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Oh, now I gotz a fictionpress account, so if you want to see some of my origonal stories go there and search 'kikokomai-Chan' under authors. I'm going to upload some of my original yaoi and hetero... then yuri too when I get to writing some. XD

Anyways... I've been on here for a while, but had to pawn my laptop... so I'm not really becoming active untill now.

There are a few things that you should know about me, and it mostly has to do with what I love.

I love yaoi... A LOT. You know, I just really, really love it. About a year ago, my friend otld me about two categories of manga, she called them 'yuri' and 'shonen-ai' she explained what they were to me, and I vowed to 'stay away' from shonen-ai, because back than I wasn't really all that open to homosexual relationships.

But I've grown up immensely since then, and now my world consists of yaoi, and I can't believe that I wasn't open to the idea a year ago.

Most people call me a 'liberal' because I believe that people can do whatever they want, everyone still has thier free will, so they should use it. I hate it when some people are like "well, my parents wont let me" or "My parents are choosing my path for me in life, I can't do yaoi anymore." You know, I totally understand that your parents and gardians can become all controlling like that, but your letting them make that choice for you. There is no chemical that someone can inject in you to take away your free will. If you justify it by saying "Well, I still live in thier house" Then I think your being a coward. I'm moving out for that exact same reason, because I'm not going to let anyone influence me into doing anything I don't want to do. I refuse to be some gear in a large company, never getting recongition or ever getting thanked. I know that the only person who can truly make me do anything is me, and I'm not about to let someone have the upper hand on me. I'm a proud person, and am also very stubborn and hard headed. But I'm intelligent and mature, even though I am only almost 16. (I turn 16 on october 28, yeah!!) But because of my age, many people tell me that I don't understand things, when thats not true. I believe that someone's perception and worth cannon be based off of age, wealth, or social standing. I can't stand it when people stereotype me or anyone else for that matter, saying that "All black people do this..." or "All Canadians do this..." because in reality, they don't know every African American on the earth, and they don't know every Canadian on earth because that's not humanly possible. When someone says something like that, they don't know what their actually implying. Which is that they know every single person of this ethnic group, and they can summarize how they act in one sentence. I can't stand judgemental people, especially when they make assumptions based off of stupid things like a person's style, or what part of town they came from. My mom does that, and she says it's because all her life people judged her, and I don't think that it makes any sense. If your sick of being judged, then maybe you should take moves to stop discrimination instead of encouraging it by partaking in it.

For any of you that are still reading this, I'm glad you survived through my rant...

Anyways, so I've been super vague. So that no one gets all confused about me, I think I'll tell you all some stuff about myself.

Gender: Female

Age: Almost, thought not quiet, 16.

Favorite characters: (Deathnote) L, Near, Mello, Matt, BB... he's my favorite even though he is like... a murderer and such. I think he is SOOO sexy... (Vampire knight) Yuuki, Zero, Yori, Aido, Sieran, Akatsuki, Rima, Shiki, Ichiru, Shizuka, though I like Shizuka the best, even though she was EVIL. But I can relate to her very much, I don't know why, but I'm partial to her character. She's so sad!! its delicious!! (Togainu no chi) Kau, Rin, Abrito, Shiki, Gunji, Akira, Keiskue (I don't know how to spell his name, though if you've read the manga or watched the anime you know who I'm talking about...) I like other characters in other Mangas and animes and such, but I cant remember at the moment!! XD

Yeah, I do realize that I'm a creep...

I'm currently a high school student, and I love yaoi. Its my life!!

Obsessed fangirl status: Yeah, I am so a fangirl. I also think that people give yaoi fangirls a bad name, saying that they're all like "Squee" and "Kyaaa!!" (though I do sometimes) but I don't think its very fair to assume that, because not all fangirls are like that. Not everyone who like yaoi are fangirls and fan boys either.

My thoughts on yuri: I love yuri. Mostly because I'm pansexual, but I like it just as much as I like yaoi! v

Favorite pairings!: I like BBXL a lot, though I like the aspect of L being obsessed with BB, just because I can't imagine L as a uke! But I also can't imagine BB as a uke either, I'd love to read a fanfic where there both struggling for 'dominance' with lots of hot, seiral killer sex!! Just kidding!! not really. Maybe I'll write a story like that... I think I shall...

