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1 Peter 1:23

You have been born again by means of the living word of God. His word last forever.


NEWS: I just saw Thor 2 The Dark World!!!! IT WAS AWESOME! If you are a superhero fan, go see it NOW! Captain America The Winter Soldier is not far off! The Avenger two is on its way!

Welcome: Hello, I am mild-mannered BornAgainINChrist and I am a HUGE LOVER of WordGirl and God if you can't all ready tell. About six (or was it seven :?) years ago I became a fan of WordGirl when it started premiering its short clips. Yep I'm not only a big fan but I'm an old fan too XD. I have been devoted to the show and constantly geek out whenever the newest episodes come on T.V. (And I mean GEEK OUT sometimes you'll find me in there with a video camera just so I can record it and watch it again later). As far as my reputation comes I am very kidish for my age I love anything that makes me laugh nonstop. One thing that I always want to be is a kid (of course a superhero is another option;D) but really I always want to be a kid at heart.

Now I'm sure you noticed the name and yes I am a christian. I am a BornAgainINChrist christian to be more specific. My name defines my true purpose and that is Jesus Christ and because I am in Christ I am not ashamed to say so. I absolutely love my church and have the three bestest friends a girl could ask for. God blessed me with an awesome christian family, a big house, and a soul that longs for him. This leads up to my most favorite bible verse which is Jeremiah 29:13 (if you are at the computer or own a bible it is a great verse to look up). Anywho, Apart from that I am a superhero lover. I find DC and Marvel superheros to be all the more fascinating.

Age: ? (That is classified just cause I say so ;D)

Gender: ? (For security I would like to keep this classified)

State: I'm in the UNITED ''States" I think that counts :D

Plays: Piano, Snare Drum, Xylophone, and other percussion stuff (Currently musically busy and other classified information)

Likes: Jesus Christ, Bible, WordGirl, Family, Superheroes, Biking, Drawing, Piano, Stories, the Beach, Starry Nights, Video Spoofing, Rock and Sea shell collecting,, Fading Façade (Thanx Platonic, Great Story), EvilKandyKid/Loave's WordGirl fanfics (Thanks Loave, You're Awesome), DC comics, Marvel comics, Evangelism Science, Spongebob, Cookies, Fishing, and Graphic Novel Making, Star Wars, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Hide-in-go-seek in the dark, slumber parties, Sleeping in, Laughing, Reading, Helping, getting Muddy, Creationist Kent Hovind (enjoy his debates against Atheist), Writing, Eating Fried Chicken, PBS, Action movies, Wearing Overalls, Watching sunsets, and having morning quiet times with the Lord.

Dislikes: Theory of Evolution (will gladly protest flaws), Bad hair days, Waking up on Mondays, Growing up, Getting sick, Falling behind in work, Feeling bored, Crime, Death, Romance, Teenage Disney channel shows that are over dramatic, major romance WordGirl fluff blah and TwoBrainsXWordGirl shippings double BLAH, and not getting time to watch WordGirl.


Favorite Songs: Gold by Britt Nicole (Britt Nicole is currently my favorite Christian artist and Hans Zimmer is my favorite movie composer.), Born Again by Newsboys, God Speaking by Mandisa, Aware by Salvador, One True God by Mark Harris, The Gravel Road by James Newton Howard, The Dark Knight Soundtrack by James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer, Megamind Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, Transformers Soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky, etc.

Favorite Colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow... but my most favorite is BLUE! As you can probably tell by the BLUE neon bible logo lol XD.

Favorite Superheros: WORDGIRL (of course), Superman, Batman, Thor, Captain America, Transformers (I know transformers aren't superheros but their close enough), Ironman, GI Joe, etc. (Note: I love superheros and there are so many more I adore)

Favorite Movies: Thor: The Dark World, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek, Man Of Steel, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 1 & 2, Despicable Me 2, Despicable Me, Batman The Dark Knight Rises, Megamind, Batman Begins, Batman The Dark Knight, Superman Returns, Star Wars trilogy, Signs, Ironman, Ironman 2, Transformers (some parts in it) :\, Transformers 2 (some parts of it) :\, The Village, Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense, Spongebob the movie (love spongebob and patrick so funny XD), Jurassic Park (apart from the evolution urgh...), Jurassic Park III (apart from the evolution...I just like dinosaurs), Facing The Giants (really good Christian movie), Blind Side, Harry Potter trilogy (I just really love the story line), Narnia The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe (I love its similarities to the Bible), Justice League first and second season, Gilligan's Island (funny humor love it XD), Indiana Jones 1, 2, & 3, (Hated number four), my set of Kent Hovind seminars about the problems with evolution, Captain America, Thor, and the AVENGERS AHH AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite Quote/Song Lyric Of The Month:

Batman And Superman singing in unison:

"When Captain America throws his mighty shield.

All those who choose to oppose his shield must yield.

Unless your a bomb, or a plane, or some ice,

then he’ll choose to take a nap, cause the ice seems nice.

