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Some things I learned about my self.

Aquarius Astrology January 20 - February 18Aquarius Strength Keywords:

- Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original

Aquarius Weakness Keywords:

- Stubborn
- Unemotional
- Sarcastic
- Rebellious
- Aloof

Aquarius and Independence:

Aquarius personality is very independent, any attempt to hold them down or restrict them will cause them, to flee. They need to be free to be on their own. Independence is not just desired by Aquarius, it is essential to their well being.

Aquarius and Friendship:

Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another. They love to make people laugh and cheer people up and it makes them feel good to make others feel good. They do not expect anything in return for this could put a damper on their freedom, they live with no strings attached. They are very unconventional and always full of excitement, an Aquarius friend always makes life fun. They might offer you a spontaneous last minute camping trip with no supplies prepared, if you decide to go along, you will have a weekend to remember forever!

Aquarius and Business:

Aquarius likes to do something useful with their lives, mixing that with their amazing way with people, they make excellent politicians and social workers/psychologists. They are progressive thinkers and are great at forming new ideologies and theories, any type of research is very suited to Aquarius. Aquarius one downfall in the business world is the attention to detail, they like the grand ideas and massive plans and can make them happen, but the mundane day to day repetitive details causes them to procrastinate. Aquarius needs a secretary.

Aquarius and Temperament:

Aquarius tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way. Their stubbornness sometimes causes their failure, they will continue to do something their way even though others have proved it is wrong, they are very smart people and know it is wrong but they will continue just because it is their way, they are very fixed in opinion and stubborn when confronted. Despite their stubbornness and fixed opinion, they will never impose their ideas on others, they have respect for everybody's differences.

Aquarius Deep Inside:

Aquarius are in search of wisdom, they are very observant and they can gather their information objectively because emotions do not get in the way, they seem to be above emotions altogether and when they speak, they speak the truth. Sometimes it may be shocking or painful because of their disregard for the feelings of others, but they intend no harm, they call it like they see it and do not emotions cloud their judgment, they are very detached from emotion. It is not that Aquarius are unemotional, they just to not trust their emotions so they incorporate them into their ideas of who they are. As a result, if someone does not agree with their ideas, Aquarius sometimes takes it personally, not as much as other zodiac signs however as Aquarius is intellect driven and not emotionally driven. Sometimes they wonder if there is something in life that they are missing because they do not feel like other people feel. This does not necessarily prevent them from being involved in intimate relationships, they are capable of this but the person on the other end will always notice an air of detachment from Aquarius. Aquarius wonders 'why?' so much that they can question their existence. They wonder if what they are doing is useful, they want other people to notice them and appreciate them, this is caused by underlying insecurities that wonder if other people accept them for who they are but these are never brought to the surface because to an Aquarius, it does not matter that much because they know that they are special.

Aquarius in a Nutshell:

Aquarius is the sign of visionaries, unconventionality and intellectual independence. Aquarius are the people who deviate from the crowd and go their own way. They are always after intellectual stimulation, constantly discovering something new, forming new opinions and stubbornly traveling their way regardless of what other people think. Aquarius are filled with paradoxes, they are interested in the opposite ends of the spectrum, they like to be alone yet are social butterflies, they like to experience both sides and see both opinions as they formulate new ideas with their forward thinking, active mind. Aquarius have a 'live and let live' policy where everyone is free to be themselves, an Aquarius never judges others because as human beings, we are all equal and entitled to our own opinions. They are verbally skilled and very witty, they observe people and learn how to interact with others through observation. They can be masters of manipulation justifying anything they do or think. As a result, they can deal with any type of personality and adapt to any situation. They welcome change because boredom is their enemy. Anything new is an opportunity to Aquarius. Aquarius can act as an expert on any topic, they are very good at inflating their own importance, they feel it is deserved because their eccentricity makes them unique. Conventional people beware, Aquarius likes to shock and deviate from the norm, this is how they live. Aquarius is known to pick at anyone they find weak or dull-minded. It is simply an easy target for verbal exercise for them, no harm is meant but it might be taken from the other person. Deep inside, Aquarius would never intentionally hurt anyone, they have respect for every human, even thought this might not seem apparent to the more emotional types.What it's Like to Date a Aquarius Woman:

