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Top 3 shows: Call of the Wildman, Transformers: Prime, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Top 3 movies: Ultraman Zero the Movie: The Revenge of Belial, Pacific Rim, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Space Sheriff Gavan

Number 1 animal: Killer Whale

Number 1 Ultra monster: Tyrant

Number 1 fanfic: Ultrawoman Corona

Likes: Giant monster movies, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, anime, Super Sentai, Batman, Transformers, art, and ANIMALS

Dislikes: Drugs, alcohol, tobacoo, people who dislikes my friends and/or family, egomaniacs, idiots, jerks, and poachers

Number 1 movie quote: "Smile, you son of a..."- Chief Brody from Jaws

Motto: Good things come from those who wait.

Number 1 actor: Kenji Ohba

When it comes to the giant monster movies, I've most likely just scratched the surface of those films. Godzilla wise, however, I've seen almost everyone of them. Although, I've shown more interest in Super Sentai, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider more than I have with Godzilla. I'm a big anime and cartoon fan, namely ones with action and mild comedy in them. My favorite types of movies are scifi ones, namely ones with mutant animals, dinosaurs, and other giant creatures. When it comes to animated shows, my favorites include Batman, Transformers, and other random shows. My favorite animated charcter is G1 Optimus Prime because no one can beat the original. I live in Ohio and is 18 years old. I love animals, karate, reading, drawing, and playing video games. When I make my fanfictions, I would like some feedback and be told if something is amiss. However, I don't like trolls or flamers, so if you're one of them, leave me alone and go bother someone else.

Current FanFiction:

Prehistoric Park: The Extinct Sanctuary: With the park's new expansion, Nigel travels through time to give animals long gone a new chance at survival. However, with sabre-toothed reptiles, killer dinosaurs, and giant sharks, can Nigel really save these beautiful animals without needing saving himself?

Planned FanFiction:

Ultraman: Friendship is Magic: Twilight and her friends encounter an ancient evil that can turn even the most gentle of beings into giant monsters that have only one goal: destroy all that they see. Their only hope is a giant from the Land of Light who can turn these monsters back into what they were. (Crossover between Ultraman and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Kamen Rider Slither: Hiroshi Kurobe always wanted a normal life. However, after taking part of the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, befriending Kimihito and his "harem," and being a cyborg fighting against an evil organization bent on multiversal domination, as well as protect a traitor from the organization, all chances of a normal life have been set at being -100% possible. (Crossover between Kamen Rider and Daily Life with a Monster Girl)

Godai Sentai Sekaiger: After being set free from captivity thanks to the Gorangers, Kaede (Better known as Lucy), Kouta, and Misato (Kaede's half-brother and trained assassin) meet a human-like being from another planet named Akio, who offers to lead them against the Vectonic Space Lords as a new Super Sentai: The Sekaiger. (Crossover between Super Sentai and Elfen Lied)

Mahou Senshi Jishiba: With an evil magician from the planet Wizard and the leader of the Magi-Beast Syndicate on the loose, magician and space patrolman Kenji Tanaka goes to Earth to protect the main targets from this crime organization: two teenage wizards-in-training. (Crossover between the Metal Hero series and Mamotte! Lollipop)

Ultraman GX: Young man Susumu Naito enters the prestigious Duel Academy, where befriends many of the students. His deck, which was originally his late father's deck, is unlike any at the Academy, for it's filled with the Land of Light's warriors. However, something menacing is in store or Susumu and his friends... (Crossover between Ultraman and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX)

Godzilla Justice: A giant monster is attacking nuclear power plants in the western States. The Justice League and the Young Justice must stop this monster from causing massive collateral damage and harming innocent lives. However, they may be over their heads as they soon face off against the King of the Monsters. (Crossover between Godzilla and Young Justice)

Godzilla: Mutations Unleashed: The HEAT team is back with new adventures, new monsters, and new allies. Along the way, a special someone returns to help fight the mutations that are popping up all over the world.

InuYasha and the Train of Time: The time-traveling train Den-Liner goes berserk, causing it to travel to the Feudal era. Momotaros, who accidentally got thrown off, gets assistance from InuYasha and company to stop the Den-Liner. Meanwhile, rogue Imagin are entering the era and cause havoc to the timeline. Can the Den-Liner crew and their new allies stop these monsters without causing damage themselves? (Crossover between Kamen Rider and InuYasha)

Beast Wars: The Feudal Chronicles: After two spaceships crash land in Feudal Japan, InuYasha and the gang, as well as their family, get caught in a battle between the Maximals and Predacons. Both have come for one mission: get the protoforms and remaining Energon deposits that were left behind in a war known as the Beast Wars. However, because the Predacons have plans of their own, a second Beast War begins and the one that could turn the tide is an assassin who has now considered a turncoat. (Crossover between Beast Wars and InuYasha)

Chibi Vampire: Life as a Hybrid: After many years as a happy normal girl, Kannon starts to have huge headaches and near severe bloody nose accidents. Knowing what may be happening, her father tries to get help from the family that entrusted their daughter to him. The question is what is their resolve on young Kannon's problems?

Clannad: High School Life: Tsubasa never really liked school, but his mother gave him no option but to go. Once he meets a strange girl named Ushio, his curiosity for her causes him to try and get to know about her. With many other girls involved, he will have to adapt to high school if he is to help his friends and do so without hurting any feelings.

Deadpool Kombat: Before Raiden gets killed by Shao Kahn, he uses what little power he had left to bring a fighter from another world to before Kahn's victory in hopes of saving Earthrealm. Only one problem: the "hero" is the manic Merc with a Mouth Deadpool. (Crossover between Deadpool and Mortal Kombat: Retelling of the 9th Mortal Kombat's story with Deadpool)

Transformers: The Frozen War: After barely making it passed the Space Bridge, the Autobots and Decepticons crash land on Earth, near Arendelle. The Nemesis barely stayed airborne while the Ark crash just under the Ice Castle. Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff investigate, unintentionally getting caught in between the alien civil war. (Crossover between Transformers and Frozen: Takes place after Fall of Cybertron)

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