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Name: Taiho
Age: 19
Height: 5’1”
Weight: …Going down…slowly…
D.O.B.: September 1985
Is Currently: Deviously Devious

My hobbies: Writing, reading (lately graphic novels, but books by Terry Pratchet, Mercedes Lackey((sometimes)), Dragon Lance, and general Period Pieces of Japan, are my favorite kind of novely books.), Math (yes it’s true), drawing, fiddling with Photoshop (I love that program), general lurking about the Internet, playing video games.

My family: Is very big. 7 people including myself… I think…. Let me see, my oldest brother (half brother actually), David, then there’s Alex and Kyle (twins), the older sister Angela (I hate her….), Me, and Mom and Dad of course. So yeah, that makes seven. (Oh wow, I can add!)

My love: Corbin. This boy I have been in love with for the past… three years. All of my high school life in any case. I felt as though I was doomed to love unrequited (as I am a horrible coward despite my principles), until he asked me to be his girlfriend a few months ago.

My love life currently: Corbin is gone from me to college in New York... which is like, the farthest place away from here you can get. Things didn't go so great before he left, but that's mostly my fault.

My likes: Romantic things, be they yaoi or het. Some cannon pairings I can stand, but for the most part I support odd couples. In some cases I support extremely odd couples, and I usually favor the long shot over the sure thing. I don’t know why that could be… mehehehe…

My dislikes: In general I do not care for Yuri. I don’t mind implied relationships, but a full on Yuri is just not for me. I don’t care for incest, be they boy/boy, boy/girl, or girl/girl. I very much dislike shota, be it boy/boy or boy/man. And… I’m pretty tolerant otherwise.

My general personality: I try to keep things moderate. I have general values that sit around family, love, and honor, just because they make sense to me. I’m a Christian, and now more officially baptized as a Latter-Day-Saint (Mormon). My faith is best served at home. I think being polite goes a long way, and I practice being so. I don’t get terribly worked up over flames, though I can become rather um… Stubborn on issues of moral when attacked.

My Writing: Reflects my general attitude. I write love for the long shot, and try to keep with a deep love relationship when writing a pair.

My Weaknesses: I let my views carry me away sometimes, even though tend to dislike this in other author’s. I may fill in a character, or embellish them unnecessarily. I have a serious problem with committing to deadlines, or updating.

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