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Author has written 13 stories for Sailor Moon, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.
Welcome to my bio! Don't know how you got here, but welcome! Right now I'm working on fics, but I don't wanna post my current project up until I actually have something to! I'd like a beta-reader, so if you'd like to do it for me, email me! Also, I just started a new website (link should be somewhere on!) that will have a section for fanfiction. I'm going to add links to my favorite fanfictions there^^ Also, if you'd like your fanfiction to have a link to it from there, email me with the link to your fic. I'll read through it and if it's up to snuff, I'll add the link to it from my site to increase traffic which means MORE REVIEWS FOR YOU!!! All I ask in return is for a link to my site from your site if you have one, but it's not required! I will take any type of fic with any rating, but I'd prefer Lord of the Rings, Sailormoon, Dragonball Z, Harry Potter, or Charmed!
Things you should know about me
~I am an elf
~I am slightly psychotic by human standards
~I am obsessed with LOTR
~I like the books better than the movies^
~Orlando Bloom is not only cute, but an awesome actor!
~I think that all the LOTR actors have TRUE talent!
~Lord of the Rings is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me
~I love anime
~I love music
~I love to sing
~I love to read fanfiction
~Uh...I've already told you way too much
~I've seen TTT countless times, as I have it on dvd. Gotta love downloads.
~You don't need to tell me I'm a bitch. I know it:) (no..I'm not mean...just sarcastic^^)

One thing that I must tell you-I AM NOT an author. I am a writer. I write what comes into my mind. I write it exactly how it flows in my head, which means that it may not nessacarily comply with many people's idea of good grammar. You do have to give me some credit. At least I can spell the word unlike some people who have made rude comments about my "grammer"

Well I didn't really want to start another long ficcy, but I continued on Frozen due to fan request!!! I appreciate constructive critism and revies in general, but there is a line between constructive and destructive. (Constructive-You're fic wasn't very good, maybe you should consider doing... it would improve it. Destructive- You're fic was a pile of shit. It totally sucked) Come on people. If you know what you write in a review is going to scare someone off of writing, don't write it. It's really that simple! It is so rude and unnecesary to flame people. It also makes you look rude, immature, and STUPID. (especially when you tell someone that they have bad "grammer". If you didn't catch that then look up the spelling)

I write because I like to write. I might continue fics if asked too (heehee...right miko?) I don't like starting long fics cause I'm always afraid that I won't finish them (It's not an unbased fear!) because I am a major procrastinator!!! Anyways...

I am becoming increasingly interested in writing one-shots and song fics. They are fun and relaxing to write, and I feel that I'm pretty decent at writing them, so look out for more of them if you like the ones I have written so far. (Songfics will probably be more in the Sailormoon category, but I may write some LOTR ones if I can find the right song)

My favourite emoticon-^O.o^
My favourite food-Terriyaki chicken
My favourite instrument-Piano
My favourite music genre-anything with rock
My favourite fiction genre-Fantasy
My favourite musical group-tATu-russian pop/rock group. My first songfic was based on one of their songs. and of course, I love my Disturbed and Slipknot^^ Can't get enough of Disturbed and Slipknot!
My favourite actor-Orlando Bloom (and not just cause he's a hottie)
My favourite actress-Nicole Kidman or Drew Barrymore
My favourite movie-LORD OF THE RINGS!
My favourite book-LORD OF THE RINGS! (the whole trilogy)
My favourite show-Sailormoon
My favourite sailor senshi-All, but mainly probably Saturn and Uranus!
My favourite color-Black and Blue
My favourite animal-Cat
Anyways, I'm kinda freaky and I would love to talk to peoples, so if ya think ya'd like to talk to me, just drop me a line at my email address^.^

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Because You're Mine by Ms. Padfoot reviews
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The Private Rehabilitation Center of Minas Tirith by Aiwendil X reviews
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Changed reviews
Draco comes back to Hogwarts from a summer of hell with alot of unexpected changes. At Hogwarts, he finally finds what he's been secretly wanting his whole R for later chapters...going to smutty...ships will probably be D/G Hermione/Fred an
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