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Hi guys!

Okay, I have no idea what should be included in my profile and I don't know what to say so if you think I'm babbling or saying irrelevant things or include useless info... I probably am. That's what happen - always really - whenever I don't know what to say, I say whatever comes to mind.

I love writing, it's one of my favourite outlet! I've been writing for a while now, but never got around to updating it online. I used to write from first person POV, but recently I have an obsession with writing from third person's since my first person POV - for some reason - are always too narrow and doesn't explore my characters as well as I hope unless it's just plain weird for someone to think so of another person.

Writing really got me to not only improve my English ;), it also helps me explore my inner self since sometimes I write things I haven't even thought of and I never realised that it's actually my beliefs. I really got to know myself better. I think every story has the soul of the writer and really does say something about the writer.

I really try to keep the characters I used in character, but I just fail miserably. And I do try not to use overused plot, but that is just so darn hard for some reason! xD (Though, Pandora's Heart is pretty different, I think or I just haven't read enough) And actually I love (love and love and love x10) overused, cheesy and rolled eyes stories because that's exactly why they're so good. Stories are generally predictable, but it's the way it's told that makes all the difference. It's probably obvious by now, but I'm a big romantic craze and constantly told - very high maintenance. The cornier, the better!

Fluff is also a squeal-able one for me as well. xD

Lastly, the big revelation: I'm a girl. (yes, this is the moment to roll your eyes)


I'm a big fan of CCS (obviously!) and I'm not sure whether I will be writing stories for any other fandom (hopefully I used the right lexicon here, if not PM me. I've never been good with jargon or slang or anything that require more than a general understanding). I'm a really stubborn person so to avoid being called half-hearted (I didn't know 'hearted' is not a word), I have never and have no plan of leaving any stories unfinished. If I think I can't finish it, I probably won't start it to begin with. If it's not popular though, I'll probably take it off (or mark it complete when it obviously is not), but I would still finish it even though I won't publish it. Also, regarding time... yeah... sometimes I leave a story for a long, long, long time, but I will find my way back eventually. I always do.

If I started a story, I will finish it, but - I'll be plain - I'm someone who really appreciate reviews. It really get me going and make me want to write more and more and more. It's like one of those competition TV show, if you want to keep someone in the game, you have to send a text and leave a vote - in this case a review. If you like it enough to fave it, please leave a review! You might think it's not much, but believe me, it's a huge deal - just to put your fave action into words. I always giggle like mad whenever I receive a review and if it's bad, it's good because I get to improve myself and that's never a bad thing (and it still makes me smile).

Pandora's Heart : Despite how it may seem to you, I'm definitely working on it. xD It has my favourite plot.

Spoken Silence : Yes! I've decided to make it a story thanking all the wonderful reviews that had made me so, so very happy. Reviewers were very encouraging and I'm glad you guys enjoyed it enough for seconds! Although I don't know when update will happen (xD) since this and that... (I have a real good excuse! read on to find out)

Oh, I should credit those deserved to be credited. All my stories are edited by a friend (strictly grammar) which unfortunately does not have a account therefore I can't leave a direct reference. But it should be noted that I'm not in it alone.

For all those who reviewed, even if I didn't reply to you, it's definitely been noted and greatly appreciated! I squealed and yelled and giggled and received raised eyebrows!

For oneshots... since there won't be another chapter, I won't be able to reply and personally thank you guys. I thought of PM-ing but when I told my friends, they thought that it might be weird and a bother to you readers so I stopped except for when I really need to get something out from my system! If there is another way of responding, let me know because I'm clueless.

Thank you very much for reading my stories and reading my profile all the way here! I hope I did a decent job with my profile and didn't include too many strange things.

If there are any questions or anything at all really, (even if you think it's stupid!) feel free to PM me. I'll definitely reply even if it's just a reply to tell you I won't be able to answer your question anytime soon. My parents have always been real strict in manner (particularly basic things since it's the most often disregarded) and look where I ended up - a noisy etiquette watcher!

Thank you very much!

Ciao. (I'm not Italian, I'm just pure Asian)

P.S. I don't think I included any 'haha'. It's a habit I'm trying to rid of xD - I think I just replaced it with emoticons.

Just to clear something in my head, to me...

Fluff: is something mushy and cute between two particular characters. A story that lack any intimate actions.

Correct me if I have the term wrong.





1+1=3, 4, 5, 6... (made my point?)

I can't think of anything else... I'm so bored...

If things become hard, think of me,

If things become out of hand, remember the things I said,

If you don't know who to love, love me,

Because no one in this world will see you the way I do.


Bound to you,

Tied by cotton,

Pressed against the sheet,

Thrust in a fancy cage,

Drew a scar on your chest,

Closed my eyes: it's dark,

Opened my eyes: it's black,

Your fingertips are the only thing I can recognise and that is perfectly fine.


Remember that night on the balcony,

Remember the whispers beside your ear,

Remember my warmth engulfing you,

Because a hundred years from now,

My young and foolish heart will still speak these nonsense.

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