When Captain America throws his mighty shield." - Hishe's: Captain America How It Should Have Ended

Favorite Song Of The Month:

10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) by Matt Redman

Here Is A Taste Of The Lyrics I've Listened To A Million Times:

Bless the lord oh my soul
Oh my soul
Worship his holy name
Sing like never before
Oh my soul
I worship you holy name


The Road Called Life

The road of life, it seems to me, is not as smooth as it should be.
Sometimes the road seems all uphill, like swallowing a bitter pill;
Sometimes the bumps get really rough, and you give up, or else get tough.
But the hardest part, it seems to me, is when you drive up to a “T.”

You must go left or else go right, and that’s what makes my stomach tight;
Decisions seem so hard to make, but I must choose which road to take.
That choice determines where I’ll be and also my whole family.
I asked for help from those around, but their view, too, was from the ground.

And so I asked the One I knew (Who up in heaven has a view),
Of all the roads that I might take, to keep me right for Jesus’ sake.
I prayed and prayed and then I chose, and was I right? My Father knows,
But He won’t say too much to me; He saves it for eternity.

And then I think that He will say, “My son, you could have chosen either way;
I’m more concerned about your heart, than where you go or when you start.
It’s not so much which way you go, but what you do with what you know.
You may go left or right or straight. I’ll meet you at the pearly gate
And welcome you with open arms, and keep you safe from all life’s harms.”

I s’pose I’ll wonder every day, “What if I’d gone the other way?”
But this time I’ll just do my best and pack my stuff and head out West.

- Creationist Dr. Kent Hovind

BornAgainINChrist Updates:

11/11/13: I just saw Thor 2 in theaters!!! It was AWESOME! Go see it NOW!

7/7/13: Just came back from a beach vacation! During it I saw Man of Steel and Despicable me 2. Both are currently my favorite movies! I also updated my latest story Helping Her? Which is on chapter I think. So, yeah if you want to you can check it out *shrugs*.

5/6/12: Just went to see the Avengers. It was a amazing movie. GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!!!XD

4/15/12: It is my Birthday so YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am also sad too. Life goes by way to fast. Of course I've got a long way to go, since I'm still young. Though, you can't help but just realize that the Lord numbers your days.

2/28/12: Wow! It has been a while. Yikes, I can't believe how behind I have gotten in updating. Oh well but I have come to say that I just finished my latest story. Its called "The Visitor" it is based off of the WordGirl movie "The Rise Of Miss Power". I hope to write more soon.

11/17/11: It has been awhile since I updated this but I have to say I won't be able to update stories very much right now...(like I do it much anyway :/). I have been back up because of all the school work I have and because of my computer. Can't say I'll update but I'll try to keep my chin up in the situation have a happy Thanksgiving _

10/11/11: Yay!!! Finally I finished my first chapter of my newest story! Its called The Present, The Past, and The Western: Time Warped (technically it's part one to the story I plan to make). Oh and the Western part to the story won't be till part two. Though, must warn you siblings told me to write this so don't know if it will be good.

9/14/11: Haven't been updating story writing has hit a slump. School has piled up and band practice is everyday plus piano every Thursday and drum practice every Wednesday (whoop-dee-do)

8/22/11: Hazah :Z school is back...a whole another 10 months of school to go...great...

8/9/11: BUSY! BUSY! Sorry but my summer has been SO busy. Last week I went on a church retreat for a week and everything has just been a blur but I did go to see Captain America (Comment: EPIC...hint: if you wait till the end of the credits you will see the trailer for the Avengers). I also saw Harry Potter that was AMAZING! Please know that I plan on taking a break from The Star And The Shield...I am currently working on another story XD

7/21/11: Tonight, I'm going to see Captain America *cheers* XD so excited.. plus I saw the new Batman trailer The Dark Knight Rises (can wait to see that too)... and I think I will be seeing the new Harry Potter this Sunday (I think) XD

7/10/11: Good to be back! I just had a week long vacation with my family it was totally AWESOME! Ready to continue writing and such...XD Yay!

6/9/11: Alrighty I have just updated the story The Star and The Shield please feel free to R&R. Have a great last week of school ;D

6/2/11: Just have to say but I am totally excited about the rumors of the 2012 WordGirl movie...I have been to the PBS facebook and I am sold well sort of but I am thrilled that they may finally be doing a movie...or in this case a long episode...Alright sorry if posting on my story has been slow I caught a bad case of writers block last night and my mind hasn't got over summer fever is raging and I am totally ready to get a jump start on my summer XD

5/31/11: What a weekend it has been for me, sorry I had a Botsford family vacation so I am coming back fresh. Ok, for any of you guys first reading my story note that I am adding some more to chapter two and once I send it to be revised (Thanx Endless Secrets) I will then post more of what I have wrote. Keep on the look out ;) and don't be afraid to review.

5/26/11: Ok, I just happened to read some of my reviews on my story The Star and The Shield. I just wanted to shout out some thanks for you guys reviewing the story. Please if you guys like or dread my story don't be afraid to show it. Hey a terrific Thursday!

5/24/11: Hey guys, I am currently working on chapter two in my story The Star and The Shield. Plan on my story being a long one, believe me I have a whole bunch of ideas swirling in my head and I intend to write them... please feel free to R&R...Have a great Tuesday XD

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