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Author has written 8 stories for Horatio Hornblower, and Harry Potter.

Middle-aged. French. Female. Working as as a management advisor for small firms . One love. Four children. Two cats. An old farmhouse in the middle of the woods somewhere in the East of France... Nothing really interesting about my life.

I love Jane Austen (Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion) and all kinds of Age of Sail stories, with a special fondness for Horatio Hornblower - probably because he is seasick like me. I am also a life-long fan of Star Trek and Star Wars.

I prefer anti-heroes and I always side with the underdog.

I have been working for months on Harry Potter fics. My favourite shipping is SS/HG, but I have a soft spot for SS/Minerva and SS/Tonks.

When I discovered the first Harry Potter, I could not wait for my children to grow up to share JK Rowlings' stories with them. By the time they were old enough, she had made a murderer of Snape, inflicted Horcruxes on Harry and made stars of a bunch of remorseless bullies called the Marauders. I never could forgive it, or the way she treats and kills Snape but also Tonks. (I love Tonks. I will publish a SS/NT one day, most of it is already written at this time.) And yet, I still LOVE everything about the Harry Potter universe. In my heart, the series ended with Order of the Phoenix. I stick to book canon as much as possible and try to make sense of DH but I draw the line before the epilogue. (Really!)

If you are reading this or my stories, you have all my thanks.

03/29/2017: Two days ago, I published the 24th chapter of Unforgiven Pride. This is something of a personal anniversary for me, since I began to write it in march 2012. At the time, my greatest ambition was to go around 10,000 words. It was to be my way to heal myself from a serious burnout.

I promised myself at the time that I would not publish it until it was finished, which explains why I put it on FF and AO3 only in 2016. I soon realised that my writing style had changed (hopefully for the better) and that there were loose ends in the story that did not satisfy me. So, I am practically rewriting the whole story as I edit my work but it will be completed, since it is somehow already written.

God Save The Queen and Unforgiven Love are in fact prequels. I had introduced so many flashbacks about Snape’s life before the Battle of Hogwarts in the main story that it had become tiresome to read. So, I just decided to cut most of them and re-organise the lot in separate stories. Unfortunately, they never benefited from the input of a Beta, and it shows. I still plan to have them properly edited one of these days.

09/06/2017: Several readers and reviewers have worried/asked why there is such a long time between new chapters. I had recuring health problems for a long time, things are looking up now. I am a full-time mother (although the nest is emptying...), a wife and a working executive - hence the burn-out some years ago and the fanfiction writing as a therapy. I am also a perfectionist and I find myself rewriting Unforgiven Pride entirely. So, yes, it is rather long between chapters but as I told all who asked me, I will never abandon this story.

I also refuse to ever publish anything again that has not been edited by a good Beta. Beta work can be long, not always rewarding and is made by dedicated and unpaid people, who also, just like the author, happen to have a (busy) life outside fanfiction. A good Beta is as precious as rubies!

12/30/2017: I am truly working on Unforgiven Pride, I can swear an Unbreakable Vow if you don't believe me. I am rewriting the entire trial, and to be sure there are no loose end or inconsistance in the plot, I will not begin to publish it until it is finished. So far, this is six chapters, so you can do the maths: around 8500 words x 6 chapters, and there are more to come. When I edit my own texts, I always write more, much more. Really it is a lot of work and it turns out more complicated and ambitious than I was at the time I wrote the first draft, because I did not consider proper judicial procédures then but just the plot and the fun I had with the characters.

02/07/2018: Currently adding a last countdown to trial chapter (the third) and working on said trial chapters. 7 chapters right now, around 60 000 words. What began as a cliché trial full of fun and as many characters as possible from the novels has morphed into a struggle to produce something a least a little believable. I am absolutely terrified to botch it. I spent an entire day just on Narcissa's hearing which is maybe 1800 words and not that crucial. Reminds me why I opted out of law school in first year and went into management. "Que diable allait-il faire dans cette galère?" (or, How did I end up in this mess?!). I may be a masochist. Once again, I understand why JKR just killed off Snape and rushed the job with the epilogue. Smart lady.

05/13/2018: Currently editing the fifth countdown to trial chapter (and it is not the last...). I had to rewrite entire sequences of events and time them differently to best fit with the plot. Please, be patient with me!

05/29/2018: How do you want me to answer questions if you review as a guest? I am sorry for the delay in updating which is mostly due right now to my fear of finding glitches or inconsistancies in the plot AND to have the next chapters properly betaed. My chapters are now around 10000 words each and I can tell you it is hard to write but just as time consuming to beta!

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Captain?" Spock inquires, torn between awe and incredulity. "Yeah, that's what they'll call you," Pike says around a smile. AU.
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Unforgiven Pride reviews
Post-war politics is just as deadly as ever, when you are called Severus Snape and you are accused of war crimes... But when past students who should hate you prove to be your staunchest allies, you might just decide that life is worth living. Many canon characters. Adult themes. EWE. Slow build. Continuation of Unforgiven Love but can be read independently.
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