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Hey what's up? I'm PinguThePenguin. You can call me PP for short...AH CRAP! Those are Pettigrew's initials...oh well. Not like they're mine.

Origin of PinguThePenguin

I was watching a Swedish claymation show called Pingu on Netflix and I had to think of a username fast so I typed in "PinguThePenguin" (the show is about Penguins) and that name was available so now I'm cursed with that name. But don't think I'm gonna be righting about that show. No, I'm sticking with Harry Potter FanFiction! I LOVE Harry Potter! XD

Current Activity like, as I'm typing

(June 5, 2011) I had the weirdest dream. It had slash in it too. O.o What happened was, everyone (James, Peter, Sirius) was mad at Remus (for an unknown reason) especially Sirius. So then, Sirius went overboard and accidentally killed Remus (somehow) and instantly regretted what he had done. Before he died, however, Remus told Sirius he loved him. Sirius told him that he loved him back and they kissed. Right after the kiss, Remus died and Sirius went into a rage quickly followed by a Great Depression. Then Remus came back as a ghost to see Sirius again and Sirius gets even more upset because it was, and I quote, "Torture to see you and not be able touch you." Somehow, Remus randomly becomes solid again and he and Sirius start making out and live happily ever after. And throughout the whole dream, they were in this Ancient Ruins type setting, it was weird!

I think this dream is proof that I might just be obsessed with this paring. Not that there's anything wrong with that, though. ;)

P.S. While I'm here, I'd like to thank and congratulate the user "LoverFaery" for rewarding me with my first review!!!!! THANK YOU, LOVERFAERY! :D You're review means a lot to me! :)

Favorite Things

Favorite animal: Dog or Wolf

Favorite book: Harry Potter series

Favorite movie: Harry Potter series

Favorite Harry Potter Characters: The Marauders; James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew

Favorite Harry Potter Pairings: SBRL (Sirius/Remus) JPLE (James/Lily)

Reminders and... other stuff...

PLEASE DON'T GIVE UP HOPE ON 'SAVIOR OF THE SEAS'!! I'm still working on it! I'm just under a serious case of Writer's Block and have been busy for a very long time.

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Where're the Angels? by bucktooth22 reviews
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A Perfect Morning reviews
Dean wakes up the morning after he and Castiel moved their relationship to the next level, to find the former angel attempting to cook an egg. Dean teaches him to do it the right way. Destiel
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Norman Jayden: Dodgeball Master reviews
We all know that Norman Jayden is the Master of dodging in Heavy Rain. But where did he get his practice from? It all came from a game of dodgeball in elementary school, where he teamed up with his best friend Ethan, and a girl named Madison, who was really good! Together they played against Blake and his friends in the most epic game of dodgeball ever played!
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Savior of the Seas reviews
Captain Sirius Black sails the seas for years searching for the one Savior of the Seas he's meant to sail with. But when he does find him, he doesn't get what he expected at all. SBRL, JPLE. Non-magic. instead, they're Pirates!
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How To Get Your Friends Together reviews
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