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Author has written 5 stories for Cars, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Frozen, and Redwall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Planet Earth Prix has been re-posted and is now being continued by a new author, Agent Sandra Cartrip (former username Martina Ross), who I am cooperating with to write the rest of the story. As such, the story is now found under "Favorite Stories" instead of "My Stories." If you enjoyed Planet Earth Prix, then please fave and follow her posting of the story; I would really appreciate it!

Hello, I am LatransWolf (formerly known as WildlifeWarrioress)! Much of my personal information is classified, but here's the stuff that I'm willing to share with you!

Gender: Female (the only reason I mention this is because I don't like being called a male online - which has happened before)

Country: USA

Career Interest: Wildlife Conservationist/Biologist. I want to protect endangered species and promote the widespread use of non-lethal wildlife management, with the goal of eliminating lethal control under most circumstances. In particular, I am highly fascinated with the concept of using fertility control for population management.

Hobbies: Using microscopes, writing, reading, studying/research, activism, horse-back riding, volunteering at animal shelters, watching movies and documentaries, travelling, drawing and other forms of arts and crafts

Interests: Animals, science, nature, evolution, biology, ecology, conservation, history (including natural history), geology, micro-organisms, life, endangered species, protecting the environment, animal welfare/rights, horse-racing and other equestrian sports, math

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Plant: Cacti

Favorite Movie: Frozen

Favorite Book: Redwall

Favorite fictional character: Elsa the Snow Queen

I think it's safe to say that my fan-fiction writing days are finally coming to a close. But rest assured, I will continue to write fan-fiction on occasion, when time allows (which is very rare). I will most likely finish the fan-fictions I have now, and may post a new one every now and then if I get an idea that I think is worthy of a fan-fiction.

Anyways, so I just wanted to thank all of my readers for reading my fan-fictions and for giving me feedback on them over the years. They really help me improve my writing, which in turn will help me make my original stories the best that they can be! So thank you, I really appreciate it!

Commenting Rules:

Like just about every other author on this site, I LOVE reading reviews to my stories and I really appreciate them. However, I do have some rules that I ask you to please follow and respect in regards to commenting:

  1. Please be respectful: that basically means following rules 2-4, along with using proper common courtesy.
  2. No threats or insults: this should be self-explanatory.
  3. No foul language: I understand that reading stories can make people emotional; I too get emotional when I read good stories. Feel free to express your emotions in your reviews, but please refrain from using foul language, cause it's just rude.
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  5. Please stay on topic: if you want to discuss evolution, conservation, or any of the other stuff mentioned in my bio, then please do so through a private message, not by reviews to my stories. Reviews are meant for just that: reviews.

Simply put, to quote Thumper from Bambi, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." Please note that I may remove any comments that do not comply with these rules. Thanks for understanding!

Planet Earth Prix by Agent Sandra Cartrip reviews
Lightning McQueen is invited to race in the Planet Earth Prix: a series of endurance races ran in wilderness regions from around the world. But McQueen faces tough competition - from old and new rivals alike. How will he do in the world's hardest races? This is LatransWolf's (formerly CarlaVelosoWolf) story, which she has discontinued, but is allowing me to finish!
Cars - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 19,461 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 9/9 - Published: 4/17 - Lightning, Francesco B., Carla Veloso, OC
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Gather around, beasts young and old, as the bells tell the tale of a fox and a squirrel! Now here is a riddle, to guess if you can, sing the bells of Redwall Abbey: who is the woodlander and who is the vermin?
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"Beware the Duke and the Vengeful Prince, for with the Help of the Judge they seek, to say Goodbye to the Pain of the Past, and let her Taste the Fires of Hell." Will Anna be able to help Elsa escape a fate far worse than a Frozen Heart, or will the Snow Queen fall victim to the witch-hunters that pursue her? Rated T to be safe, due to violence. Discontinued.
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Elsa and Anna find a weasel while on a business trip to Weselton, and show it to the Duke in order to tease him about the town's name. Chaos ensures (sorry, I epically fail beyond the limit of epically failing at writing good summaries - and yes, I just made a nerdy Calculus joke here). One-shot, but has been greatly revised to reduce plot seriousness by 95%.
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