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Hey everyone My name is well i cant said but Ya can call me Lord Since everyone in my Psn Calls me Lord since xXLordChaparroXx is hard to say anyway i'm 17 and my birthday is at January 11, I do my best on writing stories that people could Like or try to read :) since This what i do in school also i found out about this site when i was in 10th grade and my teacher she told me its a place were you can write fiction stories and so i try this place but every time i wrote a chapter i lose it or the teacher keep's it since they like it and wanna put on the Bullet bored to show everyone Anyway

I like to play video games and watch T.v shows and when i'm watching this comes to me an idea to write and since you can write anything i decided to Do it here :D and since this is my last year in high school i'm try my best to update before school ends and i go off to collage and become a Game designer I did some desinger games for Call of Duty World at war Pc Zombies mode

The place my ideas come when i'm watching Tv, Or walking threw the park or even playing video games but mostly is during the Shower (Don't ask why) and last when i'm walking alone In the park :) and just sit by the water and its kinda like Alice In wonderland how she up on a tree then she get ideas and they came up with Wonderland

Okay write below here is were i put my O.C/ Own Characters and where they were show and what their purpose in here :D Not like Creepypasta ( i know i'm get off topic here but their a story i read that Pokemon red a boy played it after a long time and won the game all over but when he went into lavender town there was no buildings only a tree and All the gym's leader hanging and their was a sign said where their purpose end. i wanted to share it cause i believed in Creepypasta) :D

A little bit about my main Icarly O.C. Jorel "Wrath" Benson:

He is 16 years old (gets older in later stories)

His birthday is January 1st

He is from a little town in Newark

His Family are Freddie,Ms.Benson, Jasmine, Ashley, Shara, Jack, Rose.

His real family died when he was Taken away along his sister Jasmine and Ashley

Personality: he is kind, smart, and a total swords manship. he can also be strong when it comes to sports and stuff. he loves video games. he loved to hang out with his new family. he doesn't care what people think of him. he hates stuff that is about hate.

Weak Spots: he has a severe flashback of his old family having fun, has a little bit of Lust, and he gets mad fast .


swords manship: know how to use swords where ever he is and knows as a master swords manship.

Hand to hand combat: he knows how to fight without his swords and knows boxing and kick boxing for close combat

Ultimate Eye can see everything (only use when he almost about to end (use rarely),

superhuman strength, speed and agility

Weapons: Five swords

A little bit about my other OC's:

Jasmine "sloth" Benson:

She is 10 years old

Her birthday is November 2nd

her birth sister and brother are Ashley "Greed" Benson and Jorel "Wrath" Benson

Appearance: She has long, red hair. she wore a nice purple shirt and a jean skirt. She usually wears skirts and nice shirts and wears dresses alot of times.

Personality: She is very girly. She likes dresses and stuff and she likes to have sleepovers and do makeovers and she carries a little purse around places.

Ability: super strength, super speed, super durability

Weapon: hook dagger

Ashley " Greed" Benson:

she is 10 years old

her birth sister and brother are Jasmine "sloth" Benson and Jorel "Wrath" Benson

Her birthday is November 2nd

Personality: she is kind of the smart girl in the Family. she's really into math and science. she likes sports a little bit not much. but she can be a little greed with her new family

Ability's: have super strength and super speed, her left eye is the eye of Command


she is 7 years old

His birthday is April 11th

Personality: she loves sports. she could play sports all day if she could. she's also into video games. she and Ashley have alot in common but mostly they be getting into fight over Sam or Carly and their new mom Ms.Benson.

how was she taken away from her family when she was at the park with her real mom and they took her away and her real mother tried to protect her from being taken away but was hurt in the process

Rose"Lust"Benson Aka know as baby Rose:

She is 2 years old

Her birthday is April 1st

unknow if she has birth brother or sister

The person she fell safe is with Freddie and Ms.Benson even Sam.

Personality: She can sometimes cry for no reason. She is also very nice and a very good baby daughter to Ms.Benson. Since she's been held captive in the lab since she was born (explained in I reautined), she's pretty scared of strangers and meeting new people when it comes to shy.

Ability's: has two ability's that have been unlock, to allow her to summon Demon's hounds as her tracker's and protection, also has the ability to stop time at her will (but since she only two year's old she cannot master her ability. but the rest of her ability's haven't been unlocked yet (comes when she older but ability are able to slice though anything, has a powerful scream).


He is 8 years old

his birthday is July 4th

has no memory's of the past its a blank only

Ability's: able to consume any know material's, Advance sense of smell

Weapon: Powerful Jaws

Right here is were i Be putting my Ideas on Stories and whats its about a short summarize And also my Reader could come Privet Message me on ideas they want me to write and I don't turn down any ideas :D so every ideas is welcome but sorry i don't do bad Ending unless the bad endings continues in another story that ends in a good story :D

Upcoming Stories in Developed

1. Icarly- iWill Always be there --> Talks about A FAMILY Return's to seattle after Running aweay from a Past that happen 6 Years's ago that involes a Family with a Mother and 16 daughter and one Son But until one of the sister falls for certainy Blond hair girl (O.c & M.c) sories involes Yuri mean Female/Female relationship
2. Saint' Row- Title will not be giving --> no descriptions till i have it all settle
3. Saint's Row - Syndicate High --> All the saints kids are new to Syndicate high

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destruction Of Spirtal
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iCarly - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 14 - Words: 15,918 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 5 - Updated: 11/14/2012 - Published: 10/24/2012 - Freddie B., Sam P.
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