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Author has written 4 stories for Skulduggery Pleasant series, Homestuck, and Steven Universe.

'And if you say hide, we'll hide' progress:

Chapter 3: 0/5

Fullsize version of cover: http:// natural-selection-fanfics .tumblr .com /post/148567702232/finally-got-round-to-drawing-a-cover-for-my-new

'Saltwater Room' progress:

Chapter 37: 1/5

Saltwater room is still being updated, it's just taking a while to write the final chapters! :)

Fullsize version of cover: http:// natural-selection-fanfics .tumblr .com /post/121535674622/long-overdue-cover-for-my-homestuck-au-fanfiction

Alsooo I have received fanart for Saltwater Room!! First up a huge thank you to everyone who has drawn me fanart, and let me know if you have done any so I can fawn over it and feature you!!!


http:// xcrazywonderlandx. deviantart. com /art/h-hELP-311568882

http:// ninbubbles. tumblr. com /post/29978777890/a-really-stupid-thing-that-popped-out-in-my-head

Skulduggery Pleasant and its characters and ideas do not belong to me in anyway shape or form. They are copyrighted to Derek Landy.

Similarly, Homestuck and its characters and ideas do not belong to me. They are copyrighted to Andrew Hussie.


-I think that the most important thing for me to highlight here is that I'm a Brit, so there will be words in my fanfictions that have different meanings to me than for any USA readers out there! For example, the classics of pants being underpants for us rather than trousers, a rubber is our eraser and so on.

-Another point is that I tend to waffle - the only reason my writing is as long as it is!

-The final thing is please feel free to concrit my writing! The main reason I write fanfiction (other than to support my fandoms of course!) is to improve my writing so that I can write my original fiction with confidence. I'm also up for chatting, so if you have any questions about anything in my writing, feel free to ask! Although I probably won't disclose any major plot points c;

Saltwater room can be found at Archive of our own: http:// archiveofourown .org /series/25608

And has a tumblr page!

http:// natural-selection-fanfics .tumblr .com/

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Pearl unknowingly spoke to Lapis each day while she was trapped in the mirror, preventing her from corrupting. Now she's free, and Lapis is feeling increasingly conflicted about the strange feelings she has for the Crystal Gem. Spoilers, multi-chaptered, eventual pearlapis.
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