The Aquarius woman is the ultimate independent woman. She is funny, smart, adventurous, never clingy or jealous, never demanding and not overly emotional. She is unpredictable and craves excitement. Anything goes with this woman and any man that she chooses will have an amazing relationship. Court her and woo her, she expects this ladylike treatment, she is old fashioned in that sense but be known that her mind is already made up and if she is not interested, she will never be interested. The relationship will progress slowly because she does not get emotionally involved very easily and she is not one for showy displays of romantic affection. The man who is trying to win her heart has to treat her with respect and treat her as an equal. Communication is key, this is how a relationship with an Aquarius woman evolves. Once she trusts you and you two grow closer, she is an amazing loyal and kindhearted person. She will always seem to be detached, she fears losing her identity in a relationship so do not be surprised if even in a long term relationship she seems more like a fiend then a romantic partner. Do not press her emotionally or tie her down with demands and obligations because this will cause her to run. Never be jealous, this is a big red flag to her and she will leave right away, the Aquarius woman can never be tied down, she is free as a bird. If you give her all she needs, she will be completely faithful so you should not worry when she is out on her own, give her space and respect her privacy and all will be well. Aquarius woman is for the man who loves a challenge and adventure.

What it's Like to Date a Aquarius Man:

This man is all about intellectual stimulation. You can be the prettiest girl in the world but if you do not stir his mind, he won't bother. Communication is so important to this man. Deep inside he longs for love but this causes him inner trouble because of his inability to understand emotion so an Aquarius man in love often stumbles on his own words, be patient with him and don't hold it against him because deep inside, he is having fun. Beware that an Aquarius man can fall out of love as easily as falling in love. The woman has to be able to adapt to him, he will not change for anybody and demands respect and understanding for the way he is, no matter how eccentric his ideals are. He needs stimulation and a partner to share life's adventures with, not just someone to sit on the couch and watch a movie all the time. Do not press him emotionally or tie him down with demands and obligations because this will cause him to run. Never be jealous, this is a big red flag to him and he will leave right away, the Aquarius man can never be tied down. If you give him all he needs, he will be completely faithful so you should not worry when he is out on his own, give him space and respect his privacy and all will be well. Aquarius man is for the woman who loves a challenge and adventure.

How to Attract Aquarius:

Communication is key. You must be able to stimulate their minds, engage in a friendly, witty verbal battle but do not expect to come to any conclusions, this is not the point. They crave the brain exercise. If you unable to keep up with the intellect and the unconventional ways that Aquarius is known for, you might want to look elsewhere. Aquarius needs communication compatibility more then anything else. Have variety in your dates, think of interesting things to do like a trip to the zoo, but if you can't think of any crazy idea, leave it up to Aquarius to make plans but do not be surprised if they change the plan in the middle, be flexible like them. They do not like naggers or complainers so keep the talk positive and all should be well.

Aquarius Erogenous Zone:

The calves and ankles are the most sensitive spots. Most Aquarius like their ankles tied together or at least held down. They enjoy calf massages and light scratching with your fingernails on their ankles and legs.

Sex With Aquarius:

Aquarius have a very imaginative approach to sex, they like creativity and novelty, they are not fond of not passion and an emotional sex. Sex to an Aquarius is a fun thing, expect to laugh and be silly, it's like a fun game between a couple. Anything goes with Aquarius, they like spontaneous encounters and quickies.

I felt the need to update this, for my stories. I had to get a new computer so I don't have Microsoft word on it. I need to find the flash drive with my stuff on it. Although cause I went ahead and saved the next chapter that I was working on for Return of the Wish Mana I can still work on it through the site it self. Still it does mess with the time I will be posting. So until I am able to finish the chapter it will not be posted.

- Having sex every day.

