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Author has written 6 stories for Dragon Ball Z.

Hello! My name’s Soffia and I am a writer on Fan Fiction… At the moment I only have five stories. But I have many to come=). Hmmm let’s see I’m a Dragon ball Z fanatic! I absolutely love them and that’s all I write about ;) I am also a BIG fan of Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. I have a couple of ideas for some FSOG fics but I'm going to finish the stories I have out first. well that's all I have!



Complete Stories:

-First Kiss: This is a short Fic about Trunks and Pan and their first Kiss. Yes the title is very self- explanatory=) COMPLETE

-Love is a Miracle: Trunks meets a woman one day and they fall in love, but the future has a plan for the woman and Trunks isn’t going to like it. Also she kept a small secret from him that might end their relationship. Will Trunks be able to bear it? Will he forgive her for keeping such a secret? Also there will be a lot of Drama throughout the story, some adventure too! =) COMPLETE

-Saving Amy: This is my recent short Fic it was inspired by the song Saving Amy from Brantley Gilbert. Trunks and a woman named Alexia fell in love and had a future planned but evil decided to erupt in Earth and the Z Gang had to do what they were born to do. But what if someone didn’t come back alive? This short story goes through the life of Alexia and Trunks. Yes it’s quick but if you’d like a long just review and tell me if it’s better short or long=) COMPLETE

Present Stories:

-Future for the Saiyans: This is a story about the Z-gang and the dangers that they will face. There is evil out there and they are after the Saiyans on Earth. At first the Z gang have no idea who is after them until someone comes to the rescue! So this story is NOT YET COMPLETE and I haven’t updated in a while. I didn’t like where the plot was going so I have proponed this story for a while. But I should get back to it by June. NOT COMPLETE

-LIAM II: Sequel to LIAM! Trunks and Katarina have planned their life together. Already adopted Zykla and now engaged. Old acquaintances visit and unravel the couples bond. Katarina and Trunks have no idea about what the future holds for them…Only if they knew maybe they could’ve prevented their upcoming battles. In Progress.

Princess Parthena: Goku is a King in a planet called Divinity with his Queen, Aleka. They both have two children, Prince Goten and Princess Parthena. Vegeta is the King of his Planet King Vegeta with his Queen, Bulma and two children Trunks and Princess Bura. But soon resigns and make his eldest Trunks King. Goku, his council, Vegeta and his council have decided to arrange a marriage with Trunks and Parthena. But the two hate each other because they feel as the other is a self-ignorant person. Trunks and Parthena both get married against their will and now the Princess must go with the Saiyans to live on planet Vegeta. Little did she know Trunks was in love with the Princess of the Sirens. Their Parthena becomes good friends with Princess Bura and she soon gives birth to Planet Vegeta’s next heir. So that is all I’m going to say because well if I say more then I’m giving away the whole story ha-ha. I really am looking for to this story so I might upload this story before I go back to Future for the Saiyans. I don’t know yet though. NOT COMPLETE


Unfaithful to you and me: Trunks has known a woman named Allira ever since they were children. They date throughout high school but Allira has to move the Sates because her father opened a huge corporation there. They promise each other that one day they will see each other again and start off where they left off from. Years pass and Trunks becomes a huge ladies man never dating the same girl twice. And Allira starts to date as well but she isn’t a player like Trunks. One day Trunks has a business meeting with a man named John Daniels. He recognizes the man’s name as Allira’s father and Trunks doesn’t know that Allira is part of her father’s head board. What will happen once they see each other again?

You think you know me: Pan has been dating a man older than her and thinks she’s in love, but the man is very possessive and doesn’t know her as good as she thought he did. He tells her what she is, thinks, does, and mainly just tells her how to live her life. She breaks up with him because he is not what she thought he was. One day at a festival at their University Pan decides to sing a song and she dedicates it to her ex- boyfriend. Little did she know Trunks and the other Z gang where there.

Mother of the Future: This is a Fairy Tail story. It sounds cliché but trust me only about three things will be... Okay so Lisianna is back! Yay! Now that's she's back Natsu has his two best friends close but to make up for loss time he hangs out with Lisianna more than Lucy. No he hasn't forgotten her...completely. Team Natsu including Lisianna go on missions together but soon Ezra goes on many important solo missions with an old friend. Lucy goes on a dangerous mission which required a team. but because Team Natsu had promised Lisianna a mission they refused. So there's Lucy alone on the mission and she runs into some frienemies. Soon the so called 'frenemies' turn into her best friends and she invited them to Fairy tail, but they're kept a secret from everyone because they know they'd be judged. One day Lucy finds out she's pregnant (who's the father?) and her four friends become very protective of her. On a special mission they all get confronted by a beautiful woman with sky blue hair. She invited them to her village and Lucy finds old acquaintances and the mysterioys blue haired woman asks Lucy to be the mother of the future. Yes Very crappie summary. Trust me the story will be worth your time I just need to come up with a better summary. :P

These are just the four stories that I have at the moment I do have some one-shots somewhere in my journal, but tell me what you think of these future ones.

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Spontaneous Me by XoBrYtToX reviews
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Unknowing by Leia Tomasi reviews
He had hurt her before, told her she wouldnt be anything to him, but when she came back she became unknowingly his everything, but could she admit to him she made a deal with the devil to have him again? TrunksXPan some GotenXBura
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Highschool Chaos by Savitron5 reviews
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Pan lost two of her most important people 4 years ago, both on the same day. She was then forced to live a lie, and wasn’t who she truly was. Trunks returns for 4 years after that day, and he see’s Pan in a different light. Will Love form? Or is T
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After one night of passion Pan ends up pregnant. Trunks, the father of the baby, not realizing how much he loves Pan turns her away. Hurt from rejection Pan leaves Japan and Trunks behind. What happens they meet up five years later? Starts out as a TM but
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Parthena reviews
Kakarot, a King of a planet called Divinity with his Queen, Aleka and two children, Prince Goten and Princess Parthena. Vegeta, a King of a planet called Vegeta with his Queen, Bulma and two children Prince Trunks and Princess Bura. Both Kings and councils from both planets made a decision that their children might, might not like... Check inside for a FULL SUMMARY!
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 52,675 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 6/6/2014 - Published: 11/30/2012 - Trunks
LIAM II reviews
Sequel to LIAM. Trunks and Katarina have planned their life together. Already adopted Zykla and now engaged. Old acquaintances visit and unravel the couples bond. Katarina and Trunks have no idea about what the future holds for them…Only if they knew, then maybe they could've prevented their upcoming battles. (The prologue to LIAM takes place in this story.) Review please!
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Trunks bumps into a woman one day, soon start to date and finally get into a relationship. As their relationship grows they face many problems. What kind of problems you may ask?Problems such as jealous ex's, crazy controlling parents, obsessive teens, the media... and so much more! Will they over come them all? LAST CHAPTER UPDATED! SEQUEL IS NOW UP!
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