MelloXNear, I love this pairing!! the whole 'rivals' thing has got it going on! I really like to do MelloXNear fanfics because I can imagine Mello raping Near. Just to be spitefull! I can also imagine Near having some feelings toward Mello, it just makes sense to me!! I don't know why...

You'll notice that I'm not including Raito in any of these pairings. Thats because I hate him, I don't dislike anyone who likes him though. I mean, he started out with good intentions (sorta) but then he started killing innocent people. Good people, like the FBI agents. He also resulted in !!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! L's death. So, I think that he deserves to be raped by his reaper friend... oh, what was his name...Ryuk, yeah... him...

LXNear: I don't know why I like this, I think that I just have a fetish for Near being a uke! I also think it would be really, really... wierd. I like it though...

BBXNear: I just think that this would be a really interesting one to explore, I think I shall...

BBXMello: I think the relationship would be incredibly explosive!! Crazy!! I want to see it!!

LXNear: I've never read any fics about this pairing, but I really want to. I think seeing Mello submissive would be cute, and funny. (Yeah, I'm a sadist...)

LXMello: You know, I think that I just want to pair L up with all of the Wammy boys!! I'm such a pervert... look at me, endorsing shota...

Combinations and threesomes! (I love threesomes! oh... so hot!)

MelloXNearXMatt: Classic, but totally delicious. I love this combination, totally hot!!

BBxNearXL: I've never, EVER found a fanfiction with this threesome or love triangle, but I'm on the hunt for one!! send me the link if you find one!! I'LL LOVE you!! jk.

LXNearXMello: I sound like such a pervert... and I don't deny it... who doesnt' think this combo wouldn't be hot?

Other ones I like, I won't be providing commentary because providing commentary is boring!!






So, now that I've told you about all my perversions... I suppose I'll tell you more about myself.

Favorite color: black, white, purple, and red. Those are the colors I wear the most.

Personal style: My persoal style is a somewhat complicated. I always wear skirts (even in the winter... I HATE pants,) I perfer lolita skirts, usually that fall just above my knee's, I try not to wear skirts that are too short, (my shortest fall to the middle of my thighs) I love neckalaces, and keep all my keys on one black ribbon, on that ribbon is also two tiny padlocks, one in a small heart shape and the other is a classic shape. I only have antique keys, except for my housekey (I always loose it, so I have to keep it there) and my two handcuff keys. (Yes, I have handcuffs, real ones, their actually law enforcment ones, so the chain is only like, 2 links, which I think is pretty boring. But they work, nonethe less.) I wear my handcuffs every day as a piece of jewlery, only on one wrist though(I have both cuffs on the same wrist) people think I'm into bondage and S&M because of that (I am, just a little... but that's none of thier bussiness anyways) I don't wear maykup a lot, I usually go without it unless its just eyeliner and mascara, I'll do lipgloss sometimes when I want to look cute or something.

Virginity status: I'm still a virgin to boys, but have already had sexual experiences with girls*blush* I'm a bit of a pervert, as you can tell from my stories or my favorites...

Interests: I love to read, and as unbelievable it sounds, I can easily finish reading a 500 page novel in one day (I finished The help within seven hours.) I really don't have that much of a social life, because I love to do things that most people usually do alone. Things include reading, writing(I LOVE to write!!!), and drawing.

Astrology sign: Scorpio. I love being a scorpio, I match my sign perfectly!!!

Personality: I have a really good personality, I'm a really down to earth person. I'm not really all that social, but I usually get along with people very well if there down to earth people too. I'm opiononated, however, I still abide by my manners very strictly. I'm very polite, and many people don't believe that you can be opiononated and polite, but I pull it off well. I'm not judgmental, and I'm a great friend to have. But beware, once you piss me off on a great scale you should really watch out. You can usually only get on my badside by being hatefull towards some of a certain race or a sexuality. I absolutely detest sexist and racist people.

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