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Hello. Thank you for visiting. My name, age, gender, and location are currently classified so refrain from asking. Hammilton? I have no idea where that came from, but it's easy to say and remember so there you go. Now let's see, what should you know about me...

I am a Christian, a Republican, and majorly against abortion. I love babies and the concept of life. It should not be snuffed out in any way.

I'm one of those freaks who notices when they're should be a spanking instance in a story. I don't really care for sexual spanking, but I can see doing a husband and wife depending on the characters.

I was spanked as a child quite often, and all I have are unpleasant memories of my parents doing it when I didn't deserve it and ignoring it when I did. They did it most of the time when they were at their wit's end in frustration, not carefully and lovingly when one needed proper correction. I believe that is why I am so fascinated by it in stories now. I like to see a parent comforting a child after something like that and using it to teach them, not scare them into tears and submission.

I mostly like to read well written spanking fics that meet the above criteria. So, if you have one, PLEASE MESSAGE ME! I will give you a well rounded review.

I will probably not read something I don't know... I don't really watch modern television. Only old stuff. Yes, I did like Twilight at one point in my life, but eventually my maturity level increased and I realized that I didn't want to be like Bella after all.

I guess I should talk about Twilight now since that's the bulk of work on here. Chiefly, Breaking Dawn. It disgusts me. I liked some parts of it, but most everything else was shocking and sickening. Also, I wish very much that I could have seen Edward depicted more as a father. We didn't get to know Renesmee much, and the fact that there was virtually no relationship between her and Edward is severely lacking on Stephenie Meyer's part. So, if you've got anything that you feel should be added to the pages of Breaking Dawn based on what I've said, again MESSAGE ME! I'd love to read and review it.

Oh yes, let's talk about Jacob. They say Edward's an "unhealthy" boyfriend... I'd say that Jacob is alot worse. He's immature and has no control over his emotions. His mindset is one that shouldn't have him trapped in that body. It's scary, and it encourages young girls to be attracted to future wife beaters. (Honestly, I might as well say it since I've revealed so much already. I think Jacob Black deserved a good whipping even more than Bella did.)

Aside from Twilight, we have Harry Potter. I've recently discovered how much I love it. I fell in love with the Weasley family and I almost wish I could be part of it. Basically, I'm also open to Potter fics. And I hope you can meet up to Rowling's standard's as far as writing goes. She obviously has higher ones than Meyers did.

Finally, I am and always will be a Star Wars geek. Why there isn't more than six is unfathomable to me. C'mon, Lucas, you could actually be making MORE MONEY! We need you. I don't see alot of Star Wars on here, and I'd love to read something about young Anakin. So, if you have one, the message box is located in the upper left hand corner of your screen.

Okay, I've said enough. Always message me even if you don't think I'll read it because I might. I hope to see some action soon! Thanks for sitting through this.

- Hammy (I guess that’s fitting. I mean, I do love pork very much.)

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