- Saving sex for your wedding night.

- Never having sex.

- Having sex with different people.

- Having sex with one person.

- Having sex with a person of your same gender.

- Loving sex.

- Hating sex.

- Being loud.

- Being quiet.

The only thing wrong with sex?

When it’s not consensual.

Because that’s not sex. That’s rape.

I found this and had to put it here. o

A challenge to change the follow of Naruto Faniction. Try it if you can.

1. no over done bullying scenes and etc.

2. TRY and make it more so about emotional pain. Not "Get out of here you demon!" and the liking.

3. if you can do step to. Make so it is more like people refuse to server him and what not. I don't mean just out right attack him. Doing something like making the character say they simply don't want to server him. As far as my knowledge goes, they did not give him the time of day not went out of their way to find and hurt him. if anything they would leave when he showed up out of fear.

4. if anyone bullied him it was the kids and some that may have been 3 years older then him.

5. I was told there was a Naruto story where Amaye became a prostitute cause her family store was running low on funds. This would make no sense to me as the shop does get a LOT more customers then just Naruto. I understand they don't show it much but I can recall I have seen people other then Naruto eat there.

6. Try and give Naruto a different team, I mean I heard of and even read some stories where Naruto get put on the SAME team as Sasuke and they just change it to Hinata. Make a new character besides this. I mean really, I found one where Sai is put on the team and not Naruto. How the hell is Sai on the team under Danzo's orders, He would still know his brother shin by then any way. It just makes no sense Sai would still be intact on the emotional level. He didn't become 'void' of emotion will maybe I think 10. if you ask I did read his wiki one time 2 days ago.

7. Give him something other then clones if you going back before his gets out of the academy. At least change it was it does not go to him getting used. That card is all to very far over played, the ship has sailed on that.

8. if you ignore step 7 for whatever reason, if he is learning Rasengan make it so he can use it without the need of clones. Even if that part of 8 is overlooked make him at least combo with the clones and not just puff away. That is just a waste of more chakra.

9. Give him so basic use of genjutsu if he is going to advance fast. Not even powerful but come on using Rasengan has got to help with chakra control the way he makes use of it.

10. This is more so for me, but please I beg you (to a degree on the 'begging') give him Wind/Fuuton, Water/Suiton, Earth/Doton, maybe a weak use affinity of ration. Just no fire. Fire/Katon was and still is over played in the series. I have seen 2 fucking TWO real Fuuton jutsus. All others were either in a game or needed a weapon. The only person that did other wise was Danzo. I find it very sad that the main character has Fuuton affinity and the only other person that used them without a weapon did not even get that much screen time in the series. Even Orochimaru has it and his used it once and that was during the exams. Come on that is just all to sad. Water is a big element in the series. The main user that got the most screen time was Kisame. I would say use his jutsus but they are all shark related so that is basically out. Other user that I know of was Itachi but I don't recall him using it much. Earth is an element like water was known or at least implied to be some or one of the Senju clan main elements. This again we were robbed of seeing much of. Raiton; Sasuke has the element and yet it is known to mostly be used by Cloud Shinobi. Most of them that are shown are Chidori related such a fail. Where is something new, dark skin ninja finally in the series and that dont bring the element they are known for with more originally? Chidori got enough fucking screen time already just stop.

11. Not many popular Fūinjutsu type of stories. Come on people go to Naruto Wiki and look up Fūinjutsu and Barrier Ninjutsu. The two most under used fields in the series until now. Come on bring out some new stories.

12. This is more of a side note. Orochimaru used Fuuton: Great Breakthrough in the exams. I found out it was a C-Rank Fuuton Jutsu also Kakuzu used Fuuton: Pressure Damage. A B-Rank Fuuton Jutsu. They are basically saying Naruto has the most powerful element in the ninja world with that kind of ranking for them. Both did a lot of damage too.

More stories ideas/challenges coming soon. Senju clan challenge in below this.

