.

"Remember Naruto," said Luffy as they looked over the village. "Your dreams are useless enless you have someone other than just yourself to live for."

"You won't accomplish anything living the fun easy way. I'd rather die a hundred times and become the greatest swordsman than give up because I can't use chackra." said Zoro as he swung his massive weights.

"I use to think that my friends would leave me if they found out what I was." Said Nami wiping a tear away. "But without them, I would have never been able to be the real me."

"I may be a dead last, but whatever I can't do with my body..." Usopp stuck a dramatic pose. "I will build with my mind! I am Usopp the Increadible Gadgeteer!"

Sanji sighed. "Your right. A dream like mine would take forever to accomplish. But you know what? Some dreams are worth waiting for. If you do it with a small unexperienced spirit, you can't hadle its massive beauty."

"Yeah I'm the smallest one, but I will always be there to protect my friends. It's my duty as the doctor to insure they're saftey." Said Chopper proudly.

"I was once an outcast as well." Robin said from under her hat. "Because of where I come from people hate me. My friends gave me a home. Even when I was willing to throw away my life, Luffy told me to live for myself and my dream, because he needed me." she looked him in the eyes. "He needed me like I needed him."

Franky jumped out of his battle suit. "So what if my dream dosn't benefit me? I love what I do, so i'll keep doing it until it benefits everyone else! That's my satisfaction! The pride in knowing I my creations made a difference."

"This song is pretty old." Said Brook. he was pretty scrawny for a Jounin but he had alot of energy to play for 6 hours. "but it brings back good memories. I've made many mistakes but I have no regrets. Through all my suffering I knew I'd have better days if a was patient and persevered. That's how I was blessed with these young bright students. Yohohohohoh!"

Pretty awsome right?

I hope you want one of these at least. Remember though. I'm a believer of God. A christian. Any story I write with elements like magic and souls and demigods is all from a mythological point of view. I don't believe in them, I just think they're fun to write about.

Dr. Pluton Black...is out ya'll.


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