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Line up alphabetically by height, please. Prepare for an irrelevant rant.

So then, it seems like ages since I've written anything at all, not to mention fanfiction. The last thing I wrote was an essay depicting Macbeth's tragic downfall with only earned me something like an A-. Pretty damn shitty, I think.

I started writing fanfiction at the age of 11 but debuted on this website at the age of 12. I would read wonderful stories about the passions of unrequited love and how chivalry, just like friendship, is everlasting. I remember some of my favourite fics, the very first T/P I read was one of Ladyfiction's. It's energy and rawness inspired me, I aspired to write something that might possibly inspire others what her story did for me. However, she has sadly removed that story that brought me into the then avid T/P scene.

During my run here, I've been able to contact some of the best writers on this community including Parron, Akira Gown, and the Ladyfiction herself. Of course, the most astonishing would have to be that poem that the amazing Pia Bartolini dedicated to my works. I could not believe it, she in every aspect is so much superior than what I was. Her poems conveyed so much emotion and feelings that would otherwise be redundant when captured on paper. She words released a train of soulful thoughts that seemed to echo within their thin, yet powerful frames.

You have to understand that when I wrote my first fanfic, The Apple Tree, I was only 12 years old. One of my favourite stories of all time was Pretend You Don't See Him, by Angel Eevee. I wished I could write as well as her, alas, that could never be the case. However, when so many people began encouraging my writing and complimenting my stories, it was such a nice feeling and I was driven to write more and more and more. If you notice my stories, I did not even complete a full year of writing. However, that less than year has brought me much joy and inspiration. For that one year of my life, I was convinced that I wanted to be a writer, that I could capture the soul of the human spirits within my own words and convey them to others and make them be understood.

However, it was just about the writing. It was more about the people, the joy of coming onto FF.net everyday after school and the excitement of seeing updated fics like Siege and Assist, Forbidden Love, and to wish for updates for To Fall and Rise again.

I don't know why I stopped writing, I think it was mostly the fact that I lost interest in Dragon Ball Z and therefore in the characters, however, it also had to do with the fact that some of my favourite authors stopped writing. I felt like I had nothing to prove, nothing to look forward to. So I stopped. I've tried to write again, I've even almost completed the next chapter for Guiding Light. However, now that I look at my old work, I am dissatisfied with the quality of writing and my own current writing. How I want to acheive so much with so little to prove.

I really did try. I couldn't do it. I don't think I can face up to the fact that my 12 year old self is more talented than my current self at 15 years of age. I am working on a novel, it's slow going, but the plot and characters are completely my own. I am enjoying it and hope to finish it someday. In the meantine, I am working on my music, music is my passion and I know I've always had a talent to it, beginning piano at the age of 4. I would like to be a musician one day.

As for now, I am mostly browsing around the archives, looking for a glimpse of the T/P community I recognize from my junior high years. Perhaps one day you'll see something of mine pop up again, perhaps on the inspiration of a whim, I'll be able to manage to finish another chapter of a fanfic that no one here would remember.

I think that was some sort of explanation for the people that might still wander accidentally on here, wondering why that girl suddenly stopped writing after she's achieved far more than her heart's desires. However, mostly, I believe it was just to offer myself some condolence. Of that enjoyable year that helped me make the transition from 12 to 13.

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