I have been looking for some stories that I may found interesting and it seems like a very short list of Senju - Naruto, Fuinjutsu - Naruto, Chakra-Chain Naruto, Naruto with living family ( I don't mean one that makes his family seem like they are wronging him or some shit. I mean one where he grows up a some what normal life with BOTH parents living and not dying off without a good amount of time in the story. and Hanyo Naruto

Challenges for those who think they can handle it and just don't know where to start.

Senju Naruto -

1. Naruto does not get Mokuton till some where around the age of 14 13 1/2 is the earliest he can learn he may be able to attain it.

2. If parents are alive they must stay some what in character. They have only ONE child and of course its Naruto. They are not ass holes to Naruto and etc.

3. The village only has 5 members as a council. (I am going by what I saw when Itachi was shown reporting to them. Besides I tire of the "council" being every clan head and shit.)

4. Naruto can still have Kurama even if Minato and Kushina lives via means of the 'Masked Man' attacking.

5. Naruto is still some what gifted with heal time by the fact he is half Uzumaki/Senju and fast developing chakra reservoir by the fact his parents are both at kage level chakra.

6. Minato is the reason for Naruto being half Senju.

7. Mokuton can only be attained via the means of learning sage mode.

8. You can not have the original team 7, via means Naruto and Sasuke cant be on the same team. Sakura can be either cause the story needs room for a surprise or so.

9. Naruto must learn at least some forms of seals and barrier jutsus. I mean at least 5 in each. As for an idea you can make him a sensory nin. (Just something that is not done often as I know.)

10. Jiraiya and Tsunade are Minato bio. parents.(They do not need to be a where of this fact.)

11. Nagato must be in the story for the reason of the Akatsuki. He is still able to walk and work through his own body. (he can still be crippled but can fight for about 2-3 hours before needing physical rest. your choose though.)

Now time for some of my pairings

Naruto & Hinata

Minato & Kushina

Jiraiya & Tsunade

Hashirama & Mito

Naruto & Haku (Only works for me if Haku is one of 2 girls that are in it , any more and it ruins the story for me. cause of the while screen time problem when Haku is a part of it.)

Shikamaru & Temari

Gaara & Tayuya (I read one story where it seem to work.)

Sai & Ino

Kiba & Ino

Kiba & the cloud ninja

least favorite

NarutoXSakura (I hate the pairing)

In honesty I would watch yaoi first and enjoy for the soul fact of no NaruSaku expact NaruSasu thats just as bad as NaruSaku.

Team 7 never really needed a medic. Sasuke was always able to beat his enemy before taking too much damage, Naruto has Kyuubi to fight off any poison and he heals pretty quickly. The only time they needed a 'medic' may have been in The Forest of Death. But she could have used a genjutsu to cover them. She would do better if she was a sub-medic. In my fan fiction I will try to make her respectable in my opinion and hopefully in a lot of others.

Now I don't know why but there are not at least 10 fictions bout bleach that is for Vaizard lovers (Me). I also hope to make one that will get others to do the same.

'My Favorite Quotes'

Top Favored.

Al Capone said, "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me."

'If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes back into you.'

'The world that you want never to end will always return to chaos.'

'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.'

'Once things change they are never the same.'

'Every light has its darkness.'

'Every Darkness has a light.'

'Chaos can never truly be at peace. '

'The Yin-Yang descends from Twilight. '

'Twilight descends from Chaos.'

'Light cannot escape Darkness. '

'Darkness cannot hide from the Light.'

'Look into a mirror and a soul stares back.'

'A Demon without pride is just a human.

'An Angel without love is a weak human.'

'Fire and Lighting are easy to see.'

'Wind and Water are hard to read.'

'Someone who has to barrow or take power from another can not be a true God.'

'To copy is to learn but to take is to steal.'

'Someone without purpose is worst then something with no life.'

'What is good is never good enough.'

'What does it truly mean to be a higher being?

'An Angel that has lost love is a bird without wings.

'A maelstrom is the eye of a storm.'

'A maelstrom in the sky is a hurricane that can fly'

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