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Anyway this is my profile. Yeah, so, uh, welcome. If you were wondering about my name (the chocolatedrunk ninja squid) I got it while playing mario party as blooper while eating too much chocolate and playing a minigame where you have to punch people off of ice. I'm special.

Here is a little trick (you're welcome to try it on your friends.) By the end of this sentence you will be uncomfortably aware that you are breathing... And blinking.

So here is some stuff about me:

Name: Christopher

Gender: male


My obsessions are:

Pokemon Special:

It is awesome. Gold is youthful.


It is also awesome and exciting FOOM HA MEE BEE A NINJAAAAAA! I have no idea what that was. Lee is youthful.


I like the whole concept. It has twists and stuff. Still not sure if Masamori is good or bad. Also still not sure if Sen is a boy or a girl.

Percy Jackson:

I want to be the son of Apollo. If I was, then I could drive the sun!

Harry Potter:

'nuff said.


It's just awesome. Cooro is youthful.

Invader Zim:

DOOM DOOMY DOOM! I've pretty much memorized each episode... yes, I do need a life.

Professor Layton:

NO PUZZLE CAN STOP LAYTON'S APPRENTICE! I actually scream that whenever I solve a math problem at school. It's pretty sad.

Rune Factory:

Farmer by killer by night. Or something.

Smash Brothers Brawl:

It's good pasttime. My sister thinks it's mindless. BUT MAD-I-SON! THAT'S THE POINT! i like Pit...and Lucario.

Hunger Games:

I like MAGS! She is so awesome that she has to be capitalized, bolded and underlined. That last sentence translated into magslish is... pluf fliffin flaf capitalized flif flop blep underlined.

Record of a Fallen Vampire:

Its a flippin' young adult vampire romance series only its 200,000,000,000 times better than twilight. (if you ask me taking a dump is more interesting than twilight)


Jeff is creepy. 'nuff said.


Just to straighten up LINK has the dumb green hat. ZELDA is the princess. Not sure why they call it "Legend Of Zelda." Since Link is the main character. But "Legend Of Link" doesn't sound as good.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles:

I love Fai and Mokona.

Maximum Ride:

Angel creeps me out, what with the controlling minds and such.

Ouran High School Host Club:

I love the hosts. I love them all. I like the strong silent type of Mori and the brotherly love of Hikaru and Kaoru are and how cute Honey is and how dramatically awesome Tamaki is and how smartness coolness Kyoya is and *SMACK!* okay... fine. I'll shut up.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic:



you shape the world in your mind the world only you can shape! and ride pigs. you do that too.

So yeah, that's my profile. I'll update if I think of anything else.

Oh, and by the way, Malvolio says: "CROSS GARTERED YELLOW STOCKINGS!"

And that pokespe meets anime is my sister's story. That's right, my famous on fanfic sister Madison. Well, she's famous by like, you know, 4 people anyway... kthnksbye.

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